Journey To Become A True God Chapter 232

232 Xia Ningzi
"Sorry, I'm waiting for someone" Ye Chen could not go with these women, he was waiting for Zhao Yanyan to come down.

"Come on, we really want to go with you" rich young woman acted spoiled while in front of Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, sorry for the long wait" A very pleasant voice entered Ye Chen's eardrums.

This voice certainly belonged to the beautiful Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan immediately embraced Ye Chen's arm tenderly.

the woman who surrounded Ye Chen immediately became a statue, they had no idea that this handsome man turned out to be the boyfriend of Zhao Yanyan's school flowers.

Young women slowly began to retreat backwards, they knew that they were not all opponents to the beauty that Zhao Yanyan had, even beautiful female artists were difficult to defeat the beauty possessed by Zhao Yanyan.

Behind Zhao Yanyan stood Lin Rouxi, Lin Rouxi's eyes pierced towards Ye Chen very coldly.

At the moment Lin Rouxi looks cold to Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi passes Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan goes to school.

When passing Ye Chen, not a word came out of Lin Rouxi's mouth.

Ye Chen felt strange, a few days ago Ye Chen remembered Lin Rouxi promised to be his woman, but why did Lin Rouxi's attitude turn cold to him, this was very strange.

"Yanyan, is there something wrong with Teacher Lin today? , did something happen to him? Ye Chen asked what was happening to Lin Rouxi, today Lin Rouxi looked very cold to him.

", Giggle, how do I know, I'm not a worm in the stomach of Rouxi sister" Zhao Yanyan giggled.

Zhao Yanyan deliberately hid the conversation with Lin Rouxi last night from Ye Chen, she had promised Lin Rouxi not to say the conversation they had last night.

Zhao Yanyan naturally knew the reason Lin Rouxi was being cold towards Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi was intentionally cold and indifferent to avoid Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi was too shy to meet Ye Chen in front of Zhao Yanyan.

"Don't mind it, let's go to class" Zhao Yanyan pulled Ye Chen into the classroom.

Ye Chen still thought about Lin Rouxi's attitude just now to him, what had happened to Lin Rouxi while he was not here.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan immediately went to the classroom.

"Yanyan's sister !!" when the two of them were going to class the voice of a little girl called out from behind Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan simultaneously looked back, they both saw Su Yuyu running towards both of them.

"Huft. . . . . , Huft. . . . . , Huft. . . . . , Huft. . . . . "Su Yuyu's breath looks very heavy.

"Yuyu, what's up early in the morning are you screaming? "Zhao Yanyan asked Su Yuyu what happened.

"Yanyan sister, I have mastered the movements you taught, can you give me a new movement? "It turns out that Su Yuyu just wants to ask Zhao Yanyan for a new martial arts movement.

For days Su Yuyu always practiced the movements taught by Zhao Yanyan, she now had the confidence to fight the bad guys who wanted to disturb her.

"Okay, I'll give you a new movement technique but not now, later after school I'll teach you" Zhao Yanyan promised to little Loli Su Yuyu.

"Yay" Su Yuyu was very happy, she was jumping for pleasure.

"Yuyu, why are you running so fast?" From behind Su Yuyu came a beautiful woman, this woman has a very nice body like a model, with long legs, slim hips and plump buttocks, a woman's chest size is D Cup, this size is not too big and not too small, this woman was Su Yuyu's roommate.

"Ningzi sorry for leaving you, hehehe" Su Yuyu laughed at this beautiful woman.

"Moo, you little brat. . . "Beautiful women complain to Su Yuyu.

Ye Chen saw this beautiful woman from top to bottom, the face of this beautiful woman Ye Chen felt familiar, the face of this beautiful woman reminded Ye Chen with someone "ouch" while Ye Chen was looking at the beautiful woman behind Su Yuyu, Zhao Yanyan nudged his stomach.

"Yanyan what are you doing? "Ye Chen was slightly confused by what Zhao Yanyan just did.

"Look at your eyes almost out" Zhao Yanyan was a little dissatisfied with Ye Chen's attitude when he saw a beautiful woman, Zhao Yanyan saw Ye Chen's eyes immediately glanced at this beautiful woman.

"Hehehe" Ye Chen chuckled, he was only admiring the woman behind Su Yuyu no more.

"Yuyu, who are these two people?" The beautiful woman asked Su Yuyu who were the two people in front of her.

"Ningzi introduces this is Zhao Yanyan's older sister and another one Ye Chen, as I told you before Zhao Yanyan is my master in practicing martial arts, both of them are in their second year" Su Yuyu told beautiful women about Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan's identity .

Beautiful woman looked at Zhao Yanyan, she could not believe that the master who taught Su Yuyu was very beautiful like a fairy, moreover the man who was next to Zhao Yanyan was also very handsome, this man was like a prince in the drama series that she often watched.

"Senior Zhao Yanyan, Senior Ye Chen, nice to meet you two, I am Xia Ningzi's roommate Su Yuyu, currently I am in my first year" Xia Ningzi smiled and introduced herself to Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

"Xia Ningzi? , isn't that the name of the school flower at number three? "Ye Chen recalled in his memory, Xia Ningzi should have ranked school flower third.

Ye Chen looked up and down on Xia Ningzi's body, which Zhang Liao said was true, Xia Ningzi's body had indeed progressed very well in the age that was still under Ye Chen, if Ye Chen did not know that Xia Ningzi was in his first year, Ye Chen must have thought Xia Ningzi had been 20 years and older.

"Nice to meet you too" Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen replied to Xia Ningzi with a smile.

Seeing Ye Chen's smile made Xia Ningzi blush, "ah. . . . , very handsome, she is really my type "in her heart Xia Ningzi shouted that Ye Chen was like the handsome prince she often dreamed of.

"Ding. . . . , ding. . . . , ding. . . . , ding. . . . "The entrance bell rang.

"Yanyan let's go to class" Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to go to class right now.

Zhao Yanyan nodded at Ye Chen "Yuyu, Xia Ningzi, we have to go to class, see you later" Zhao Yanyan said goodbye to Su Yuyu Xia Ningzi.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan rushed to their class.

"Yanyan's sister, see you later after school" Su Yuyu waved her hand towards Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen who left.

Next to Xia Ningzi also spread her hands towards Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan. Xia Ningzi's face was still red from Ye Chen's smile just now.

Su Yuyu looked aside, she found something strange with Xia Ningzi "hey Ningzi why is your face turning red, are you not feeling well or have a fever" Little Lolo Su Yuyu was worried about Xia Ningzi's condition.

"No, I'm fine, maybe it's just a little hot out here, let's also go to our class." Xia Ningzi looked for a reason to hide this embarrassment.

"Okay" Su Yuyu nodded at Xia Ningzi.

Xia Ningzi and Su Yuyu also went to their class.