Journey To Become A True God Chapter 224

224 Prince From West Are Looking For Trouble
Su Mengxin gave Ye Chen 5 balls, while the remaining 5 balls were for her.

This game is very simple, all you need to do is throw this plastic ball forward to knock the target down on a neatly arranged rack.

There are so many items we can get if we succeed in dropping items on the shelf in front.

Su Mengxin threw her first plastic ball at the large teddy bear on the top shelf.

Big teddy bear is the main prize that can be obtained by players who can drop it.

Su Mengxin's first attempt was slightly missed, when throwing a plastic ball Plastic ball bounced off the track, this plastic ball was too light so it was difficult to control.

Su Mengxin's Second Trial succeeded in hitting a teddy bear's leg, unfortunately Su Mengxin's throw was not strong enough, the doll didn't move at all.

Seeing this Su Mengxin threw the ball even stronger, now that she was a cultivator, the power she had was no longer like a normal human being.

Su Mengxin's throw was already very strong, but the doll didn't fall either by Su Mengxin's throw just now.

Ye Chen began to feel strange when he saw Su Mengxin's throw just failed to bring down the teddy bear, there seemed to be something strange about this big teddy bear, with the strong throw Su Suxin had just done, it should have been strong enough to bring down the teddy bear above. rack

Ye Chen began to observe the large teddy bear, it turns out that behind the teddy bear there was an iron that supported the doll so that it didn't fall back.

The owner of this game is really cheating in business, he always does this to a big teddy bear, because this doll is often targeted by players

This is done to get more profit.

Su Mengxin tried the remaining 2 balls, unfortunately she was still unable to drop the large teddy bear on the shelf.

"Sorry, young lady, it looks like you're not very lucky this time, if you want, you can try again by buying a ball from us," the owner offered Su Mengxin to buy a few more balls.

Su Mengxin didn't accept because she didn't get what she wanted, she took a few dollars to use to buy a few more balls, she wanted to get a big teddy bear.

"Mengxin wait, let me try it first, maybe I can get the doll" Ye Chen stopped Su Mengxin to buy the ball from the cheating owner.

The owner was not happy about this, he just smiled wickedly at Ye Chen, the chance of getting a teddy bear was almost 0%, unless the owner of this place removed the buffer iron then the teddy bear would not be able to fall

Ye Chen wanted to try throwing the plastic ball in his hand, Ye Chen threw the pastik ball out of the target, he deliberately did not target the big teddy bear, what he was after was a chain that supported the shelf to put the items in the fight. .

"Clank. . . . . "The shelf support chain was broken by the plastic ball that Ye Chen threw.

All items on the shelf fall down.

"Huh" the owner of this place was surprised to see the chain that supported the shelves was cut off by the throw made by Ye Chen just now.

Su Mengxin saw that behind the teddy bear she wanted there was an iron that supported it so it wouldn't fall back.

Su Mengxin felt cheated by the owner of this place "You, how can you do such cheating things" Su Mengxin did not accept the cheating owner of this place.

People who were passing by also saw this, they felt cheated because the main prize they had contested had been cheated by the owner of this place.

The owner of this place is soon drenched with sweat, his rotten secrets have been revealed, now he will no longer be able to do his business in this recreation park, the manager of this recreation park will definitely drive himself out of here.

"Hurry and give me the gift I got" Ye Chen asked for the gift he got, he didn't care about the owner of this place, who told the owner of this place to cheat his own customers.

The owner of the ball throwing place was forced to give the grand prize that Ye Chen received, the owner of this place did not dare to look for trouble because he was stared at by the people he had cheated.

The owner can only hope to get out of this place alive.

"This Mengxin is for you" Ye Chen gave Su Mengxin a large teddy bear.

Su Mengxin was very happy when he received a big teddy bear gift from Ye Chen, she felt to be the luckiest woman in the world because she could be with Ye Chen.

Some people saw what Ye Chen and Su Mengxin did, some women who saw this were very jealous of Su Mengxin, why didn't a man give them a present like Ye Chen did.

"Let's get out of this place" Ye Chen asked Su Mengxin to leave this place, he felt uncomfortable being stared at by the crowd of people who were here.

Su Mengxin nodded, she followed Ye Chen away.

Ye Chen looked for a place to rest with Su Mengxin, he ordered cold drinks for himself and Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin had placed a teddy bear on the chair next to her.

When Su Mengxin was drinking a young man approached at her, this person's appearance looked like a westerner.

"Beautiful lady, do you want to go to a five-star restaurant with me" suddenly this man invited Su Mengxin to go to a five-star restaurant.

This man from the west was very brave to take Su Mengxin out right in front of Ye Chen.

"Sorry I do not know you" Su Mengxin immediately refused the invitation of this man she did not know.

The man from the west is not angry with Su Mengxin, instead he smiles at Su Mengxin "Beautiful lady introduce my name is Joe, I am a prince from the western continent" This man introduced himself to Su Mengxin, he even claimed to be a prince from the western continent.

"I do not want to get acquainted with you, quickly get lost, I already have a partner" Su Mengxin could not stand anymore with this shameless man's behavior.

Joe was captivated by Su Mengxin's glamorous beauty, he had no idea that women on this land could be this beautiful, whatever happened Joe must have Su Mengxin.

"Didn't you hear what my wife said, hurry and get out of this place" Ye Chen chased this man rudely, Ye Chen was not happy with the person who was trying to disturb Su Mengxin.

Hearing this Joe was very unhappy, Joe always got what he wanted, whatever happened he wanted Su Mengxin, to get Su Mengxin Joe didn't care if he had to kill someone.

Joe's family is very strong, his family can even rule half the land in the western continent, that's why Joe is very brave to do anything in this country, even for Joe the government of this country is no match for him.