Journey To Become A True God Chapter 247

247 This Is Very Little I Want 200 Pieces
"Uh, senior Ye Chen, what are you doing here?" Xia Ningzi was quite surprised to see Ye Chen here.

Luo Bing didn't think that this beautiful woman knew Ye Chen too, why did so many beautiful women know Ye Chen, was this person so famous that there were so many women who knew him.

"Xia Ningzi, where is Xia Tian's grandfather?" Ye Chen asked where Xia Tian's grandfather was.

"Oh, grandfather is in the living room, please both of you go inside" Xia Ningzi informed him that Xia Tian was currently in the living room.

Ye Chen did not expect Xia Ningzi to be Xia Qingyu's sister, it was fitting that this woman reminded Ye Chen to someone, apparently Xia Ningzi was the sister of Xia Qingyu.

"You look very familiar with Mr. Xia, have you ever met before?" Luo Bing asked whether Ye Chen had met with Xia Tian before.

"Well, who knows, hehehe" Ye Chen just chuckled at Luo Bing, he followed Xia Ningzi into the house.

Luo Bings was not satisfied to hear the answer from Ye Chen, Luo Bing followed Ye Chen and Xia Ningzi inside.

"Grandfather, someone is looking for you," after arriving in the living room, Xia Ningzi told Xia Tian that someone was looking for him.

Xia Tian who was reading the news paper immediately saw who was the person who came to visit.

Seeing that the person visiting was Ye Chen, Grandfather Xia Tian immediately smiled warmly "Ye Chen, welcome, you haven't come here for a long time, I think you forgot this place, hahahaha" Xia Tian welcomed Ye Chen's arrival.

"Xia Tian's grandfather hasn't seen you in a long time, how are you, is Xia Tian's grandfather feeling better? "Ye Chen immediately asked Xia Tian's condition.

"Hahaha, of course, I feel like I'm 30 years younger, I now feel very healthy" Xia Tian was very happy, because all the illnesses in his body had healed, he no longer felt sick as before.

Next to Xia Tian was Xia Qingyu, who was reviewing a documentary, although today was a holiday, Xia Qing Yu still had time to review the Xiannu company documentary.

When Ye Chen came, Xia Qingyu immediately glanced at Ye Chen, after that Xia Qingyu returned to focus on the document that was on the table.

It seems like Xia Qingyu did not look happy when she saw Ye Chen.

"Qingyu why are you just silent, hurry up and welcome Ye Chen too, after all he is your fiance" Xia Tian told Xia Qingyu to welcome Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, hello" There were only a few words that came out of Xia Qingyu's mouth, Xia Qingyu was still the same, in front of other people she would be very cold.

Xia Tian was completely helpless when he saw Xia Qingyu who was like this, fortunately Ye Chen could accept Xia Qingyu's cold nature.

Luo Bing didn't think that the cold woman sitting on the sofa was Ye Chen's fiancee, actually how many women did Ye Chen have.

Luo Bing didn't understand why there were so many women who wanted to be with annoying people like Ye Chen.

Well, it must be admitted that Ye Chen was indeed very handsome, for Luo Bing to be handsome was useless, Luo Bing's ideal type of man was a man who was stronger than herself.

"Wait a minute, isn't Ye Chen stronger than me, is he really my type? , gosh what am I thinking? "Luo Bing tried to get rid of such thoughts from her brain.

"Oh yes, Ye Chen, this is Xia Ningzi, she is also my granddaughter, she should be under you" Xia Tian introduced Xia Ningzi to Ye Chen.

"Xia Tian's grandfather I've met with Xia Ningzi before" Ye Chen told Xia Tian that he had met with Xia Ningzi.

Xia Ningzi was the most shocked person, how could this person be her sister's fiance, wasn't Ye Chen's senior already partnered with the beautiful Fairy Zhao Yanyan, what was going on here, Xia Ningzi could not think clearly.

"Oh, I see." Grandfather Xia Tian nodded, apparently Ye Chen had known his other granddaughter.

Xia Tian finally realized behind Ye Chen there was a beautiful woman who was daydreaming.

"Oh, are you Luo Bing who spoke to me last night on the phone?" Xia Tian's grandfather asked Luo Bing.

"Yes, Mr. Xia, I was the one who contacted you last night, did the item I asked for already exist? "Luo Bing asked about the business she talked about last night with Xia Tian's grandfather.

"Of course, come here, this is the item" Xia Tian pulled out a large city from under the table, he opened the box and showed the contents to Luo Bing.

In the box there are about 10 ginseng whose age is estimated above 50 years.

Last night Luo Bing had discussed the price with Xia Tian, the initial price was actually more than 100 thousand dollars per one Ginseng, after a long transaction Luo Bing finally managed to offer Ginseng from Xia Tian's grandfather for 100 thousand dollars per one Ginseng.

Luo Bing didn't have much money to pay for Ye Chen, so she could only pay Ye Chen for one million dollars.

1 million dollars can only buy 10-year-old Ginseng in tens of pieces.

After seeing the contents of the box Luo Bing nodded at Xia Tian "Ye Chen, how are you satisfied? "Luo Bing asked.

"This is too little, this is not enough" The amount given by Luo Bing was very small, this was not enough to be used by Ye Chen's training.

"Ye Chen, this is already very much, the price is even 1 million dollars, and you say this is still not enough, do you think decades-old Ginseng is cheap? "Luo Bing roared at Ye Chen, finding / growing tens of years old Ginseng is not easy, because this is the price of decades-old Ginseng can be very expensive.

For normal people this Ginseng is very much at all, but for Ye Chen this is very little.

"Xia Tian's grandfather, do you still have more stock for decades-old ginseng?" Ye Chen asked whether Xia Tian's grandfather still had stock for decades-old GInseng.

"Of course I still have it, how much do you want?" Xia Tian asked how much Ginseng Ye Chen wanted.

"I want 200 pieces of ginseng tens of years old" Ye Chen needs about a hundred ginseng tens of years old.

"Buffft" Xia Qingyu spouted the tea she was drinking, didn't she hear that right? Ye Ye wanted to buy tens of 200-year-old Ginseng, this was crazy.

Does Ye Chen have that much money, even Xia Qingyu's salary of being a CEO for 1 year would not be enough to buy that much Ginseng, how would someone like Ye Chen who worked as her bodyguard dare to speak that much nominal.

"Huh" Xia Tian was quite surprised when he heard the nominal mentioned by Ye Chen, 200 was a very large number, Xia Tian himself couldn't possibly have that many tens of years old Ginseng.

Luo Bing knew that Ye Chen was richer than she was, with wealth like that Ye Chen still had time to blackmail her, this made Luo Bing not too satisfied with Ye Chen.