Journey To Become A True God Chapter 226

226 Silver Werewolves
This person's arm is very strange, it's almost like a beast's arm with silver fur, actually what a monster's arm has silver fur.

"Die !!" the man with the black suit immediately attacked Ye Chen using his monster's arm.

"Mengxin retreat" Ye Chen told Su Mengxin to retreat back so as not to be dragged into this battle.

Su Mengxin understood, she immediately went away behind so as not to disturb the battle of Ye Chen.

"Bamm" a man's arm with after a black suit hit Ye Chen's body.

After this person's arm changed, this person's strength also increased quite a lot.

even though it was already strong enough, beating a man with after a black suit was nothing to Ye Chen.

"Even though you are not a cultivator you have very great strength" Ye Chen praised this person's strength which was quite strong.

"I did not think it turns out you are a cultivator, it's right you are not afraid after seeing me bear fruit" the man in a black suit pulled back behind.

"What exactly does a monster like you want from me? "Ye Chen asked again what this person wanted from him.

"I don't need to explain to you, after all you are my enemy there's no point in saying anything to you" the man in the black suit said to Ye Chen in a provocative tone.

"Huft" Ye Chen sighed, it seemed there was no choice but to use force to find out who the person behind the man with after this black suit.

Ye Chen used the nine-step number to move towards the man with the after black suit.

"Agrhhh. . . . . "The man in the black suit roared in pain, he saw that his right arm was cut off.

"Sometimes you have to know when is the right time to surrender" while holding the arm of a man's monster with a black suit, Ye Chen told this person to just give up.

Seeing the strength of the person Ye Chen had displayed, the man in the black suit did not look scared at all.

"Until whenever I will never give up, even though I die I will remain loyal to my employer" the man in the black suit still did not want to tell who exactly was behind all this.

The body of a man with after a black suit starts to look weird, looks like something will soon come out of this person's body.

This person's face began to twitch in a very disgusting manner, little by little the body of a man with after a black suit turned into a big monster.

After a while this man turned completely into a monster who had a height of 2 meters with a very muscular body.

The arm of a man with a black suit can regain body very quickly, this person's regeneration rate is very fast.

This person turned out to be a silver werewolf "awwwwuuuuuuuuu" a silver wolf monster helped to the night sky.

Ye Chen looked at the silver werewolves, he did not expect that the werewolf legend still existed on this modern earth, Ye Chen thought that the werewolf nation had disappeared from the past, there were still remnants of the werewolves on modern earth.

"You're a cultivator, right, you might feel the most powerful right now, but our wolf nation is far more powerful than the cultivators in this world, we can heal wounds very quickly, even surpassing you cultivators" Silver Wolfman with arrogantly told that he has a very great regeneration ability.

Ye Chen certainly knew one of the werewolves regeneration abilities that was often shown in the Movie series in theaters.

But this was too much, the recovery ability displayed by the silver werewolf just now was much faster than that in the legend.

"Such an ability is unrelated in combat, in battle only the strongest will win" for Ye Chen the regeneration ability is not the most important, what is most important in battle is absolute strength.

"Let's see if you can defeat me in my perfect form." The werewolf of silver took a square off.

He pushed himself forward towards Ye Chen, the silver wolf man taking out his sharp claws to tear Ye Chen's body apart.

"Slash. . . . "The silver wolf man tried to cut Ye Chen's body, unfortunately what he cut was only an air, Ye Chen disappeared from the place where he had stood before.

"You're too slow" Ye Chen was now right behind the silver werewolf.

"Bamm" Ye Chen hit the head, Silver werewolft very strongly.

After gaining an inheritance from the Azure Dragon God Ye Chen's physical strength was now very strong, even the ordinary punch he launched had an extremely strong power.

Fangs and jaws, Silver werewolves immediately fell out and separated, even the silver werewolves face bent sideways.

Supposedly with this blow attack the silver werewolf is dead.

Silver werewolft did not die by the attack Ye Chen had just launched, very quickly the part that came loose and fell back grew back, dividing the crooked face sideways back to its previous shape.

"Hahaha, I already told you that you will not be able to defeat me, in front of my regenerative ability, your great strength is nothing" Silver werewolves were very arrogantly showing off to Ye Chen.

"Tsk" Ye Chen hates people who have the ability to regenerate a lot, this is very cheating because it can heal very quickly, why does he not have the ability like this silver werewolf.

"Ye Chen, you don't need to think too much about this mongrel's ability, the Silver werewolft regeneration ability requires a fee to use it, and the fee for regeneration as soon as it is its own age, every time a silver werewolf uses this ability its age will be cut off" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen, if the ability of Silver werewolft is not very perfect, the payment for using such an ability is the age of Silver werewolft itself.

Chu Yuechan's knowledge did not need to be questioned anymore, if what was said by Chu Yuechan was true then the Silver werewolft could not repeatedly use the ability of rapid regeneration.

"I don't have time to deal with werewolves like you, let's end this right away." Ye Chen didn't have time to mess with this annoying Silver werewolf.

He had promised Xiao Lulu to go home on time for dinner, at this time Ye Chen was already too late from dinner time, whatever happened Ye Chen had to quickly settle his business with Silver werewolft.

If what Chu Yeuchan had said was true, then what Ye Chen needed to do was injure the werewolves until they could no longer regenerate quickly.

This is very easy for Ye Chen "bamm. . . . ., bamm. . . . ., bamm. . . . ., bamm. . . . ., bamm. . . . ., ". Ye Chen hit Silver werewolft's body in a row.

The werewolves were not even given a chance by Ye Chen to recover himself.

"Awuuuu" silver werewolves howled more loudly, his body had been severely destroyed by the barrage attacks Ye Chen had launched.

"So this is the only regeneration ability that you are proud of." Ye Chen smiled wickedly at werewolves.

"You. . . . . "The sound of a werewolf is very hoarse, he can no longer regenerate his body.