Journey To Become A True God Chapter 221

221 Lin Rouxi Was Cornered
"Well, I understand" Ye Chen understood the responsibility that Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng had.

Ye Chen told Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng the location of his residence.

After that Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng bid farewell to Ye Chen, Both of them flew towards their respective sects, Ye Chen saw the departure of Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng.

After seeing the figures of Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng disappear, Ye Chen decided to return too, it had been several days since Ye Chen left the city, he wanted to know what had happened to his four women.

Ye Chen flew towards the city.

In a luxurious manor sat a middle-aged man, around this middle-aged man sat two elderly men with white hair, these three people were the head of the Yun family and two masters who were employed by the Yun family.

The three of them were discussing something important "this is very strange, why until now there is no news from elder Yun Gu" at this time Yun Pojun lost contact with Yun Gu.

Initially Yun Pojun told Yun Gu to kidnap one of Ye Chen's women as hostages, but after the order was issued Yun Pojun did not have any news about Yun Gu anymore, Yun Gu seemed to evaporate from this world.

"Patriarch Yun, do we need to go there to find out what happened there?" These two masters named San Seng and Tu Zen are both cultivators who are in the early stages of the Earth realm.

"Sorry to trouble the two great masters for this problem, I want to ask the two great masters to bring the head of the person named Ye Chen to me" Yun Pojun asked these two masters to immediately kill Ye Chen and bring his head here.

Because Yun Pojun's failed abduction method had lost his temper, he wanted to immediately kill the man named Ye Chen.

"Hahaha, patriarch Yun, it is indeed very cruel, alright we will do this happily" Tu Zen burst out laughing, he had long waited to be told to kill someone.

Tu Zen hasn't killed someone for a long time, his hands are so itchy to kill someone.

"Patriarch Yun, you don't need to worry, we will make sure to bring that person's head to you" San Seng promised Yun Pojun that he would bring Ye Chen's head.

After saying this both the San Seng and Tu Zen masters disappeared from this room, in this room now leaving only Yun Pojun alone.

"Hao'er wait, your father will soon avenge you" Yun Pojun hopes that the master San Seng and Tu Zen will succeed in killing Ye Chen.

Currently in Lin Rouxi's dormitory, Zhao Yanyan was coolly reading a book, beside her there was Lin Rouxi thinking of something.

Lin Rouxi was actually a little scared when together with Zhao Yanyan, she was now Ye Chen's lover behind Zhao Yanyan, if Zhao Yanyan knew then their relationship would be chaotic or broken.

"Rouxi sister what are you thinking about? "Zhao Yanyan suddenly asked Lin Rouxi.

A few days ago Zhao Yanyan had felt strange with Lin Rouxi's behavior, Zhao Yanyan felt that Lin Rouxi often avoided her, Zhao Yanyan did not know why Lin Rouxi was avoiding her.

"Ah. . . . , no, there's nothing that I'm thinking about right now. "Lin Rouxi immediately woke up after hearing Zhao Yanyan's words just now.

"Rouxi sister, why in a few days you have become strange, I see you often avoid me, is there something wrong with me" Zhao Yanyan asked Lin Rouxi, she wanted to know why Lin Rouxi looked afraid of her.

"Avoiding? No, indeed, when did I avoid you?" Lin Rouxi immediately looked for an excuse to convince Zhao Yanyan if nothing happened between the two.

Rebuttal from Lin Rouxi instead made Zhao Yanyan even more suspicious.

"Oh yeah, Yanyan, by the way, where did the bad boy Ye Chen go, I heard from another teacher that he has skipped school for a few days" Lin Rouxi immediately changed the topic so that Zhao Yanyan didn't continue the conversation.

"Ye Chen is currently out of town, I don't know what he is doing, maybe he is looking for other beautiful fairies out there to take home," Zhao Yanyan joked to Lin Rouxi.

Zhao Yanyan no longer hid her relationship with Ye Chen, her grandfather had blessed their relationship, now Zhao Yanyan didn't need to worry that Lin Rouxi knew of her relationship with Ye Chen.

"Another beautiful fairy? "On hearing this Lin Rouxi raised her eyebrows in dissatisfaction.

"Yanyan, how can you say such a thing, are you not angry knowing Ye Chen has another woman?" Lin Rouxi did not understand Zhao Yanyan's thoughts right now.

"Why should I be angry, Ye Chen already has a few women, having a few more women is no problem" Zhao Yanyan replied very casually.

Lin Rouxi was astonished to hear Zhao Yanyan's words just now, Ye Chen had several women, how was that possible.

"Yanyan what you said just now, quickly explain to me" Lin Rouxi gripped Zhao Yanyan's slave very strongly, he wanted to know what Zhao Yanyan's words just now meant.

Zhao Yanyan was surprised to see Lin Rouxi's behavior right now, even though she only wanted to joke with Lin Rouxi, but the results were like this, Zhao Yanyan began to think, there seemed to be a relationship between Lin Rouxi and Ye Chen.

"Giggle, Rouxi sister why are you so curious about this, as soon as you are interested in Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan smiled teasing Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi immediately realized, just now she was too implausive, now Zhao Yanyan might be suspicious of her.

" that . . . , I'm just worried about you. "Lin Rouxi looked for an excuse so that Zhao Yanyan was not suspicious of her.

Is that really all? Nothing else" Zhao Yanyan smiled at Lin Rouxi.

Zhao Yanyan was increasingly suspicious of herself, this made Lin Rouxi's body increasingly tense, "Yanyan I'm just worried that you were tricked by Ye Chen, there's no other purpose" Lin Rouxi stuttered a little to talk to Zhao Yanyan.

Lin Rouxi's current behavior increasingly made Zhao Yanyan believe that Lin Rouxi had a relationship with Ye Chen.

"Oh yeah, Yanyan you haven't told me what cosmetics you use so that you become very beautiful like a fairy", Lin Rouxi was already very cornered by Zhao Yanyan, she changed the topic again, if she continued to talk about Ye Chen then Zhao Yanyan would actually be even more suspicious of her.

Lin Rouxi took the glass of water that was on the table, she wanted to drink a glass of water to calm herself so as not to panic with this, unfortunately Lin Rouxi's hand trembled slightly while holding a glass of water.

Zhao Yanyan saw that Lin Rouxi tried to avoid the question about Ye Chen, this made Zhao Yanyan want to tempt Lin Rouxi even further.

"Rouxi's sister, actually I don't use any cosmetics, actually this is thanks to having relations with Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan answered very honestly to Lin Rouxi.

Since doing dual cultivation with Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan has never used beauty cosmetics, Yang Chen's Yangqi has a better beauty effect than cosmetics in this world.