Journey To Become A True God Chapter 216

216 Azure Dragons Bone Marrow.
Ye Chen opened his eyes very heavily, after Ye Chen opened his eyes he immediately looked around, currently on both his arms lay Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng who were sleeping very soundly, both of them looked very exhausted after a long fight with him.

The battle between Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng continued for three days and two nights.

The two women were carried out by Ye Chen until they did not have the strength to get up again.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng took turns serving Ye Chen, after being carried out by Ye Chen for three days, Mu Lanyin became a very obedient woman.

He did whatever Ye Chen wanted, even the cold elf Mu Lanyin wanted to serve Ye Chen's younger brother by mouth.

At first Mu Lanyin did not like this, but after tasting Ye Chen's essence ,she became addicted to its delicious tast.

Qing Cheng is no better than Mu Lanyin, because Mu Lanyin fainted so often, Qing Cheng was forced to fight Ye Chen alone, this was very tiring for Qing Cheng.

After a very long battle, the two women were filled with Ye Chen's essence to the full.

At the moment Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng's appearance looked more moist and beautiful, they were much prettier after receiving Yangqi Essence from Ye Chen.

The two women haven't woken up, if they woke up and saw their current appearance, the two of them would be very surprised.

Ye Chen got up from the floor, he as much as possible to wake up without waking the two women.

Ye Chen took a pillow and blanket to cover the two women, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng were very exhausted, they both couldn't wake up from sleep.

Ye Chen took his clothes, then put on those clothes.

After finishing wearing clothes, Ye Chen looked towards the altar, at the moment on the altar there was only a statue of Azure Dragon, a statue of the Phoenix Ice and a purple butterfly had vanished.

Ye Chen was confused why the statue of the Phoenix Ice and purple butterfly vanished, while Ye Chen was thinking, a light shone from the Azure Dragon statue.

This light enveloped Ye Chen's body and made an isolation barrier that made outsiders unable to know what was happening inside.

"Congratulations on your successful double fusion with your two women" Azure Dragon congratulated Ye Chen.

"Thank you dragon ancestors for the inheritance you have given" Ye Chen thanked the inheritance given by Azure Dragon.

"Hahahaha, you don't need to thank me, I should instead thank you for accepting my inheritance, in front of the inheritance of the Sage Gods that you have, my inheritance is nothing" Azure Dragon said that his inheritance was nothing compared to his the inheritance of Ye Chen's Sage God.

Ye Chen was surprised that Azure Dragon knew that he had a legacy from the Sage God.

"Azure ancestors, how did you know that I have the inheritance of the Sage God? "Ye Chen wants to know how Azure Dragon knows that he has the inheritance of the Sage God.

"I only found out after the soul I gave into your body, at that time I felt that my soul met something very powerful, after that I dug deeper about you, I found that you are the heir of a great Sage God" Azure Dragon told how did he find out that Ye Chen had the legacy of the Sage God.

Ye Chen nodded to Azure Dragon.

"I don't have much time left, now I will give you something very special, just like my soul, this might be the only one left in this world" Azure Dragon told Ye Chen that he would still give Ye Chen something very valuable.

" What is that ? "Ye Chen asked what the Azure dragon would give him.

"This is the Bone marrow that I have, I intend to give this thing to you" Azure Dragon wanted to give the bone marrow to Ye Chen.

TheBone marrow is something that is very valuable for the life of each individual creature, if this is found or damaged the individual creature will become paralyzed.

"Azure's ancestors were very valuable to you, I am afraid that if you give me you will be harmed" Ye Chen said that he didn't really need that thing.

"Hahahaha, you're a very good person, but you don't need to worry about me, I'm just a remnant of the soul, after I gave my soul to you, my existence will soon disappear from this world, before I disappear, at least I will give what I have to my heir "Azure Dragon said to Ye Chen that he would soon disappear from this world.

just like Phoenix Ice and purple butterflies, Azure Dragon will also disappear from this world.

"Prepare yourself, this will be very painful" Azure Dragon prepared to put his bone marrow into Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen immediately prepared to receive the Azure Dragon's bone marrow.

When Ye Chen's bone marrow was replaced by Azure Dragon's, Ye Chen felt the back of his property was very painful, this was even more painful than when Ye Chen received blood from the Sage Gods.

Ye Chen tried to hold back his might, after 1 hour finally the Azure Dragon bone marrow managed to fuse with Ye Chen's body.

The process was terrible, it was the most terrible experience Ye Chen had ever experienced.

"Alright now your body has become a complete dragon body, I hope you use my inheritance very well, under this altar there is a treasure warehouse, you can take all the treasures and objects that are below here, after the rest of my soul disappears this place will collapse within 1x24 hours, good luck "after saying the Azure Dragon Soul's parting words disappear.

Azure dragon statue also disappeared from this place.

After getting the Azure Dragon's Bone Marrow, Ye Chen felt his body become very strong, the effect of his strength could be clearly felt by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen wanted to test his strength by hitting the stone floor in this place.

"Bammmm. . . . "A very loud sound rang out, the stone floor under Ye Chen cracked slightly after receiving the strongest blow Ye Ye did.

After seeing this Ye Chen was very happy, this was a very great improvement, before with the DESOLATE PALMS technique Ye Chen was still unable to scratch the floor in this place.

After getting the Azure Dragon inheritance Ye Chen was finally able to scratch this floor.

Right now Ye Chen's strength was in the sixth level of the Overlord Realm, although Ye Chen's realm didn't increase too much, but Ye Chen's strength rose very rapidly, now he wasn't afraid even if he had to fight hundreds of undead dragons like before.

"What happened" because of the loud noise Ye Chen had just made, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng immediately woke up.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng thought that someone was attacking them.

"You two are calm, just now I'm just testing the strength I have" Ye Chen immediately explained to the two women what had happened before.

"Husband, you frighten us both" Qing Cheng complained that Ye Chen frightened her while she was sleeping soundly.