Journey To Become A True God Chapter 234

234 Slap Policeman
" lets goo" Zhao Yanyan put her arm around Ye Chen's arm again, Zhao Yanyan was used to the bad guys who tried to disturb her and Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan wanted to make these bad people disappear as far as possible from her and Ye Chen's lives.

Ye Chen let the people of the Ax Gang faint in the middle of the road, he didn't care about the people of the Ax Gang.

After a few minutes of traveling, Ye Chen arrived at the Sea Food restaurant.

This is where the beginning between Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan's relationship took place, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan immediately ordered a private room and some food.

The restaurant waiter immediately prepared a room for Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan, the private room in the order turned out to be the room that Zhao Yanyan and himself had previously ordered.

Ye Chen still remembered vividly a few weeks ago in this room, in this room he expressed his love for Zhao Yanyan.

While waiting to eat ready Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan joked "husband, do you remember that in this room you bravely express your feelings" Zhao Yanyan began to remember that in this place Ye Chen very boldly expressed his love.

At first Zhao Yanyan was shocked by Ye Chen's courage, Zhao Yanyan was very touched by Ye Chen who had saved herself from the piano that was sliding towards her, because of this she decided to accept Ye Chen as a boyfriend, that decision changed Zhao's life Yanyan, now Zhao Yanyan feels so much happier to live with Ye Chen and a sister who get along well.

"Of course I still remember, this is where our relationship began." Ye Chen held Zhao Yanyan's hand very romantic.

The two of them started staring at each other, without realizing Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan's lips approached each other, they were both ready to kiss.

"Bang. . . . . !!! "The door was suddenly kicked by someone.

"Quickly raise your hands" a male policeman suddenly broke into the room that was being occupied by Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan, this policeman immediately pointed his weapon at Ye Chen.

This person dared to disturb the good things that Ye Chen wanted to do.

Though Ye Chen's mood began to improve again, suddenly this person came and disturbed his and Zhao Yanyan's pleasures.

Zhao Yanyan was also dissatisfied with the police who suddenly entered very rudely, moreover the policeman was pointing a gun at Ye Chen which made Zhao Yanyan angry.

"What are you two waiting for, quickly raise your hands" The police were angry at Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan who were still very calm in this situation.

"Why do we have to raise our hands, we do not feel that we are committing a crime" Underestimated Ye Chen spoke to the police who pointed a gun at him.

"You two are suspected of committing violence against some people, don't evade and surrender yourselves well" The male police yelled at Ye Chen very loudly.

This policeman said that Ye Chen perpetrated violence on several people.

The people who had just been beaten up by Ye Chen were people from the evil Ax Gang, how could the police want to arrest Ye Chen because of things like this, wasn't the police greatly helped because Ye Chen helped their work in beating up these criminals.

Ye Chen began to suspect that this policeman was sent from the big Boss Geng Ax, Ye Chen looked at the Police with hostility.

"Quickly raise your hands before I lose my patience" This policeman was very angry with Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan who were not obedient to his orders.

How dare these two people not obey orders from the police like him "bamm. . . . " Ye Chen hit the cop's face hard enough.

The priandi police flew back a few meters to hit a brick wall "Bang ..." the sound of the crash was quite loud.

To be honest, Ye Chen was not overly pleased with the police who used his authority for other things such as being accomplices.

For the sake of money, some police are willing to cooperate with criminals, Ye Chen doesn't like police like this the most.

The few teeth that were owned by male police officers fell out by Ye Chen's punch, from the mouth of the police the blood flowed out in large quantities.

The police had no idea that this young man dared to hit him, this young man was looking for a death because he dared to fight him.

Moreover, this person made some of his teeth fall out, this could not be forgiven, he had to kill this person, the police had lost the patience he had.

"Die. . . . . !!! "He aimed his gun at Ye Chen, he was ready to shoot Ye Chen.

"Dorrrr. . . . "The police pulled the trigger of his gun, the bullet headed straight for Ye Chen.

the bullet hit Ye Chen's head, the police did target Ye Chen's head.

after receiving the bullet right in the head, Ye Chen did not fall into the antai, this made the police who shot Ye Chen suspicious.

In between Ye Chen's teeth there was a bullet fired by the police earlier, "man. . . . "Ye Chen spat out bullets fired by the police at the floor.

The bullet was totally incapable of injuring Ye Chen's body, for Ye Chen a police gun was like a toy gun.

Seeing this the police were very surprised, he saw the bullet he had just fired at the spit by this person, this person was holding his bullet with his teeth, this was very crazy.

Ye Chen hurried towards the police who shot him, he immediately destroyed the pistol in the hands of the police.

Ye Chen grabbed at the collar of the police shirt "Pah. . . . "A very crisp slap echoes in this restaurant.

"Tell me if the people you were referring to came from the Ax Gang? "Ye Chen asked the police who was the person who had reported him committing violence.

The male police shook his head, he did not want to admit that the person he was referring to was the people from the Ax Gang.

"Hah. . . . Ye Chen slapped the face of the police again.

"Tell me honestly, is the person who told you to come from the Ax Gang" This policeman was very rotten, he did not want to admit that he was told by the big Boss Ax Gang to catch Ye Chen.

Male police felt that both of his cheeks had been very swollen and painful, plus the pain from tooth loss made the police more in pain like in hell.

The gun shot just now made everyone who was cool to eat immediately scattered out, they thought there was a terrorist attack in this restaurant.

When everyone comes out of their private space, they are shocked by the unexpected, they see that a young man is slapping law enforcement police.

This young man was very brave to deal with the police, the police situation did not look too good, the policeman Ye Chen slapped now had a mouth full of blood, this cop's face was also swollen like a pig's buttocks by the repeated slap done by Ye Chen.