Journey To Become A True God Chapter 222

222 Complicated Mind
"Puft. . . . . . "Lin Rouxi blew out the water in her mouth, she didn't expect that Zhao Yanyan would be very brave to say such a thing.

"Yanyan, you. . . . , how does a girl like you say so vulgar like that? "Lin Rouxi scolded Zhao Yanyan for saying vulgar words.

"Didn't you ask me yourself earlier, I answered honestly, but Rouxi's sister was angry with me, isn't that strange?" Zhao Yanyan could easily break Lin Rouxi's words.

From the beginning Lin Rouxi was indeed the wrong person for asking Zhao Yanyan's beauty secret.

"Me. . . . "Lin Rouxi bowed her head, she was quite ashamed of what she just asked Zhao Yanyan.

Lin Rouxi's thoughts at this time were very complicated.

This was the first time Zhao Yanyan saw Lin Rouxi embarrassed like this, now was the right time for Zhao Yanyan to ask Lin Rouxi about the truth.

"Rouxi sister, do you already have a relationship with Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan asked Lin Rouxi in a very soft voice.

Hearing this Lin Rouxi's body trembled, it seemed like the secret she had with Ye Chen had been exposed by herself.

Now she was very confused as to how to answer the question Zhao Yanyan was asking at this time.

" Me. . . " Lin Rouxi looked towards Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan currently looked at Lin Rouxi with hope,she wanted to know the truth of this matter from Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi saw how Zhao Yanyan looked at her, she was currently in a very difficult situation, Lin Rouxi's mind was very chaotic, she did not know what to do in a situation like this.

Does she have to be honest or continue to hide this from Zhao Yanyan, but as the older sister of Zhao Yanyan, Lin Rouxi is not comfortable to continue lying to Zhao Yanyan.

Lin Rouxi could only blame Ye Chen for putting herself and Zhao Yanyan in a situation like this.

"Yanyan I hope you are not angry after hearing this" Lin Rouxi asked Zhao Yanyan not to be angry after hearing this.

"Yes, I promise not to be angry" Zhao Yanyan immediately nodded to Lin Rouxi.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan want to promise Lin Rouxi felt a little relieved.

"Actually I do have a relationship with Ye Chen, you might think of me as a shameless woman for having a relationship with a man who already has a girlfriend, honestly this feeling is what drives me to do this" Lin Rouxi said what her heart felt, she immediately saw Zhao Yanyan, Lin Rouxi was afraid that Zhao Yanyan would immediately get angry at her for having an affair with Ye Chen.

Strangely Zhao Yanyan was not at all angry with what she was doing, Zhao Yanyan instead smiled at herself.

"So, Rouxi's sister, how far is your relationship with Ye Chen?" Zhao Yanyan got closer to Lin Rouxi and interrogated her.

Lin Rouxi felt strange about Zhao Yanyan's attitude right now, if this were an ordinary woman she would definitely be very angry knowing the man she liked to play behind herself, what more could that man play with the person whom she considered her own big sister.

"Yanyan you're not mad at me? "Asked Lin Rouxi.

Zhao Yanyan shook her head "how can I be angry with Rouxi Sister, if there is anyone to blame that is Ye Chen, he made us both be like this" Zhao Yanyan said to Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi was relieved Zhao Yanyan was not angry at her, all the stones in her heart sank "Yanyan, why don't you get angry after knowing Ye Chen has another woman" to Lin Rouxi this is a very strange thing, how could Zhao Yanyan not be angry after knowing if her favorite man has another woman.

"Rouxi sister, have you never done that with Ye Chen? "Zhao Yanyan asked.

"No, we haven't gotten that far yet" Lin Rouxi certainly knew what Zhao Yanyan meant, thinking that night while peeking in Zhao Yanyan's room made Lin Rouxi's face turn red.

"So you haven't reached that stage with Ye Chen, let me tell Ye Chen's ability in that place is very strong, if you do it with Ye Chen you will surely know, one or two women alone is not enough to handle Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan whispered in Lin Rouxi's ears.

Lin Rouxi's face turned even redder, she had no idea he would talk about something so shameless with Zhao Yanyan.

Lin Rouxi felt that Zhao Yanyan had matured sooner than her time, even Lin Rouxi was currently having difficulty compensating for Zhao Yanyan's complicated thinking.

This was caused by the body of Saintess Zhao Yanyan who began to rise, even Ye Chen himself had difficulty guessing the thoughts of Zhao Yanyan's complex.

"Little girl, how can you do such shameless things" Lin Rouxi scolded Zhao Yanyan for doing shameless things with Ye Chen.

"Indeed, what is wrong doing that with my husband, if you taste it once, I'm sure you also won't be able to leave Ye Chen," Zhao Yanyan said, teasing Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi was completely helpless with Zhao Yanyan at this time, she had difficulty talking to women who had an adult way of thinking like Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan had tasted the taste of Ye Chen's great objects, while she was still just kissing and making physical contact with Ye Chen, it was still far from what Zhao Yanyan did.

Cough. . . Yanyan, by the way, where did Ye Chen go, did something happen to him? "Asked Lin Rouxi seriously.

"I also don't know where Ye Chen went, but I believe that he is currently fine, on earth there is only a little something that can harm Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan did not know where Ye Chen was right now, actually Zhao Yanyan was also a little worried with Ye Chen's condition.

Zhao Yanyan asked Chu Yuechan several times where Ye Chen was, but Chu Yuechan only smiled and did not want to tell Ye Chen's whereabouts to her, Chu Yuechan said Ye Chen was fine, right now Ye Chen could not be bothered and was being do the important thing.

Nt writer: "You know what you mean by Chu Yuechan by doing things that can't be bothered :).

Seeing Zhao Yanyan did not know where Ye Chen was, Lin Rouxi did not continue to ask "by the way how many women did Ye Chen have?" Lin Rouxi asked how many women Ye Chen currently had, this question was very strange in Lin Rouxi's heart , she wanted to know how many women Ye Chen had.

"In Ye Chen's house there are three, added Rouxi's sister then the total is five." Zhao Yanyan raised her palm and opened all of her fingers.

"Five !!! "Lin Rouxi didn't expect that Ye Chen had that many women, Ye Chen already had a beautiful Zhao Yanyan, how could he still be looking for women out there.

Lin Rouxi had already decided, if Ye Chen returned, she would educate Ye Chen very tightly.

Zhao Yanyan didn't know what Lin Rouxi was thinking, if she knew what Lin Rouxi was thinking right now, surely Zhao Yanyan would laugh.

"Rouxi sister let's cook, I haven't tasted your cooking in a long time" Zhao Yanyan invited Lin Rouxi to go to the kitchen.

After that incident, Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi's relationship became even closer.