Journey To Become A True God Chapter 237

237 Persuade Lin Ruoxi
"Okay we agreed, now go, Husss" Ye Chen chased Luo Bing out of this private room.

Luo Bing's heart heated up again, right now Luo Bing's chest was going up and down, so far Luo Bing had never seen a man who treated her like Ye Chen, she really wanted to pounce towards Ye Chen and then hit Ye Chen.

Luo Bing turned and walked out of this room. "Ye Chen, be careful, the Yun Family has begun to move, Bamm. . . "The door was closed very loudly by Luo Bing.

Before leaving Luo Bing told Ye Chen that the Yun Family already knew of Yun Hao's killer and intended to take revenge on Ye Chen.

Hearing Luo Bing's warning, Ye Chen knitted his eyebrows, it seemed like Family Yun already knew that he was Yun Hao's killer, well it didn't matter whether he would fight Yun's family sooner or later.

"Husband, why are you not too friendly with police Luo, I think she's a beautiful woman, you don't usually behave like this to a beautiful woman" Zhao Yanyan didn't expect wolves like Ye Chen not to want to put fangs on the beautiful Luo Bing police.

Well maybe you're right, she's pretty, but that woman is full of problems, so I'm close to her." Ye Chen is lazy to be close to Luo Bing because Luo Bing always has problems that come from six-door organizations.

"Is that your only reason? "Zhao Yanyan asked.

"There's more, this woman is so annoying, she's always looking for a problem with me." Another thing that Ye Chen hates from Luo Bing is always looking for trouble with him.

If Luo Bing didn't know that Ye Chen was a powerful cultivator, Luo Bing must have been looking for trouble with him.

"So that is the reason you are not too friendly to Police Luo" Zhao Yanyan now understands why Ye Chen was a little rude every time he met Luo Bing police, it turns out Ye Chen had a slight dispute with Luo Bing.

If only Luo Bing wasn't looking for trouble with Ye Chen, then maybe Ye Chen would definitely like pretty cops like Luo Bing.

The Sea food ordered by Zhao Yanyan had arrived, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan began eating their Sea Food.

"Husband, let's open your mouth" Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen to open his mouth, she wanted to feed this delicious Ye Chen lobster.

"Aaaaaa" Ye Chen opened his mouth and waited for Zhao Yanyan to feed himself.

Zhao Yanyan put a piece of Lobster meat into Ye Chen's mouth, both of them began to enjoy their food intimate.

After finishing eating Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan returned to school, just as Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan returned, the bell for lessons had rang.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan immediately went to class J, the lesson proceeded as usual, Ye Chen was currently re-thinking of Lin Rouxi's attitude towards him, after returning from school he had to go to see Lin Rouxi.

"Ding. . . . , Ding. . . . , Ding. . . . , Ding. . . . , Ding. . . . ., "The bell home from school sounds, it's time for all students to go home.

Now it was time for Ye Chen to go see Lin Rouxi "Yanyan, I will go to Teacher Lin, you go home first" Ye Chen wanted to go to Lin Rouxi, he told Zhao Yanyan to go home first.

"Okay" Zhao Yanyan nodded at Ye Chen, after this Zhao Yanyan had to train Little Loli Su Yuyu, if Zhao Yanyan didn't give Su Yuyu a new movement, surely Su Yuyu would continue to stick to Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen immediately left Lin Rouxi's private room, when he reached Lin Rouxi's private room, Ye Chen did not find any sign of Lin Rouxi inside.

It seems like Lin Rouxi deliberately went to avoid Ye Chen, Ye Chen used his spirit sensei to look for Lin Rouxi's whereabouts.

It turned out that Lin Rouxi was currently in the park behind the school, after finding Lin Rouxi's whereabouts, Ye Chen went straight to the backyard of the school, he finally found Lin Rouxi, Lin Rouxi was currently sitting on a bench in this planting , Lin Rouxi seemed to be thinking about something.

Ye Chen sneaked behind Lin Rouxi, he wanted to surprise Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen closed Lin Rouxi's eyes from behind "ah. . . . "Lin Rouxi shouted and tried to fight when someone closed her eyes.

"Teacher calm down" Seeing Lin Rouxi who panicked, Ye Chen immediately tried to calm her down.

Ye Chen released his hand from Lin Rouxi's eyes, Lin Rouxi immediately looked back, behind her stood Ye Chen, Ye Chen smiled towards her very warmly.

Lin Rouxi's heart was beating really fast when she saw Ye Chen's warm smile, Lin Rouxi immediately tried to calm herself back. "Ye Chen, what are you doing here?" Lin Rouxi returned to using a cold tone to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen came forward and sat next to Lin Rouxi "Teacher why are you being cold to me, did I do something wrong before" Ye Chen asked Lin Rouxi why she was being cold like this, indeed what wrong did he do to make Lin Rouxi behave like this.

"I'm not being cold to you, I've always been like this, if you don't like it you can go" Lin Rouxi looked away, she denied Ye Chen's words just now.

Ye Chen was very helpless, it was very clear that Lin Rouxi was angry with him.

Ye Chen took Lin Rouxi's right hand "Dear teacher, be honest with me why are you angry? We can talk about this" Ye Chen tried to persuade Lin Rouxi who was angry.

Ye Chen was very curious as to why Lin Rouxi behaved like this to him, what was wrong with him while going on a trip to an ancient heritage place these past few days.

"Who are you calling dear, I am not your lover, I am your teacher, you better have fun with your other women" Lin Rouxi let go of her hand from Ye Chen's hand.

Lin Rouxi stood up from the bench, she wanted to leave this place, Lin Rouxi still could not accept Ye Chen who had many women, whatever happened Lin Rouxi had to educate Ye Chen to eliminate the bad behavior that liked many women at once, for this reason Lin Rouxi acted coldly to Ye Chen, she wanted to let Ye Chen know that women don't like to be doubted.

Ye Chen was astonished when he heard Lin Rouxi say he had a lot of women, from where did Lin Rouxi know that he had many women, did Lin Rouxi find this out alone or had someone tell him.

"Teacher Wait, how did you know this? "Ye Chen asked how did Lin Rouxi know that he had many women.

"So you admit it. Hemppp, all men are the same, you are all not good people. "Lin Rouxi sniffed towards Ye Chen with dissatisfaction.

Ye Chen mispronounced, he instead made Lin Rouxi even more angry with him.

"Dear teacher, I can explain everything" Ye Chen tried to explain everything to Lin Rouxi.

"No need to explain anymore, everything is clear" Lin Rouxi was very clear that Ye Chen did have many women out there, Lin Rouxi felt uncomfortable with Ye Chen having many women, Lin Rouxi might be able to accept Zhao Yanyan, but for women others Lin Rouxi found it difficult to accept them.