Journey To Become A True God Chapter 238

238 Yun Family Master
Lin Rouxi prepared to leave this place. "Teacher Wait," Ye Chen stopped Lin Linxi from leaving this place again, Ye Chen had to explain everything so that Lin Rouxi knew and was not angry.

"Let me go, let Teacher Go, if you don't let me go I'll be mad at you forever" Lin Rouxi told Ye Chen to let her go, or she would be really angry.

Seeing Lin Rouxi getting more and more angry, Ye Chen let go of Lin Rouxi, right now Lin Rouxi was very upset and didn't want to accept an explanation from himself, Ye Chen had to wait until Lin Rouxi was even calmer, before explaining everything to Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi walked out of the park behind the school, when she left she did not look back at all.

Lin Rouxi actually felt a little sorry for Ye Chen, but she had to strengthen her determination, this was for the sake of giving lessons to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately chased after Lin Rouxi who had left, when Ye Chen rose from his seat he felt a murderous nature from behind a tree which was behind the school, there were two intentions to kill him and one directed at Lin Rouxi.

"Lin teacher, watch out" Ye Chen immediately rushed towards Lin Rouxi to save Lin Rouxi.

Sure enough, from above the sky slid a long spear towards Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi who heard Ye Chen immediately looked up at the sky, above the sky there was a long spear that was pointing at her with a very fast speed, Lin Rouxi did not have the time to avoid the Spear that was rushing towards her.

"Ahhhhh. . . . Lin Rouxi shouted and closed her eyes.

"Boom" The iron spear hit the ground with extreme force.

Before the spear struck her body, Lin Rouxi felt that someone was hugging her waist, the person who was hugging her waist was Ye Chen.

Ye Chen rushed towards Lin Rouxi, he hugged Lin Rouxi's body and avoided the impact of the iron spear.

Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi rolled on the grass, Lin Rouxi currently closed her eyes and buried her head in Ye Chen's chest.

Lin Rouxi was so scared, she thought he would die because of the spear that was aimed at her just now.

Ye Chen saw the spear in front of him, this spear could make a big hole in the ground, around this spear gave out a blue lightning aura, it was clear that this spear was not an ordinary spear, this spear was clearly a Tier two artifact.

Someone must have deliberately thrown this spear towards Lin Rouxi.

"It's a pity that it was missed, if it was certain that both of them would die right away" there were two people who came, these two people looked very old, their hair was white, these two were masters sent by the Yan Family to kill Ye Chen.

These two people of course were San Seng and Tu Zen, they looked at Ye Chen with killing eyes.

Tu Zen couldn't wait to torture Ye Chen and kill him slowly, he would definitely enjoy the killing session of these two people until he was satisfied.

"So this is a person who has offended the Yun family, this young man is very brave, he will meet death soon" San Seng looked towards Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher, you are alright" Ye Chen asked how Lin Rouxi was at the moment.

Hearing Ye Chen's voice, Lin Rouxi slowly opened her eyelids, Lin Rouxi looked towards Ye Chen, the eyes of Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi meeting.

"I'm fine" Lin Rouxi shook her head at Ye Chen, she had no idea that Ye Chen would save her in a situation like this, if Ye Chen didn't act Lin Rouxi might have died by the spear.

Lin Rouxi was very touched by what Ye Chen had just done, all the uncomfortable feelings in Lin Rouxi's heart instantly disappeared, Lin Rouxi knew that Ye Chen was very worried about herself, this made Lin Rouxi believe that Ye Chen loved her.

"Until when are you going to lie there, do I need to throw my spear back," a hoarse voice interrupted Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen helped Lin Rouxi rise from the ground "Teacher wait here, I will take care of these two people" Ye Chen asked Lin Rouxi to stay here.

He had to defeat the two assassins who were trying to kill Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen wait, we should just run away and look for help." Looking at the hole in the ground, Lin Rouxi felt that these two people were not ordinary people.

If Ye Chen fought the two of them, Lin Rouxi feared that something had happened to Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi's cold attitude towards Ye Chen had disappeared, now Lin Rouxi was very worried about Ye Chen's condition more than anything.

"Teacher calm down, I will finish these two people quickly, you don't need to worry" Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi not to worry.

"But. . . "Lin Rouxi is still worried about Ye Chen.

"It's okay everything will be fine" Ye Chen stroked Lin Rouxi's head who looked scared, he tried to make Lin Rouxi as calm as possible.

Lin Rouxi understood and nodded at Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi finally believed in Ye Chen's words

Ye Chen came forward and looked at San Seng and Tu Zen with a killing look.

Ye Chen didn't need to bother to find out who these two people were, all Ye Chen needed to do was eliminate these two people.

"Hehehe, it seems like you are brave enough to fight us, it seems like this will be very fun" Tu Zen chuckled at Ye Chen, he looked very excited when he saw the enemy has the courage to fight, it wouldn't be as boring as fighting an enemy who didn't want to fight.

"Be careful it seems like this person has a little ability" San Seng told Tu Zen to be careful when fighting Ye Chen.

San Seng felt that Ye Chen gave off a quite dangerous aura, he had never seen a youth who had a frightening aura like Ye Chen.

"What needs to be afraid, our opponent is just a runny nose whose hair has not grown yet, hahahaha" Tu Zen mocked Ye Chen, for both Ye Chen was still a smelly kid.

Ye Chen didn't say anything at all, he glared at Tu Zen and San Seng, true masters didn't need to say much, actions would say everything.

Tu Zen pulled his spear from the ground, from Tu Zen's body came a lightning current that enveloped Tu Zen's entire body.

Tu Zen turned into lightning, he moved at an extremely fast speed, the eyes of a norm person might not be able to see Tu Zen's current movements.

Lin Rouxi who saw this increasingly worried about Ye Chen's condition, Lin Rouxi thought these two people were not normal humans, Lin Rouxi was afraid that Ye Chen would suffer defeat at the hands of these two people.

Tu Zen swirled around Ye Chen's body, Tu Zen's speed could not be underestimated, with the Lightning Lightning Step cultivation technique, the speed possessed by Tu Zen was like lightning.