Journey To Become A True God Chapter 235

235 Luo Bing Came To Stop Ye Chen
Neither the people who were eating nor the restaurant manager dared to stop what Ye Chen was doing, they all just watched the show from the side.

"You all get out of the way quickly" a cold woman's voice came out from behind the crowd of people.

They saw a beautiful woman in a police uniform standing in the back row, this beautiful police woman was of course Luo Bing.

People who saw Ye Chen hitting the police immediately opened the way for Luo Bing.

Just now Luo Bing was patrolling around here, while he was patrolling, Luo Bing heard a gunshot that made her immediately go to the origin of the gunshot.

Not unexpectedly when she arrived, she saw a crowd of people in a restaurant, curious Luo Bing immediately went to the Sea Food restaurant.

When Luo Bing entered she told the crowd to open the road so he could see what was happening.

Luo Bing was surprised to see a policeman being beaten by a young man, the person who was beating the police was of course Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing, hurry up and stop" Luo Bing tried to stop Ye Chen from beating the poor cop.

"Ah, Police Luo, what do you want to come here? "Ye Chen spoke to Luo Bing.

"Miss Luo, Please save me from this demon" The police in Ye Chen's hands tried to ask Luo Bing for help.

Luo Bing raised her eyebrows, what really happened here, how could Ye Chen bully an ordinary policeman.

Seeing the police reinforcements coming, The audience wanted to see what would happen to this young man, whether the beautiful police officer Luo Bing would immediately arrest Ye Chen or do anything else to Ye Chen.

Some people certainly know the most beautiful police figure in this city, the beautiful police Luo Bing is known to have no mercy for anyone who breaks the rules, this young man will surely experience misfortune at the hands of Luo bing

"Ye Chen let him go first, we can talk about this carefully" Luo Bing tried to ask Ye Chen very kindly.

The audience was astonished when they saw the attitude of the Luo Bing female policeman being very gentle towards this young man, what exactly was the identity of this young man that made the prettiest female police in this city behave like this.

Luo Bing gritted her teeth, Luo Bing was quite annoyed when she had to be gentle with Ye Chen.

If Luo Bing was not gentle, Ye Chen would definitely be even more rude to her, when that happened nothing could stop Ye Chen's actions.

Luo Bing still remembered when Ye Chen slapped her buttocks, insults like that which could be forgotten by proud women like Luo Bing.

If Luo Bing was given the chance ,she wanted to beat Ye Chen to a pulp, but that was not possible because the difference in power between the two was so far away, Luo Bing was not a balanced opponent for Ye Chen.

Luo Bing couldn't help but wonder how someone like Ye Chen had the power that was out of her mind.

"No, I still have important business with this person. Don't disturb me." Ye Chen refused to let this person go, this person had to pay because he had disturbed the good things that Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan wanted to do.

Luo Bing gritted her teeth with extreme anger, what should she do to stop Ye Chen, Luo Bing could not use force on Ye Chen, the only way was negotiation.

Ye Chen prepared to slap this policeman again.

"Ye Chen, wait, wait, what exactly is this person doing that you are angry with him?" Luo Bing tried to find out the reason Ye Chen had hit the policeman to a pulp.

With Ye Chen's temperament, if this police man did not make a mistake, then Ye Chen would definitely not hit him like this.

"This policeman is pointing his gun at me and accusing me of violence against some people" Ye Chen told Luo Bing what this bad police officer was doing.

"Tell me is that true? "Luo Bing asked the police in Ye Chen's hands.

"No, Miss Luo, trust me. I did not do such a thing." The policeman in Ye Chen's hand shook his head, this cop did not want to admit what he had done before.

If he was found out using the police authority he had for something else, surely his career would end in this place, because this was the police in Ye Chen's hands insisting not to acknowledge what he had done, the police in Ye Chen's hand clenched his teeth in pain. , no matter what happens he can't tell the truth in front of Luo Bing.

"Pahh. . . . "Ye Chen slapped the policeman in his hand again hard enough.

This person still dares to lie, even though this person's face has changed like a pig's buttocks.

"You liar, hurry up and tell the truth, if you don't tell the truth I will keep slapping you until no one can recognize you anymore" Ye Chen threatened to continue to slap this person if he kept speaking out the wrong words.

"If you want to be free, hurry up and tell the truth." Luo Bing urged the police in Ye Chen's hands to tell the truth.

This person was very stupid for offending a man like Ye Chen who was terrible.

Seeing Luo Bing not helping him at all, the police in Ye Chen's hands felt strange, even though he had asked Luo Bing for help, but why did Luo Bing not want to help him, instead Luo Bing was more inclined to help this young man in front of him. .

Is it possible that the man in front of him has a higher background than Luo Bing, so Luo Bing doesn't want to help himself "damn you Li Sang, you put me in this kind of situation" in his heart The police in Ye Chen's hand cursed the leader The Ax Gang that has made him deal with demons like this.

Everyone who gathered here also had the same question, actually who was this young man, why did the beautiful Police Luo Bing really respect him.

"Well I will confess, it is true that I put a gun at this person, and I accuse this person of violence without evidence" Finally the police in Ye Chen's hands admitted what he had done.

Finally the male police wanted to confess what he had done to Ye Chen.

"Tell me who was the one who told you to do this" Luo Bing's tone turned very cold to the police in Ye Chen's hands.

finally all was revealed, the wrong person at first was the police in Ye Chen's hands

"No one told me, I just do not like this person" he could not say that the person who had told him was the boss of the ax gang, if he admitted it, his career would be finished forever.

"How can you use your authority to do things like this, starting today you are suspended for 2 months, after your suspension period is over you will be transferred to the traffic control division" Luo Bing gives punishment to the police who have used their power arbitrarily .