Journey To Become A True God Chapter 227

227 Dark Legacy
"What now you want to say who is behind all this?" Ye Chen gave silver werewolves one last chance to acknowledge who was behind all this, and what he wanted from him.

Actually Ye Chen had guessed who was the person behind all this, but it was still a guess of his, he wanted to hear from this person himself who was behind all this.

"Dream on, I will never tell you forever" The werewolf is still strong in its stance, he does not want to admit who is behind him.

"Alright, if that's what you want, then I no longer need you." From Ye Chen's palm came a deep fire.

Ye Chen used this fire to burn the Werewolf's body.

"Arghhhhh" werewolves let out a roar of pain as Ye Chen's flame burned his body.

In an instant the body of a werewolf was burned to ashes, werewolves did not have the ability to recover.

After exterminating the werewolf Ye Chen went towards Su Mengxin.

"Mengxin, let's go back home," Ye Chen invited Su Mengxin to return to the villa.

"Alright" Su Mengxin nodded at Ye Chen, both of them got into the car, after both of them got into the car Ye Chen drove the car towards his villa.

5 minutes after Ye Chen's car left, there were four figures coming down from the sky, these three people looked around the parking lot.

Looks like the four of them are looking for someone "should have been howling just now from this place, why is there nothing empty here" The person who spoke was an old man who looked around 60 years and over.

This old man named Robet, he is also a werewolf.

"Elder Robet, are you sure the sound just came from this place? "The person who spoke this time was Prince Joe who was met by Ye Chen in the recreation park.

He was looking around to find out where the howls he had just heard were.

"Crown Prince, I'm sure that the voice just now came from this place, this voice is also one of your subordinates" Robbed of course familiar with the howling voice of the summons just now.

The howl was clearly one of Prince Joe's loyal subordinates.

of course Joe would believe the words of Elder Robet who had become his father's right hand man.

But after reaching here they didn't see where the person who was just howling.

"Crown prince, Elder Robet, I found something" One of the robots found something from the former battle ground of Ye Chen and Silver werewolves.

Joe and Robet immediately went to the place of the subordinate who had just spoken.

When they arrived, they saw the hand of a monster that had been cut lying on the ground, this piece seemed to be still new, the blood in this place also still smelled very fresh.

"As I expected, there was a battle here before" Robet began to conclude that in this place there had just been a brief battle.

howling just now was a signal for help, unfortunately the four of them were late coming here.

"Crown Prince, did you previously tell your subordinates to do something for you?" Robet asked Joe if he told his subordinates to do a job to do.

"Yes, I did tell my subordinates to do something, I just told my subordinates to get rid of ordinary people," Joe explained to Robet that he told his loyal subordinates to get rid of a human, Joe did not say that his goal was to get a beautiful woman.

If he told this to Elder Robet he would surely be scolded by his father. Although Joe is a prince but he still does not dare offend Robet, after all this person is still his father's right hand.

"Are you sure the person you are trying to get rid of is a normal human being" Robet asked Joe whether the person he was trying to get rid of was a human being or not.

" that . . . . "Joe did not know whether that person was a normal human or not, Joe did not feel the energy from Ye Chen's body, therefore Joe concluded that Ye Chen was a normal human being.

Hearing an uncertain answer, Robet raised his eyebrows "Next time make sure whether he is just a normal human or not, at this time we are not in our own faction's territory, if you create chaos the Kunlun faction will not remain silent" Robet advised Joe for more be careful when in someone else's faction.

"Elder Robet, I understand, from now on I will be more careful in making decisions" Joe did not dare to fight Robet's words, he only obediently received advice from Elder Robet.

"Good, you're a future king of silver werewolves, every decision you make must be made very carefully before you do it" Robet was satisfied to see Joe willing to admit the mistake he had made.

"You two find out the clue who the person who has done this all, if you find it do not do anything to him, just report to me" Robet told his subordinates to look for clues who the person who has done this.

If indeed the person who did it was from the Kunlun faction then he had to notify the king and report this to the Dark Legacy faction.

"Crown Prince, let's go back to the hotel," Robet invited Joe back to the hotel.

Joe helplessly followed behind Elder Robet back to the hotel where they were staying for the time being.

Joe himself was very dissatisfied, he was supposed to have some fun tonight with the beautiful woman he had met this afternoon, so this incident happened once.

Joe will find out where Su Mengxin lives, Next time he will bring Su Mengxin with his own hands.

Joe believes that if that person is an ordinary person, that person might be lucky to meet a strong person who wants to save himself.

Ye Chen did not know that after he left several more werewolves came.

Ye Chen was now almost at his villa, after arriving at Villa He and Su Mengxin immediately got out of the car, both of them went to the dining room.

In the dining room there are already many plates with food on it, here are Liu Yue Fu Lanling and Xiao Lulu, Liu Yue and Fu Lanling seem to be waiting for Ye Chen's arrival, while Xiao Lulu is arranging the dishes to make them look better when viewed.

Seeing Ye Chen come Fu Lanling smiled at Ye Chen.

"Husband, finally you remember to go back home, where have you been for the past few days, is it possible you found a new vixen outside and forgot us" Liu Yue looked dissatisfied because Ye Chen had disappeared for days without a word.

Ye Chen was surprised to hear Liu Yue's words jusct now, how did Liu Yue know that he was having fun with two beautiful women these past few days.

Ye Chen immediately rushed to Liu Yue's side "how could I forget my beautiful wife, every time I always miss you all" Ye Chen tried to persuade Liu Yue with sweet words.