Journey To Become A True God Chapter 223

223 Go To Recreation Park
Ye Chen finally returned his villa, when he returned to the city it was almost evening, he immediately entered into the villa.

In the villa there was Su Mengxin who was watching TV in very loose clothes and some parts of her body could be seen by Ye Chen, Xiao Lulu was currently in the kitchen cooking dinner, Fu Lanling was currently in her room doing cultivation.

Seeing someone open the door Su Mengxin immediately turned toward the entrance, she saw Ye Chen standing in front of the entrance "husband, you have returned" Su Mengxin immediately welcomed Ye Chen's arrival.

"Well, I'm going home, where are the others? "Ye Chen asked Su Mengxin where other women were.

"Sister Lanling is above, while for Yanyan and Yue they are currently out" Su Mengxin told Ye Chen where the other woman was.

"So Yanyan and Yue are going out" Ye Chen understood after getting information from Su Mengxin.

"Yes, both of them went out, Sister Yue seemed to be at the company, and for sister Yanyan she seemed to return to the dormitory at the school." Su Mengxin explained in more detail where the two went.

Ye Chen nodded at Su Mengxin, "Mengxin, do you want to go out? Ye Chen invited Su Mengxin to go outside to get some fresh air.

Su Mengxin was usually always at home and rarely went out, she was never allowed to go out by her grandfather.

"Let's take a walk outside" Su Mengxin looks very excited, she really wants to go out with Ye Chen.

"Then change your clothes first" Ye Chen told Su Mengxin to go change clothes, there was no way Ye Chen would invite Su Mengxin in an open shirt like this.

Su Mengxin only realized that he was currently wearing very loose clothes, because in this villa there were only women. Su Mengxin did not care too much about looking after her appearance.

"Wait a minute I'll go change clothes" Su Mengxin enthusiastically went upstairs to change clothes.

while waiting for Su Mengxin to finish changing, Ye Chen went to the kitchen, he wanted to see what Xiao Lulu did.

Right now, Xiao Lulu is cutting meat for the dinner menu, seeing someone coming, she looks back. "Big brother Ye Chen, you're back." Xiao Lulu welcomed Ye Chen's return.

"I just came home, what are you cooking there" Ye Chen asked what was being cooked by Xiao Lulu.

"I'm cooking meat soup for dinner later" Xiao Lulu turned out to be cooking a soup for dinner.

"Husband, I'm done." Su Mengxin turned out to have finished changing clothes. This was faster than Ye Chen had imagined

Su Mengxin changed into a one Piece blue dress with high heel shoes, her hair was combed very neatly, on her face Su Mengxin did not use a makeup at all, even without a makeup Su Mengxin remained very beautiful like a fairy.

Su Mengxin went to Ye Chen's side, she put her arm around Ye Chen's arm "let's go" Su Mengxin invited Ye Chen to go out for a walk immediately.

"Alright, Lulu, we'll go first" Ye Chen said goodbye to Xiao Lulu.

"Big brother Ye Chen, I beg you to go home when it's dinner time" Xiao Lulu wants Ye Chen to come home on time to have dinner at home.

If there is no one at home the food he makes will be useless.

"Well, we promise to go home at dinner time" Ye Chen promised Xiao Lulu that the two of them would go home at dinner time.

Ye Chen invited Su Mengxin to go to the car garage, both of them immediately took Ye Chen's luxury car. "Where do you want to go for a walk?" Ye Chen asked where Su Mengxin wanted to go.

"Recreational park, I really want to go there" Su Mengxin wants to go to the biggest recreational park in the city, Su Mengxin has long wanted to go to a recreational park.

Unfortunately his grandfather never allowed Su Mengxin to go there, because he felt it was too dangerous, with the crowds of people going there

"Alright" after the destination was confirmed, Ye Chen drove the car to the biggest recreation park in the city.

The location of the recreation park is quite far, the journey takes about 20 minutes to get there, and even then Ye Chen had to drive with a very fast speed limit.

After 20 minutes by car finally Ye Chen and Su Mengxin arrived at the largest recreational park in the city.

After getting out of the car Su Mengxin admired the splendor of this recreation park, this was his long-standing dream of going to the large and magnificent recreation park.

"Husband, let's go in and try one by one the rides inside" Su Mengxin tugged at Ye Chen's arm and invited him inside.

The adult woman Su Mengxin turned into a little girl who discovered her favorite game.

"Alright, let's go in." Ye Chen followed Su Mengxin inside.

First Ye Chen and Su Mengxin had to buy a ticket to get inside, after completing the ticket purchase the officer would put a wristband on Ye Chen and Su Mengxin.

With this bracelet they can try all the game rides in the recreation park.

When Ye Chen bought tickets a lot of people looked at him and Su Mengxin.

Ye Chen's good looks and Su Mengxin's beauty attracted many to see.

these people have never seen beautiful women and men as handsome as this.

Su Mengxin was used to being the center of attention, so she was not too bothered by this, which at this time Su Mengxin wanted was to enter the recreation park with Ye Chen.

For others who were here, Su Mengxin ignored all of them.

After completing the procedures, Su Mengxin and Ye Chen finally entered into the recreation park.

"Husband, let's try the ride" after entering Su Mengxin immediately pulled Ye Chen into a vehicle that made her interested, in the past Su Mengxin could only see this on her cellphone.

But now that she could finally try it herself, Ye Chen was dragged by Su Mengxin to a vehicle.

Ye Chen Accompany Su Mengxin to try the rides in this recreation park, Su Mengxin currently looks very happy, seeing Su Mengxin happy makes Ye Chen join in the fun.

Within a few hours Ye Chen and Su Mengxin had tried dozens of rides in this playground.

Su Mengxin was not tired at all and was bored, she was still very enthusiastic because of this happiness.

"Try playing the throwing ball and get an attractive prize, the price is only 10 dollars for 5 throws" a place offers a game of throwing the ball to get an attractive prize.

"Husband, let's try the game" Su Mengxin pulled Ye Chen off to the ball throw game.

"Our uncle asked for 10 balls to throw" Su Mengxin asked 10 sellers to throw.

"Here it is, it costs 10 dollars." Uncle gave Su Mengxin 10 throwing balls.

Su Mengxin gave 10 dollars to the seller's uncle.

"Please try your ability to throw the ball" The uncle of the seller told Ye Chen and Su Mengxin to try their leprous skills.