Journey To Become A True God Chapter 246

246 Meet Xia Ningzi Again
It would be difficult for Ye Chen if the women lived in different locations, if that happened Ye Chen would be difficult to protect them all.

"But. . "Lin Rouxi still doubted whether she should live with another Ye Chen woman.

"Rouxi's sister. You don't need to worry, all of Ye Chen's women are good women, you can definitely get close to them quickly" Zhao Yanyan told Lin Rouxi to stay with them.

Lin Rouxi still doubted whether she should leave this girl's hostel and live together with Ye Chen.

"Rouxi sister, if something like last night happened, who would help you, if in Ye Chen Villa you could ask for help from the other sisters, giggling" Zhao Yanyan laughed teasingly Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi's face instantly turned red like an apple, she certainly still remembered what happened last night, to fight Ye Chen in bed Lin Rouxi needed a sister to help her pack Ye Chen.

"Okay, I agree" after careful consideration, Lin Rouxi finally agreed to move to Ye Chen's Villa.

After finishing cleaning the dining table, Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan helped Lin Rouxi package the important items in this room.

The process of packing Lin Rouxi's goods was very easy, Ye Chen gave Lin Rouxi a storage ring to store all her belongings.

Lin Rouxi was surprised after seeing a ring that could insert any object into it, for Lin Rouxi it was like magic.

After all the items had been packed, Ye Chen Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi went to the parking lot where Ye Chen's Car was located.

Ye Chen and the two women immediately got into the car, after everyone had entered, Ye Chen drove the car to the Golden Eagle district.

The trip took time, on the way Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi gossiped with a very small voice, they began to exchange a little of their experiences in bed.

15 minutes later Ye Chen finally arrived in front of his villa, in front of the villa gate there was a luxury car that was crushed, next to this car was Luo Bing who was wearing plain white cheongsam, today was a national holiday so Luo Bing was not wearing the police clothes she usually wears.

Luo Bing's clothes now make Luo Bing look very pretty and sexy.

but Luo Bing's face didn't look happy right now, she had been waiting here for almost 2 hours, but until now Ye Chen hadn't come yet, Luo Bing had to make calculations when Ye Chen arrived here.

"Biipppp" Ye Chen sounded the horn to tell Luo Bing to get out of the entrance gate.

Seeing that the horn was Ye Chen's car, Luo Bing immediately approached Ye Chen's car.

Luo Bing tapped Ye Chen's car window hard enough "knock. .knock. .knock. .knock. . "Ye Chen lowered the rearview mirror of his car.

"Hehehe, sorry Luo police made you wait for a while" Ye Chen chuckled at Luo Bing.

"Wait a minute? . . . Ye Chen, you know, you've made me wait almost 2 hours here, you say 2 hours a minute, I want a beating. "Luo Bing clenched her fists quite strongly.

Luo Bing really wanted to vent her anger at Ye Chen "Calm down, you know that today is a national holiday, the road is very tight, I'm stuck for a long time" Ye Chen was looking for an excuse to calm Luo Bing so he wouldn't get angry again.

Luo Bing also knew that today was a national holiday, so the streets were full of people on vacation.

"Huppp" Luo Bing sniffed coldly at Ye Chen, the reason Ye Chen made Luo Bing calm down a little.

Lin Rouxi and Zhao Yanyan smiled seeing Ye Chen deceiving Luo Bing.

Ye Chen immediately parked the car into the garage, everyone who was in the car immediately got down.

"Yanyan you bring in teacher Rouxi inside and introduce her to all the women in the house, I will go together with police Luo somewhere" Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan to bring Lin Rouxi into the villa.

"Okay, Rouxi sister let's go inside" Zhao Yanyan dragged Lin Rouxi into the villa.

After seeing the departure of Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen returned to meet Luo Bing.

"Well where is the ginseng you said earlier" Ye Chen immediately asked Luo Bing where the dozens of ginseng aged as he knew he was asking.

"I don't currently carry it, the ginseng is in the seller's hands, let's go there." Luo Bing got into the car.

"What are you waiting for, quickly get in the car" See Ye Chen who was still outside, Luo Bing told Ye Chen to get into her car.

Luo Bing's car is not bad, the price may be millions of dollars.

"Put on your seat belt, we will get there quickly" Luo Bing told Ye Chen to put a seat belt on.

Ye Chen was very helpless, even if Ye Chen didn't wear a seat belt that was no problem, a small accident wouldn't be able to injure or kill Ye Chen.

Unfortunately Luo Bing forced Ye Chen, if Ye Chen would not, then Luo Bing would not drive this car, helplessly Ye Chen put a seat belt on his body.

After Ye Chen put his seat belt on, Luo Bing immediately stepped on the gas pedal and glided off the golden Eagle district.

How to drive Luo Bing is really very fierce, on a very crowded road like this Luo Bing spur vehicles to walk more than 250 Km per hour.

If Ye Chen was not a strong cultivator, surely he would be very frightened by driving Luo Bing who was very fierce.

With this speed, it didn't take long to arrive at the place of people who wanted to sell Ginseng to Luo Bing.

Luo Bing stopped right in front of a fairly large house, Luo Bing and Ye Chen immediately got out of the car.

Ye Chen looked at the large house in front of him, Ye Chen was of course familiar with this house, this was the home of Xia Tian's grandfather.

"Don't tell me that the person who wants to sell Ginseng to Luo Bing is Xia Tian's grandfather?" Ye Chen murmured.

"Let's go inside, before I made an appointment to meet with the ginseng seller" Luo Bing invited Ye Chen into the house and met the ginseng seller.

The guards immediately opened the gates for Luo Bing and Ye Chen, the gatekeepers of course still remembered Ye Chen, this young man was the prospective fiance of Miss Xia Qingyu.

Luo Bing felt strange with the attitude shown by the gatekeepers, usually if there was someone they didn't know wanted to enter, they would ask first to confirm the identity of the person who wanted to enter.

But when she and Ye Chen entered, she was not stopped by the guards, the guards only smiled at Ye Chen and herself.

Luo Bing didn't think too much about it, maybe Mr. Xia had already sent guards to let herself in when she came.

Ye Chen and Luo Bing walked towards the entrance of Xia Tian's grandfather's house.

"Ding. . . . "Luo Bing pressed the doorbell.

"Wait a minute" A voice came from inside the house, a few moments later the door was opened by a beautiful woman with a body that was very well developed.

This was not Xia Qingyu, this was Xia Ningzi that Ye Chen met yesterday morning while together with Zhao Yanyan.