Journey To Become A True God Chapter 240

240 Lin Rouxi Was Jealous
Lin Rouxi nodded at Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi again buried his face in Ye Chen's chest, seeing Lin Rouxi agree Ye Chen immediately brought Lin Rouxi flying to the female dormitory.

Ye Chen no longer needed to hide the power he had in front of Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher, we have arrived" Lin Rouxi was very surprised when she saw herself already at the door of her room, even though she and Ye Chen were still behind the school, how could both of them now be at the door of the girl's dormitory, actually what had just been happen.

Ye Chen opened the entrance to Lin Rouxi's room, he brought Lin Rouxi inside.

Ye Chen helped Lin Rouxi sit on the couch "Teacher, do you want a glass of warm water or water? "Ye Chen asked Lin Rouxi if she wanted a glass of water to further relax her body.

Lin Rouxi shook her head, right now he didn't want anything. "Ye Chen come here, there's something I want to ask you." Lin Rouxi patted the sofa, she told Ye Chen to sit near her.

After seeing all the strangeness earlier, there were so many things that Lin Rouxi wanted to ask Ye Chen, she wanted to get answers to the questions in her heart.

Ye Chen did not go to fetch water for Lin Rouxi, he sat next to Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher, what do you want to ask? "Ye Chen is ready to answer all questions from Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen, who exactly were those people, and how did they have such strange abilities? "First of all, Lin Rouxi wanted to find out who the two old men wanted to kill her and Ye Chen.

"I also do not know about the identities of the two men, but they can be called a cultivator who has abilities above the average human." Ye Chen himself did not know about the identities of the two people, he knew the two men were messengers from the Yun family in the capital.

What Luo Bing said was proven, It seemed that the Yun family had begun to move against him, they didn't even hesitate to hurt Ye Chen's closest people.

"Are you also a cultivator? "Asked Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi was eager to know whether Ye Chen was a cultivator like the other two people.

Ye Chen nodded "yes, I am also a cultivator all the way like them" Ye Chen explained that he was also a cultivator just like the two people earlier.

"Does Yanyan know about this?" Lin Rouxi wanted to know if Zhao Yanyan knew that Ye Chen was a cultivator.

"Of course Yanyan knows, even Yanyan and all my women are also cultivators just like me." Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi that Zhao Yanyan was also a cultivator just like him.

Zhao Yanyan's strength was no longer weak, after training very hard and often doing dual cultivation with Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan's strength was now at the level of the Earth Realm, it was already a realm high enough for Zhao Yanyan's current age.

Lin Rouxi was surprised to learn that Zhao Yanyan and the other Ye Chen women turned out to be a cultivator, however Zhao Yanyan never said this to Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher, are you still mad at me? Ye Chen asked if Lin Rouxi was still angry with him.

"I told you before I'm not mad at you" Lin Rouxi was never angry at Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi only wanted to give a little lesson to Ye Chen.

"Then why were you cold to me? "Ye Chen really wanted to know why Lin Rouxi had been cold to him before.

" that . . . , that's because I want to teach you a lesson, who told you to have so many women, I don't like to see men cuckold their women. "Lin Rouxi said the reason why she was being cold to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen now understood why Lin Rouxi was being cold with himself, apparently Lin Rouxi was only jealous of the other Ye Chen woman.

Ye Chen hugged Lin Rouxi's waist and whispered something in Lin Rouxi's ear "Teacher, you don't need to be jealous, I love you as much as I love all my women".

"I'm not jealous" Lin Rouxi tried to avoid Ye Chen's words just now, Lin Rouxi began to think maybe the reason she wanted to teach Ye Chen out of jealousy ?, after thinking about this, Lin Rouxi's face turned red like an apple.

The more Lin Rouxi denied, the more certain Ye Chen was that Lin Rouxi was jealous of other women.

Ye Chen smiled wickedly at Lin Rouxi, he immediately pressed Lin Rouxi's body onto the soft sofa.

Lin Rouxi was very surprised to see the courage done by Ye Chen "Ye Chen, what are you doing? Quickly release me." Lin Rouxi tried to free herself from under Ye Chen's body.

With Ye Chen's current strength, how could Lin Rouxi be able to resist Ye Chen's invasion, she could not shift Ye Chen's body to the side.

"Teacher I want you" Ye Chen very boldly wanted Lin Rouxi to be his complete woman.

"Ye Chen, what are you saying, quickly release me" Lin Rouxi was not ready to do such a thing with Ye Chen at all.

Ye Chen was a little disappointed to hear that Lin Rouxi still did not want to do with him "Lin teacher I like you, I really want you", Ye Chen continued and whispered words of love in Lin Rouxi's ears.

Lin Rouxi's body began to heat up, she felt a very strong burst of love emanating from Ye Chen's words.

Little by little Lin Rouxi started not to fight Ye Chen anymore, Ye Chen was glad to see Lin Rouxi not rebelling anymore, it seemed that his seduction succeeded in breaking through Lin Rouxi's defenses.

Ye Chen very courageously began to caress and touch Lin Rouxi's body.

"Ahh. . . . "When Ye Chen touched her body, Lin Rouxi slightly moaned slowly, she felt Ye Chen's touch was really delicious, this kind of feeling could never be forgotten by Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi began to wonder what Ye Chen's hand was actually made of, why his touch and caress techniques were so much fun.

Unconsciously Lin Rouxi began to sink into Ye Chen's touch and caress, Lin Rouxi's body had never felt this comfortable, even Ye Chen's previous massage session couldn't be compared to this caress.

Seeing Lin Rouxi begin to deepen in pleasure made Ye Chen even bolder, it seemed that Lin Rouxi's lust that was very strong could not be stopped.

Ye Chen began to touch Lin Rouxi's two rabbits, even though they were separated by a cloth, the sense of touching this object was great, it was very soft and very flexible, it seemed like Lin Rouxi guarded these two large and soft objects very well.

"Ahh. . . . Ye Chen, stop it, I feel my body is very uncomfortable. "Lin Rouxi wanted to stop Ye Chen's invasion of her two large objects, she almost lost her sanity due to the touch of Ye Chen's hands on both of her objects.

"Dear teacher, you don't have to hold it off and enjoy all of this" Ye Chen whispered in Lin Rouxi's ear, Ye Chen's words made Lin Rouxi's mind begin to relax, Lin Rouxi began to enjoy Ye Chen's touch.