Journey To Become A True God Chapter 233

233 Ax Gang
Today was teacher Lin Rouxi's lesson, from the beginning Lin Rouxi did not look at Ye Chen at all, she completely ignored Ye Chen completely.

Ye Chen was not too satisfied being ignored by Lin Rouxi, after this he wanted to know why Lin Rouxi changed her attitude towards him.

The lesson went normally as usual, a few hours later the break bell sounded "okay, we finally got the lesson here" you finish the assignment I gave earlier "after finishing educating all the students, Lin Rouxi went out of the classroom.

Ye Chen wanted to overtake Lin Rouxi.

"Husband, wait" Zhao Yanyan stopped Ye Chen.

"Yanyan, what's up? ", Ye Chen wanted to know why Zhao Yanyan stopped him.

"Why are you rushing away, we haven't seen in a few days, let's go eat together at the Sea food restaurant" Zhao Yanyan invited Ye Chen to eat together, she wanted to spend time with Ye Chen together, for the past few days Zhao Yanyan really missed Ye Chen, she knew that he could not be far from Ye Chen for a long time.

Ye Chen looked towards Lin Rouxi's departure, because Zhao Yanyan asked him to leave, Ye Chen had to delay his interests with Lin Rouxi for a while.

"Okay, let's go to the Sea food restaurant." Ye Chen agreed to go with Zhao Yanyan to the Sea Food restaurant near the school.

Ye Chen knew that Zhao Yanyan really liked Sea Food, which was why Ye Chen did not want to confuse Zhao Yanyan's wishes.

Zhao Yanyan was happy that Ye Chen wanted to go with himself to the Sea food restaurant near the school.

Both of them left the classroom and headed to the Sea Food restaurant which was near the school, because it was close to Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan could walk when going there.

"Hey, isn't that the person we are looking for" In a corner there are some people who are gathered on the side of the road.

These people were wearing matching black suits and wearing black round hats, this group of people looked at Ye Chen who was walking near the school gate.

One of these people immediately took a photo in his jacket pocket, he looked at this photo and compared it to Ye Chen, what the person in black was holding was Ye Chen's photo "You're right that person, come on we immediately finish him off, that person dares to make us all wait for days "the group leader immediately told his men to head towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was currently coolly talking to Zhao Yanyan, suddenly a group of strangers in strange clothes blocked Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan's path.

Seeing this Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan immediately stopped "Who are you guys? "Ye Chen asked who else these people were, and what these people wanted with him.

"Boss girl near this man is very beautiful, after finishing getting rid of this person, may I have fun with this beautiful girl" One of these people looked at Zhao Yanyan passionately.

"What is in your head is only a woman, we are not here for women, we come here to get rid of this person" The boss of these people is angry, their purpose in coming here is to get rid of Ye Chen, for the beautiful girl next to this man his fate will be decided by the big boss.

hearing this Ye Chen was very angry, who else was the person who intended to find trouble with himself, he would not let go of people who were trying to find problems with him.

A group of men in black suits and wearing round black hats pulled out small axes from behind their sleeves, these people hurried towards Ye Chen using the small ax they were holding now.

"Boommm. . . . "Ye Chen used his aura to push the hordes of these people to the street floor.

Ye Chen didn't have time to deal with small anchovy like these people.

The aura of pressure exerted by Ye Chen was very heavy, blood began to emanate from these people's mouths.

Ye Chen walked toward the boss of these people, Ye Chen grabbed this person's hair "who are you and why do you want to harm me" Ye Chen no longer was kind to his enemies anymore.

People in black suits looked afraid of Ye Chen, they had never been in a situation like this, whether this person was a witch or something, now he and his men felt that their bodies were covered with heavy objects, this made them all very in pain even difficult to breathe.

"We are from the Ax Gang, I only got orders from the big Boss to finish you off, I don't know anything else" this person said that he was from the Ax Gang.

If I'm not mistaken it's a gang that has a big strong force in this city, the Ax Gang has a power comparable to the Red Wolf Gang.

"Quick call your big boss I want to talk to him" Ye Chen told the people from the Ax Gang to call their big boss.

This person took his cellphone with a trembling body, he was very afraid of Ye Chen who looked more fierce than the big boss Geng Ax himself.

This person pressed the number that belonged to the big boss Geng Ax, "bippp. . . . . "The call is trying to be connected.

"Hey Wu, how's the work I told you to do, have you completed it or not?" A voice on the other hand asked the man Ye Chen was holding.

"My big boss. . . . " before the man named Wu could finish his words, his cellphone was taken away by Ye Chen.

"He hasn't finished the job you told me to, tell me who was the one who told you to finish me off" Ye Chen asked the person on the other side of the phone.

"You. . . " The big boss of the ax gang was surprised after hearing Ye Chen's voice.

"I have no more patience, if you don't say it I will make sure your gang disappears from this city" If this person does not tell Ye Chen, he will eliminate the Ax Gang from this city.

"Damn, you think our Gang is a soft persimmon that you can trample over, just look at it sooner or later I will finish you off" The big boss of the Ax Gang looks angry at Ye Chen, this is the first time anyone dares to threaten the Ax Gang frankly- blatant.

The man named Wu was scared to death, the big boss did not know that the person he was referring to was not a normal person, this person was very frightening, the man named Wu was sure that this person was indeed able to get rid of the Ax Gang from this city.

"So you choose to fight, well I will let the Ax Gang disappear from this city" heard the other party threatened him, Ye Chen was very unhappy, he would eliminate the people from the Ax Gang from this city.

Before the person on the other side can answer, Ye Chen destroyed the cellphone in his hand. " Bamm . . . "After destroying the cellphone, the people from the Ax Gang were knocked at Ye Chen until they were unconscious.

"Yanyan, let's continue to go to the Sea Food restaurant" Ye Chen invited Zhao Yanyan to go to the Sea Food restaurant.