Journey To Become A True God Chapter 241

241 The Temptation That Was Hard To Bear By Lin Rouxi
Lin Rouxi's body was already very hot, this feeling was very disturbing, she really wanted to hug Ye Chen and kiss him, but as a teacher how could Lin Rouxi be so immoral like that, she had struggled to maintain morale as Ye Chen's teacher.

Ye Chen looked at Lin Rouxi's ears which had turned very red, it seemed like Lin Rouxi was very embarrassed, Ye Chen opened his mouth and bit Lin Rouxi's ear lobes.

"Ah. . . . . Lin Rouxi immediately moaned softly as her ear was bitten by Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi's body trembled as Ye Chen bit her ear, the bottom of Lin Rouxi was already wet like river water flowing.

Ye Chen's invasion confused Lin Rouxi's mind, she could not think clearly anymore.

After playing enough with Lin Rouxi's two rabbits, Ye Chen went down the Lin Rouxi Skirt, Lin Rouxi wore a short skirt so Ye Chen could easily get into it, he put his hand into Lin Rouxi's secret garden.

"Ye Chen, don't come in. . ! "Feeling something entered into her lower part Lin Rouxi immediately clamped her two thighs.

Ye Chen's hand was now trapped between Lin Rouxi's Soft White Thighs.

"Dear teacher, let's loosen up, let me make you feel better" Ye Chen tried to persuade Lin Rouxi to loosen her thighs.

Lin Rouxi shook her head, she didn't want to loosen the clothespin on her thigh.

Because Lin Rouxi could not be invited to cooperate, with a little strength Ye Chen tried to go deeper in Lin Rouxi's thighs.

Little by little Ye Chen's hands began to draw closer towards Lin Rouxi's secret garden, Lin Rouxi was very absent, she was not Ye Chen's opponent in this matter.

Ye Chen's fingers finally touched Lin Rouxi's panties, when Ye Chen's fingers touched Lin Rouxi's honey cave, Lin Rouxi's body began to shake violently, Lin Rouxi's two thighs began to soften and Lin Rouxi began to loosen the tongs between her two thighs.

Ye Chen's hand that felt mercilessly poured straight into Lin Rouxi's honey hole.

Lin Rouxi's honey cave turned out to be soaking wet, a lot of water was seeping out from Lin Rouxi's secret garden.

"Ah. . . . Yeah. . . . . .,, What is this . . . . , something will come out, Ye Chen please stop. . . . . "Lin Rouxi felt that something was coming out from under her body.

"Ah. . . . , I came out. "Lin Rouxi immediately took out a lot of honey juice from her honey cave, this juice spilled a little in Ye Chen's hands.

Ye Chen pulled his hand from Lin Rouxi's secret garden, he immediately looked into his hand filled with Lin Rouxi's Honey Juice.

Ye Chen sipped Lin Rouxi's honey juice, this was filled by Lin Rouxi's pure Yinqi.

"Dear Lin teacher, look at this you came out very much" Ye Chen showed Lin Rouxi the honey juice in his hands.

Seeing the object that was in Ye Chen's hand, Lin Rouxi's face turned red like an apple, she did not know that he would be a very immoral woman, all morality as a teacher was destroyed in Ye Chen's hands, at this moment Lin Rouxi turned into a shameless woman.

Seeing the object that was in Ye Chen's hand, Lin Rouxi's face turned red like an apple, he did not know that he would be a very immoral woman, all morality as a teacher was destroyed in Ye Chen's hands, at this moment Lin Rouxi turned into a shameless woman. .

Ye Chen absorbed the Yinqi in his hands, after clearing Ye Chen returned to hug Lin Rouxi's body.

"Ye Chen quickly let go of the teacher, we cannot do anything further than. . . , um. . . . . "Before Lin Rouxi could finish her words, her cherry lips were kissed directly by Ye Chen.

This sense of kiss is extraordinary, this cannot be described by words, Ye Chen began to insert his tongue into Lin Rouxi's mouth, Lin Rouxi began to welcome a kiss from Ye Chen, for Lin Rouxi the kiss from Ye Chen was very encouraging, she was difficult once forgot the first kiss with Ye Chen in her room Teacher School.

This time Lin Rouxi was again kissed by Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi threw away the morality and ethics of a teacher, all he wanted now was to be with Ye Chen and enjoy this beautiful thing forever.

"Chu. . . , Chu. . . , Chu. . . , Chu. . . , "Both of them are greedy for kissing, both Ye Chen and Lin Rouxi are both already very passionate.

After Lin Rouxi had difficulty breathing, Ye Chen finally released his lips from Lin Rouxi's lips.

"Dear teacher I like you, will you be my woman forever" in a rare moment like this Ye Chen expressed his feelings.

"Of course I want, the teacher will be your woman forever" Lin Rouxi again promised Ye Chen, this time Lin Rouxi was already very fond of Ye Chen, she wanted to be with Ye Chen forever, she wanted to continue to enjoy this beautiful thing together with Ye Chen .

Now that Lin Rouxi didn't mind the other Ye Chen woman, as long as Ye Chen had a heart in herself, Lin Rouxi had enough of that, she didn't want to ask for more.

Ye Chen was very satisfied, finally the beautiful teacher Lin Rouxi really wanted to be his woman.

Ye Chen again pounced towards Lin Rouxi, he prepared to take off the professional clothes worn by Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen, let's change locations, it's not good to do it in the living room, let's go into my room." With a shy expression, Lin Rouxi wanted to change the location of their love place.

Ye Chen immediately carried Lin Rouxi like a princess, he rushed towards Lin Rouxi's bedroom, Ye Chen kicked the door of Lin Rouxi's room, after entering Ye Chen threw Lin Rouxi onto the soft mattress.

Ye Chen wanted to get ready to get into Lin Rouxi's bed, but Lin Rouxi's legs held his body "lock the door first." Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen to lock the door first.

Ye Chen immediately rushed to the door and locked the door, he acted very quickly, after the door in Ye Chen's key returned to Lin Rouxi's side.

"Ye Chen come here, love the teacher" Lin Rouxi used her finger to invite Ye Chen to the bed.

At the moment Lin Rouxi's sleeping pose was very tempting, Ye Chen had no idea that Teacher Lin could make such a seductive pose.

Ye Chen dived into the bed, he hugged Lin Rouxi's adult body which was on the bed.

Both of them began rolling on the mattress, the bed in this hostel was quite large, it could even accommodate four people at a time.

Ye Chen kissed Lin Rouxi's little cherry lips again, both of them started to get their passion back, Ye Chen's hands were not idle, he began to take off the professional clothes worn by Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi was now very obedient with Ye Chen, she easily cooperated with Ye Chen to take off each other's clothes.

Ye CHen with swift movements stripped all the clothes on Lin Rouxi's body, Lin Rouxi's beautiful body was now fully naked, Ye Chen began to admire every inch of Lin Rouxi's exquisite body, Lin Rouxi's two rabbits looked very beautiful Cherry buds still looked very fresh, this is Ye Chen's favorite food.