Journey To Become A True God Chapter 229

229 Four Frozen Fairy Is Injured
Ye Chen took some medicinal plants and put them into the dual dragon cauldron, after Ye Chen put the medicinal plants into the dual dragon cauldro, n Ye Chen closed the dual dragon cauldron.

Ye Chen began to circulate the fire inside the dual dragon cauldron, the first stage was the purification process, this process was no less important because it would determine the level of purity of the pills that were made.

In this process one must be very careful that a little mistake in separating impurities in medicinal plants can result in failure to make pills.

Ye Chen must continue to maintain the temperature inside the dual dragon cauldron so that it is not too high or not too low, the temperature must be set as well as possible so as not to burn the medicinal plants in the dual dragon cauldron.

According to Ye Chen, making medicine in a dual dragon cauldron is easier than making it in an ordinary cauldron, the temperature inside a dual dragon cauldron is easier to guard than an ordinary cauldron.

After finishing the purification of the drug, it is now a matter of combining the purified medicinal plant extracts into a pill, this process is no less difficult than the purification process, just one little bit of all the efficacy of the pill can evaporate.

Ye Chen carefully compacted the extract from the medicinal plant into a pill, if it failed there would definitely be an explosion.

finally after a fairly long process, a successful Tier 4 pill was made, Ye Chen opened the dual dragon cauldron cover and saw how many pills he had made.

Ye Chen saw that there were two pills in the dual dragon cauldron, it should be that with these ingredients Ye Chen could only make one pill.

Ye Chen's dual dragon cauldron with the special ability to double the pill he made.

"This is great" Ye Chen was very happy to know that the dual dragon cauldron's ability was real.

After easily making Tier 4 pills, now Ye Chen wanted to try to make Tier 5 pills, maybe in the process Ye Chen would experience failure many times.

but that doesn't matter, in practice failure is common.

The higher the Tier Pill, the more difficult it was to make it, Ye Chen tried again to put medicinal ingredients into the dual dragon cauldron, this time Ye Chen made the cheapest Tier 5 pill.

Ye Chen carried out the procedure as before, all went well when purifying, but when combining medicinal plant extracts there was a slight problem "bammm" there was an explosion inside the dual dragon cauldron.

Ye Chen knew that he had failed, he wanted to see the pill inside, inside there was a pill that failed and was imperfect, if this was eaten it would have an unknown effect on those who took it.

Better to throw away this failed pill, Ye Chen tried again, he would not stop until he succeeded in making a Tier 5 pill.

Tonight Ye Chen continued to practice making pills inside the gates of a calm fairy, no one was bothering him from practicing alchemy.

In a very cold and snowy place, Mu Lanyin flew above the sky, Mu Lanyin passed through the high snowy mountains.

After parting with Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin flew at full speed to return immediately to the Frozen Ice Sect, after breaking through the Emperor Realm Mu Lanyin's flying speed was astounding, even Mu Lanyin could save more time than riding a snow bird.

this place is very cold and snowy very thick, it is impossible for humans to be able to live in a place like this cold.

Because of this, the Frozen Ice Sect rarely opened up to outsiders, apparently they lived in a very remote area far from residential areas.

The fact is the headquarters of the Frozen Ice Sect is in this mountain range, the entire Frozen Ice Sect building is made of very strong and ancient Ice, even the walls that protect the Frozen Ice Sect are made of very strong ice, this is far stronger than anti-nuclear concrete walls made by humans.

Mu Lanyin descended in front of the entrance of the Frozen Ice Sect, when she came she was welcomed by eight beautiful female students, these eight beautiful female students were guarding the gate of the Frozen Ice Sect.

There isn't usually a lot of female students guarding the entrance of the Frozen Ice Sect, usually there will only be two to three female students guarding the entrance of the Frozen Ice Sect, it's so strange why suddenly the gate guards of the Frozen Ice Sect are upgraded, did something happen at the sect when Mu Lanyin was not here.

"Sincerely, to the sect master" the eight Frozen Ice Sect disciples immediately saluted Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin nodded at the eight beautiful female students. "Has the Four Frozen Fairy returned? "Mu Lanyin asked the situation of the Four Frozen Fairies.

The four beautiful female students looked at each other "sect master, Four Frozen Fairy had indeed returned, but they were seriously injured and were currently in the healing room" one of the female students answered Mu Lanyin.

"How can they be hurt? "Mu Lanyin asked how could the Four Frozen Fairy Injured.

"Sect masters for that matter we don't really know, when they return they are already seriously injured" The female students who guarded the gerbag did not know how the Four Frozen Fairy was injured, they knew only the Four Frozen Fairy returned with a body full of blood.

"I will see their situation, you guys keep guarding this gate, don't let outsiders enter our sect" Mu Lanyin told the eight female students who were guarding the entrance to be vigilant.

Mu Lanyin immediately went to where the injured Four Frozen Fairy was, she wanted to see what the Four Forzen Fairies were like.

Without a long time Mu Lanyin arrived the healing room, inside here there were several senior students who were taking care of the Four Frozen Fairies.

"Respect to the sect master" Senior female students immediately welcomed the arrival of Mu Lanyin, they were happy that the sect master Mu Lanyin came home fine, they thought the sect master was having a bad thing.

If Mu Lanyin experienced something bad, then the situation of the Frozen Ice Sect would become even worse.

"How is the condition of the Four Frozen Fairy" Mu Lanyin asked the situation of the Four Frozen Fairies to the female senior students who were caring for the Four Frozen Fairy.

"The conditions of the four fairies have begun to improve, the wounds on their bodies are also gradually recovering, maybe in a few days they will wake up soon" Senior female students told Mu Lanyin how the conditions of the Four Frozen Fairies were.

Mu Lanyin heard the situation of the Four Frozen Fairies carefully "You all can rest, I myself will take care of the four of them" Mu Lanyin told the senior students who care for the Four Frozen fairy to rest.

It looked like they were very exhausted from not sleeping and depressed while treating Four Frozen Fairy.

"Thank you Sect master, we excuse myself to withdraw first" Senior students obeyed Mu Lanyin's orders and came out of the healing room, they were all very tired because they had to care for the Four Frozen Fairies for days.

After the senior female student left, Mu Lanyin approached the Four Frozen Fairies, on the Ice bed there were four beautiful Fairies, these four beautiful fairy were none other than Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia.

The four beautiful fairies were seen sleeping very peacefully, Mu Lanyin held her hand very tightly, actually who would dare to hurt the Four Frozen Fairies, if Mu Lanyin knew she would take revenge on that person.

Mu Lanyin took several bottles of healing pills that she got from the treasure room in the ancient heritage place.

Mu lanyin helped the four women to take this healing pill.

Mu Lanyin was convinced that this Pill was very effective in healing the wounds suffered by Four Frozen Fairy