Journey To Become A True God Chapter 231

231 Mu Nianci Suspicions
"What do you want to discuss with me, about your cultivation or something else? "Mu Nianci asked Mu Lanyin what problems she wanted to discuss with her.

Mu Lanyin shook her head "master, it's about the Four Frozen Fairy".

"So what happened to them? "Asked Mu Nianci.

"Master, Mu Zhue, Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia are currently injured, they are currently very weak after using forbidden techniques" Mu Lanyin told Mu Nianci what had happened to the Four Frozen Fairies.

"Who is it that forced the Four Frozen Fairies to use forbidden techniques? "With the power of Four Frozen Fairies right now, there are only a few people who are able to force the Four Frozen Fairies to use forbidden techniques.

"Mu Zhue said that people who attack use masks, but their fighting techniques and abilities are similar to those of the Seventh Sword Sect." Mu Lanyin told Mu Nianci that the culprit was most likely the Seventh Sword Sect.

"Why does the Seventh Sword Sect want to attack our people, so far our sect has never come in contact with their sect, this is very strange" Mu Nianci still looked very calm like swimming water.

"Master, people from the Seventh Sword Sect accuse our sect of harming their people, because they do not accept Mu Zhue and others arguing with people from the Seventh Sword Sect, they may want to take revenge on us," said Mu Lanyin.

Mu Nianci closed her eyelids, she began to analyze what she heard from Mu Lanyin. "It looks like the Seventh Sword Sect has started their plan" Mu Nianci muttered.

Mu Nianci already knew the ambition possessed by the Seventh Sword Sect, the Seventh Sword Sect wanted to rule this entire land alone, for this matter sooner or later surely they would get rid of the three big Sects that disrupted their plans.

The development of the Seventh Sword Sect was very terrible, within a period of 1 century, the Seventh Sword Sect became much stronger leaving other large sects, if this continued, the Seventh Sword Sect would sooner or later become the ruler of this land.

If what was said by Mu Lanyin was correct then this would be very dangerous for this sect, the Seventh Sword Sect was a very powerful sect, except for the three major sects joining it hard to defeat the Seventh Sword Sect.

"Lanyin, close the sect's door, don't let outsiders come in, and call all students outside to immediately return to the sect right now" Mu Nianci told Mu Lanyin to close all accesses to this sect.

"Try to contact other sects and ask them if they have experienced something similar to us." Mu Nianci wants Mu Lanyin to make contact with other large sects, this is to find out if other sects also experience the same thing as experienced by Four Frozen Fairy

"I understand, master, I leave first" Mu Lanyin immediately left, she immediately did what was ordered by Mu Nianci.

After Mu Lanyin left, Mu Nianci opened her eyelids again, she felt something was wrong with the current body of Mu Lanyin, but she did not know what was wrong with Mu Lanyin body.

Mu Nianci felt that Mu Lanyin's body was no longer as pure as before, but Mu Lanyin still issued a Pure Yin Aura, so she should still be a virgin "I hope my guess is wrong" Mu Nianci again closed her eyes and continued her cultivation.

After leaving the cave where Mu Nianci lived, Mu Lanyin immediately gathered all the disciples who were currently in the sect.

The number of Frozen Ice Sect students was very small, the total number of students currently in the sect were only 20, the rest were currently outside the sect doing an assignment.

I call all of you because there is an important thing that I want to convey, starting today our sect will be closed without a specified time, anyone can not get out of this sect, I have also sent a message to all students who are outside to return immediately "Mu Lanyin told all female students that the sect would be closed for an unspecified time.

The female students looked at each other, they nodded at Mu Lanyin "Sect master, we understand" All students obey the commands that have been issued by Mu Lanyin.

"You may disperse" Mu Lanyin told all female students to disperse.

The sect's gates were immediately closed, all barrier and protective arays were immediately activated, the Frozen Ice Sect sect was now covered by a giant dome, only students and people from Forezen Ice Sect could go in and out of this barrier

After this Mu Lanyin intended to meet Qing Cheng and discuss something with her, after having a relationship with Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin became very close to Qing Cheng.

But before that, Mu Lanyin had to confirm the healing of the Four Frozen Fairies first, before she went to the Cherry Blossom Sect to meet Qing Cheng.

But before that, Mu Lanyin had to confirm the healing of the Four Frozen Fairies first, before he went to the Cherry Blossom Sect to meet Qing Cheng.

During the day at the Fairy Gate, Ye Chen only practiced and continued to practice his alchemical abilities.

Ye Chen learned very quickly from the mistakes he made.

After a long training Ye Chen finally succeeded in making a pill in Tier 5 with a success rate of over 70% by using a dual dragon cauldron.

This is already a terrible speed to practice alchemy.

At the moment Ye Chen was already very tired, both his mental mind and his deep energy were tired from having to make pills hundreds of times, it was time for Ye Chen to rest.

Ye Chen had been inside the fairy gate for a whole day, It should have been outside already morning, it was time for Ye Chen to go to school, he couldn't wait to meet Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi, beloved.

Ye Chen immediately went out of the fairy gate and changed his clothes, he ate the toast that had been prepared by Xiao Lulu before leaving for school.

Ye Chen's journey to school went without a hitch, no one disturbed Ye Chen's journey.

Ye Chen arrived at the school, after finishing parking his car, Ye Chen went to the girl's dormitory near the school.

he pulled out his cellphone and called Zhao Yanyan's number.

"Okay" Ye Chen hung up and waited for Zhao Yanyan to come down.

Some women who came down from the female dormitory looked at Ye Chen, a rich young woman smiling and waving at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen only replied with a gentle smile to every woman who waved to him.

"Hey handsome, do you want to have breakfast with us? "A group of women came to Ye Chen and invited him to go to the canteen.

"Bipp. . . . . . . "The call is being connected.

A few moments later Zhao Yanyan picked up a call from Ye Chen "husband, are you back? ", Zhao Yanyan looked happy when receiving a call from Ye Chen.

"Yanyan where are you now? , I am in front of the gate of the female dormitory. "Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan that he was in front of the gate of the female dormitory.

"Wait a minute, I will get ready and come down to meet you" Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen that she wanted to get ready before leaving for school.