Journey To Become A True God Chapter 242

242 Lin Rouxi Was Shocked By Ye Chens Objec
On the other hand, Lin Rouxi was still very clumsy, she had difficulty removing the clothes worn by Ye Chen, after a very long time Lin Rouxi only managed to remove Ye Chen's upper shirt.

Lin Rouxi saw that the muscles in Ye Chen's body were very perfect, Ye Chen's muscles were not very muscular, but their shape was perfect, this was even better than the Olympic athletes.

Lin Rouxi began to touch the muscles in Ye Chen's body with soft little fingers.

"Teacher, it tickles" Lin Rouxi's finger touch tickled Ye Chen's body.

"Ye Chen, do you often train your body? While touching Ye Chen's perfect muscles, Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen.

"Not really, just sometimes, why? "Ask Ye Chen, Ye Chen has rarely trained his body's strength enough.

"It's okay, it's just that it looks pretty cool and strong" Lin Rouxi was quite interested in Ye Chen's body, she wanted to know more about the intricacies of the body of the man she liked.

Ye Chen returned to hug Lin Rouxi's body, he buried his face in Lin Rouxi's two big rabbits.

Ye Chen began to open his mouth and put Lin Rouxi's cherry bud into his mouth, Ye Chen was very interested in Lin Rouxi's tiny and beautiful cherry bud.

Ye Chen began to suck, bite and play with Lin Rouxi's bud.

"Ah. . . Ye Chen, you're just like a baby. "Lin Rouxi hugged Ye Chen's head very tightly, Lin Rouxi felt like nursing a little baby.

Ye Chen was very grumpy eating Lin Rouxi's flower buds, Lin Rouxi continued to moan to enjoy Ye Chen's mouth and tongue service which was extremely delicious.

Teacher Lin Rouxi who usually seemed authoritative, now turned into a passionate woman who moaned under Ye Chen's technique.

Ye Chen began to descend down on Lin Rouxi's flat stomach.

Seeing Ye Chen descend down Lin Rouxi immediately covered his private garden from Ye Chen's eyes "Ye Chen don't look at it, I'm so embarrassed" Lin Rouxi was very embarrassed when a man saw her secret garden.

"Teacher, let me see it" Ye Chen tried to move Lin Rouxi's hand.

With Ye Chen's persuasion, Lin Rouxi finally wanted to let go of her hand.

Lin Rouxi's secret garden was presented in front of Ye Chen's eyes, the grass in Lin Rouxi's garden looked very dense, usually women who had thick grass were more passionate than normal women, now Lin Rouxi was indeed very passionate, she had never felt a feeling of comfort and this delicious before.

Lin Rouxi's honey cave is pink and still narrow, this honey cave is waiting for someone to drill into.

"Beautiful" Ye Chen praised Lin Rouxi's secret garden.

Lin Rouxi's face was already very red, she was unable to withstand the vulgar words of Ye Chen, but in her heart she was glad to be praised by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen used his finger to try to enter Lin Rouxi's honey hole.

"Ah. . . . . . . . . . "Lin Rouxi's body immediately stiffened when a mysterious object entered her.

Lin Rouxi's honey cave tightened, Ye Chen's fingers were clamped tightly by the wall in Lin Rouxi's honey cave.

"Teacher relax his body, let your body enjoy everything" Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi to be more relaxed.

Lin Rouxi looked very tense when Ye Chen's finger came in, this was still a small object, if Ye Chen's younger brother was below in. Maybe Lin Rouxi would shout even louder.

Lin Rouxi tried to be more relaxed, he was still not used to the relationship between men and women, every time Ye Chen played with her body Lin Rouxi felt her body was stung by electricity.

After being more relaxed, Ye Chen began to move his fingers more in Lin Rouxi's honey cave, this feeling was very comfortable, Ye Chen's fingers felt stroked by something very soft and warm.

The walls of Lin Rouxi's Honey Cave are very gentle, he has never tried a woman with Lin Rouxi's soft walls.

it seemed like Ye Chen's younger brother would really like Lin Rouxi's soft cave wall.

"Ah. . . . . Ah. . . . . Ah. . . . . Ye Chen, stop it, I feel like I can die and fly to the sky. "Lin Rouxi begged Ye Chen to stop the finger invasion, this was completely different from Ye Chen's touch and caress, it felt really very delicious, Lin Rouxi felt like she was at seventh heaven.

Instead of stopping Ye Chen even more excited, he began to scratch the walls of the cave and want Lin Rouxi to be even stronger "ahh. . . , I really like this, "Lin Rouxi finally reached the top for the umpteenth time.

When he reached the peak of the water that came out quite a lot, even Ye Chen's hands were even more soaked by Lin Rouxi's water.

After reaching the top Lin Rouxi lay on the bed with a satisfied expression, today was the most pleasant day of Lin Rouxi's life.

Finally Ye Chen managed to make Lin Rouxi feel unequaled pleasure, now it was Ye Chen's turn to enjoy Lin Rouxi's body, he immediately took off the pants he was wearing, now Ye Chen was only using a men's underwear.

Ye Chen's younger brother had already stood very strong, Ye Chen's underwear was unable to stem Ye Chen's younger brother who had fully enlarged.

Lin Rouxi who was resting finally began to wake up, he saw something extraordinary, beneath Ye Chen there was something big enough to stand out.

Lin Rouxi of course knew what this thing was, that night Lin Rouxi looked at Zhao Yanyan very eagerly eating this large object.

Lin Rouxi also wanted to try to eat the big object Ye Chen, was it really as good as what Zhao Yanyan had shown that night or just ordinary.

Ye Chen took Lin Rouxi's hand and placed it on his big bed. "Teacher, please take responsibility." Ye Chen wanted Lin Rouxi to take responsibility for making this thing hard.

Lin Rouxi started stroking Ye Chen's large object, this object was bigger than Yang Lin Rouxi saw that night, it was estimated that this object was almost the same size as her own arm.

Is this big object can go into her small mouth, wouldn't her small mouth be destroyed if an object of this size entered.

Lin Rouxi was starting to get scared while thinking about this, but Lin Rouxi really wanted to try it, she herself wanted to try the taste of this thing.

Lin Rouxi helped Ye Chen release the last part that covered Ye Chen's Great object.

when Ye Chen's large object appeared, Lin Rouxi was very surprised, this object was huge, its size was bigger than Lin Rouxi's own arm.

"immense" involuntarily Lin Rouxi muttered, she sipped her saliva, this thing was not only big but also twitching, it was a little scary.

Lin Rouxi had no idea that male objects could be this big.

Ye Chen was very proud to hear the praise from Lin Rouxi, every man would be happy when their objects were praised by a woman they liked.

Ye Chen grabbed his large object and rubbed it on Lin Rouxi's soft cheeks, Lin Rouxi felt her cheeks pressed by hot and hard objects Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi started to get dizzy when she smelled Ye Chen's large objects, the smell made Lin Rouxi even more excited.