Journey To Become A True God Chapter 228

228 Practice Alchemy Skills
With Ye Chen's persuasion, Liu Yue finally wanted to smile "Giggle, Husband, you have a very sweet tongue, it is fitting for many women to fall in your arms", Liu Yue giggled, just now she just wanted to tease Ye Chen, not to think that she was alone will instead enjoy the praise of Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen's big brother, the food is ready, please try cooking it for me" Xiao Lulu wants Ye Chen to try the food she has made.

Ye Chen looked up at the table, besides the meat soup there were many more complementary foods made by Xiao Lulu, all of them looked quite tasty and delicious.

Ye Chen tasted the food made by Xiao Lulu, Xiao Lulu's cooking was delicious, this was not inferior to the cuisine in starred restaurants.

"Delicious" Ye Chen complimented Xiao Lulu's food with all her heart.

Receiving Ye Chen's praise, Xiao Lulu's face turned red like an apple.

Xiao Lulu was very happy to receive praise from Ye Chen, her efforts to learn cooking finally produced satisfying results.

She can now cook a pretty good meal for this family.

"You also sit and come eat, it's not good to stand there" Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to sit together with him.

"Yes, come here and eat with us." Liu Yue also invited Xiao Lulu to sit and eat.

Xiao Lulu shyly sat down with Liu Yue, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin.

Everyone began to eat the dishes made by Xiao Lulu.

"Yue, how is your company doing?" Ye Chen asked Liu Yue's company.

"Everything has gone back to normal" Liu Yue's company has returned to normal as before.

"Then have you mastered Jun Jing's company?" Ye Chen asked whether the company owned by Jun Jing and Jun Moxi was already controlled by Liu Yue.

"Not completely, it still needs some more time before Jun's company goes bankrupt, investors and shareholders gradually start leaving the Jun company, soon the company will definitely go bankrupt, and at that time I will definitely buy it at a very cheap price" plan Liu Yue has been prepared very carefully.

Step by step has been carried out, soon the father and son, Jun Jing and Jun Moxi will become homeless.

"That's good. I hope you immediately carry out the plan you have." Ye Chen fully supported what Liu Yue did.

Both Jun Jing and Jun Moxi are not good people.

"Husband, have you seen the news today, your company has gone international, now Xiannu company's products have been recognized by the world, it seems like that girl Xia Qingyu is doing a very good job" Liu Yue told Ye Chen a good news about Xiannu's company.

Quchu Ointment and Beauty Cream are very popular in the market, everyone really likes these two products because the effect is very fast and without side effects after use.

"That's great." Ye Chen was quite happy that his company had become big in such a short time.

"If you have another product that is more powerful, I think that soon your company will surpass mine," Liu Yue has analyzed the Ye Chen company's curve, if Ye Chen's company continues to run like this, soon it will surely surpass Liu Yue's company, as long as there is a new product, Xiannu company can develop further.

"I of course still have a lot of drugs that are very hopeful, I will sell them gradually" Ye Chen still has many prescription drugs that are far more powerful than quchu ointments and beauty creams, Ye Chen deliberately save them for later so as not to damage the market.

Liu Yue nodded at Ye Chen.

"Husband, a few days ago there was a cultivator who tried to sneak into the courtyard of this villa, I immediately caught this thief, when I asked that person, he let out words that were threatening, so I knocked that person into a handicap. "Fu Lanling told Ye Chen that a few days ago someone had sneaked into the Villa courtyard, fortunately the array that Ye Chen had installed was very effective so that the person could only enter the courtyard outside the villa.

When Fu Lanling asked the thief who sneaked, the thief instead threatened Fu Lanling, even that person wanted to kill Ye Chen and make the woman in the villa become a slave, this made Fu Lanling very angry, with one finger Fu Lanling Fu Lanling tapped the thief's head this becomes permanent disability.

The power of one finger of Fu Lanling doesn't need to be questioned anymore, even if you want Fu Lanling to make the thief into a mist of blood, Fu Lanling is still kind enough not to kill this thief.

After making this thief defect Fu Lanling threw this person out of the villa, Fu Lanling did not care about the fate of this evil thief.

Hearing this, Ye Chen slightly raised his eyebrows, who else was trying to look for problems with his family, whether those people didn't give up searching for problems with him.

Possibly it was people from Jun's family or Yun's family, only these two families became Ye Chen's enemies.

"Yue looks like you have to speed up your plans, it looks like the other side will not just stay quiet and watch" Ye Chen told Liu Yue to immediately speed up the plan to destroy Jun's company.

Whereas for Yun Ye Chen's family could take care of it later, after all the Yun family very far in the capital they would not act quickly against him.

"Alright" Liu Yue understood, it seemed like the enemy was using a rude way to deal with her and Ye Chen.

"Linger I will trouble you to take care of the others" Ye Chen asked Fu Lanling to look after the other Ye Chen women.

If there were strong opponents like werewolves coming Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and Su Mengxin could not possibly fight these strong men, only Fu Lanling was the only one strong enough to fight the werewolves that Ye Chen had just resisted.

"You don't need to worry, I will try to be the safety of the other sisters" Fu Lanling guaranteed the safety of Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and Su Mengxin.

After finishing dinner, Ye Chen Liu Yue, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin immediately went inside the fairy gate.

Fu Lanling immediately trained Liu Yue and Su Mengxin, Fu Lanling wanted them both to practice their fighting abilities.

Ye Chen actually wanted to train Liu Yue and Su Mengxin, but he had other things to do at this time.

Ye Chen looked for a quiet and calm place, in this quiet and calm place he intended to practice the alchemy skills he possessed.

Right now he and the women needed enormous resources to become stronger, so Ye Chen had to make full use of the herbs he got to make pills or medicines that were useful for increasing the strength of himself and the women.

Because this was Ye Chen practicing the alchemical skills he had, right now Ye Chen's alchemical ability was still low, Ye Chen rarely practiced alchemy because he was too focused on strength training, he only practiced alchemy in his spare time, and even if he wasn't lazy: V .

Ye Chen took the dual dragon cauldron from the storage room, he wanted to see if this cauldron was as good as the one in the description.