Journey To Become A True God Chapter 243

243 Lin Rouxi Wanted To Taste I
Unconsciously Lin Rouxi's two hands moved on their own and held Ye Chen's Great object "Ye Chen, could the teacher try the taste of this object" Lin Rouxi very boldly wanted to try the Ye Chen object in her mouth.

Ye Chen almost had a nosebleed after hearing Lin Rouxi's words, Lin Rouxi's words just now were very fatal to every man who heard it.

"Of course. You can do whatever you want" Ye Chen let Lin Rouxi do whatever she wanted, he wanted to see how Lin Rouxi served himself.

Lin Rouxi was very happy, every night after the incident she peeked at Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan, Lin Rouxi always dreamed of doing this together with Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi started to stick out her small tongue, Lin Rouxi's small tongue began to touch Ye Chen's large object, Lin Rouxi began to lick this thing and taste the taste, it felt a little salty, but there was little satisfaction when licking this object.

Ling Rouxi began to dare to lick Ye Chen's large object.

The taste of Lin Rouxi's tongue was quite pleasant for Ye Chen, but Ye Chen wasn't enough with this, he wanted to try inside Lin Rouxi's Mouth.

"Dear Lin teacher, let's try it" Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi to open her mouth.

Lin Rouxi obediently opened her mouth wide, she immediately ate Ye Chen's large object.

"Aarggg. . . . "Ye Chen groaned, Lin Rouxi's mouth felt extraordinary, it was moist, warm and very soft.

"Ummm. . . . "Lin Rouxi felt very crowded by Ye Chen's large object.

Lin Rouxi gradually began to familiarize herself with the large object Ye Chen, after feeling accustomed to Lin Rouxi began to do as Zhao Yanyan had done that night.

In Lin Rouxi's memory, what Zhao Yanyan had done that night was still clearly remembered in her head.

Lin Rouxi's mouth began to move up and down, as Lin Rouxi moved up and down, Ye Chen felt incredible pleasure, Lin Rouxi was quite great, even though she first did this, her teeth did not scratch Ye Chen like another virgin woman.

Moreover, Lin Rouxi's technique was quite skilled, though not as good as Qing Cheng, Ye Chen felt quite comfortable with Lin Rouxi's technique.

"Teacher, you are very skilled, like you have the talent to be a passionate woman" Ye Chen praised Lin Rouxi.

Hearing what Ye Chen said, Lin Rouxi suddenly stopped, she vomited a large object Ye Chen and looked up at Ye Chen "Ye Chen, you wouldn't hate a teacher like this right? "Lin Rouxi was very upset, she became a lustful woman in front of Ye Chen, she was afraid that Ye Chen would not like women like her.

"No matter what you are I will still like you" how can Ye Chen hate Lin Rouxi like this, Ye Chen likes Lin Rouxi who is honest and passionate, This is the true nature possessed by Lin Rouxi which is hidden from outsiders, and only Ye Chen can enjoy this.

"Thank you, you are indeed my good little man" Lin Rouxi smiled at Ye Chen, she again ate a large object Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi was quite fond of this, especially when she saw Ye Chen's face that seemed to enjoy her service, making Lin Rouxi try her own tricks .

"Jubo. . . ., jubo. . . ., jubo. . . ., jubo. . . ., jubo. . . ., jubo. . . ., "Lin Rouxi sucked, licked and occasionally spewed out Ye Chen's large object.

"Arghhh ..." Ye Chen enjoyed this.

Lin Rouxi had already discovered her own technique to make Ye Chen feel delicious

The dignified teacher Lin Rouxi turned into Ye Chen's little prostitute.

"Arhhh. . . . , dear teacher, you are very good, I like your mouth, please go deeper. "Ye Chen really likes Lin Rouxi's mouth and technique, Lin Rouxi is very talented in doing this.

Lin Rouxi was very happy to be praised by Ye Chen, she began to insert Ye Chen's large object deeper.

Lin Rouxi seemed to have difficulty inserting a very large Ye Chen object, after a considerable effort, Nearly 90% of Ye Chen's objects were successfully swallowed by Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen didn't expect Lin Rouxi could do this, among the Ye Chen women the only one who could do this was Qing Cheng, it seemed like Lin Rouxi did indeed have the talent from birth to do this.

15 minutes later, Lin Rouxi's jaw was already very numb, until now Ye Chen still hadn't come out yet.

Ye Chen really enjoyed Lin Rouxi's mouth technique, he almost reached the limit, Ye Chen held Lin Rouxi's head and accelerated Lin Rouxi's movements.

"Jubo. . ., Jubo. . ., Jubo. . ., Jubo. . , "Lin Rouxi's throat was very tight as Ye Chen poked very fast and hard.

"Teacher, I'm coming out" Ye Chen took out an enormous amount of her load into Lin Rouxi's cherry mouth.

"Umm. . . . . . "Lin Rouxi wasn't ready with Ye Chen's heavy burden, she tried to pat Ye Chen's thigh, she wanted Ye Chen to let go of her.

Lin Rouxi's mouth was already full of Ye Chen's warm white magma.

"Teacher, drink this. It contains very good nutrition for beauty." Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi to drink his Yangqi Essence.

Hearing this from Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi tried to drink it "Glup. . . . "Lin Rouxi tasted it a little, it didn't taste as bad as she had imagined, instead it was very delicious, even Yangqi Ye Chen was far more delicious than the best food Lin Rouxi had ever eaten.

"Glup. . ., Glup. . . Glup . . Glup . . . . . . . . "Lin Rouxi gulped everything down, she did not waste Ye Chen's delicious essence.

"Slurpppp. . . "Lin Rouxi even sucked in the rest of Ye Chen's large object, Lin Rouxi was very addicted to Ye Chen's taste, this was the most delicious thing she had ever eate.

No wonder that night Zhao Yanyan really like to serve this thing, it turns out that what is in this object tastes very delicious.

Lin Rouxi looked at Ye Chen's large object, Ye Chen's object still stood very erect.

This was extraordinary, from what Lin Rouxi knew, after coming out, Men would immediately go limp and take a long time to stand up again.

Ye Chen's difference was very strong, even some women were not enough to handle this thing.

Ye Chen hugged Lin Rouxi's body "Teacher may I do it" Ye Chen asked Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi nodded at Ye Chen "Ye Chen don't call me teacher, call me Rouxi, I feel embarrassed when you call me teacher" in the current situation Lin Rouxi was very embarrassed when Ye Chen called her teacher.

"No, I like to call you like this, I feel excited when I call you teacher" Ye Chen felt like calling Lin Rouxi by the teacher's call, it added to the excitement when doing Dual Cultivation.

Lin Rouxi was very embarrassed, Ye Chen was really a very naughty student.

Ye Chen started to align his objects at the entrance of Lin Rouxi, Lin Rouxi was a little afraid when an object of this size intended to enter, her small cave would definitely be destroyed by this large object.

"Ye Chen slowly I'm very scared" Lin Rouxi told Ye Chen to be even slower, he was afraid of Ye Chen's big object.

"Dear teacher, don't be so tense, I will be very gentle" Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi to be more relaxed.