Journey To Become A True God Chapter 248

248 Brother In Law
"Ye Chen, to be honest I don't have that much Ginseng" Xia Tian told Ye Chen that he didn't have Ginseng as much as Ye Chen wanted.

"Xia Tian's grandfather, can't you find me that much, right now I really need it" Ye Chen asked Xia Tian's grandfather to find tens of years old Ginseng.

"Alright, I'll try, I'll ask some of my business friends if they have that much stock." Xia Tian tried to find the ginseng that Ye Chen wanted.

"Xia Tian's grandfather, thank you very much" Ye Chen thanked Xia Tian's grandfather who was willing to find a decades-old ginseng for him.

"No problem, soon we will become a family, problems like this do not need to think too much, hahaha" Xia Tian laughed.

"Alright I will go to my business friend's house to ask him, if indeed I will contact you immediately" Xia Tian decided to go to his business friend's house, Xia Tian has not met his business friends for a long time.

After that Ye Chen exchanged contact information with Xia Tian, if the item Ye Chen wanted was there, Xia Tian would immediately contact Ye Chen.

Xia Tian immediately went to his old friend's house, now in this house only Ye Chen, Luo Bing, Xia Qingyu and Xia Ningzi were left.

Xia Qingyu had finished reviewing all the documents on the table, now all that was left was to send this to the company, she had to go upstairs to send a copy of the document to the company.

Now in this room only Ye Chen, Xia Ningzi and Luo Bing were left.

Xia Ningzi went straight to Ye Chen's side "Senior Ye Chen, I didn't think that you would be my sister's fiance, so from now on I must call you brother-in-law: v" Xia Ningzi smiled at Ye Chen.

The personalities of Xia Qingyu and Xia Ningzi are very contradictory, Xia Qingyu has a cold personality to everyone, while Xia Ningzi is friendly and smiles to everyone.

"You can call me as you like" Ye Chen didn't mind being called like anything by Xia Ningzi.

"Hehehe, brother-in-law, by the way how can you get engaged with my sister? "Xia Ningzi wants to know how the two can get engaged.

"Well, this is the engagement that was decided since childhood, my grandfather and your grandfather arranged all of this" Ye Chen told Xia Ningzi that the engagement was given by their two grandfathers.

"Oh, I see, then what about the beautiful sister Zhao Yanyan, if you will separate from her?" Xia Ningzi asked how Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan's relationship would be in the future.

Xia Ningzi already knew about Ye Chen's relationship with Zhao Yanyan from Su Yuyu's little loli.

Ye Chen was a little dizzy, this woman knew the relationship between himself and Zhao Yanyan, if Xia Ningzi came to tell Xia Qingyu it would be very bad for Ye Chen.

"Of course not, Yanyan is also my woman, I will not leave her" Ye Chen could not leave Zhao Yanyan.

"But if you marry an older sister, you have to choose one, right?" Asked Xia Ningzi.

"I will choose both of them and make them my two wives," Ye Chen told Xia Ningzi.

"Wait, don't tell me you want to play 3p together with my sister and beautiful sister Zhao Yanyan, ah. . . . "Brotherhood, brother-in-law is very shameless" Xia Ningzi held her cheek with her hand, she began to think of bad things in the complicated relationship between Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and her sister Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen had no idea that Xia Ningzi knew of this kind of thing, it seemed like today's girls were too brave and open.

"Tch, this person is not good at all, he has a lot of women in his house" Luo Bing suddenly interrupted Ye Chen and Xia Ningzi's conversation.

Even Luo Bing told Xia Ningzi that Ye Chen had several women living in his villa.

"Eh, really, I didn't expect Brother-in-law to be a man like that." Xia Ningzi looked at Ye Chen with questioning eyes.

"Police Luo don't make other people misunderstand, do you really want another beating from me? Ye Chen glared at Luo Bing who was looking for trouble with him.

"You dare" Luo Bing glared at Ye Chen again, she didn't like Ye Chen who often threatened to hit her butt.

"Why don't I dare, let me show who the boss is here" Ye Chen immediately rushed towards Luo Bing, he raised Luo Bing's body with one arm.

Ye Chen's movements were very fast, Luo Bing didn't even have time to run away from Ye Chen's evil hand.

Xia Ningzi who was beside Ye Chen also didn't see Ye Chen's movements just now, she felt Ye Chen disappeared in front of her.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing quickly stop?" Luo Bing tried to free herself from Ye Chen.

"Luo police seems like you've forgotten the lesson at that time, let me remind you again who I am, hehehe" Ye Chen chuckled, he put an evil smile on Luo Bing.

Luo Bing became frightened by the evil smile shown by Ye Chen "Ye Chen please let me go, I know I was wrong, so please let me go" Luo Bing finally lowered her pride and begged for mercy on Ye Chen.

"Okay, I will forgive you," Ye Chen said.

Luo Bing was relieved Ye Chen forgave herself, this person was scary, she was almost beaten in front of other people.

"Hehehe, but I think you need to be given a little punishment so as not to come back against me in the future, Pah. . . ., "Ye Chen slapped Luo Bing's plump ass.

"Ahhh. . . . , "Luo Bing felt a hot feeling in her buttocks.

"Ye Chen will someday kill you, Pah ..." Luo Bing roared angrily at Ye Chen.

Hearing Luo Bing still daring to threaten him, Ye Chen struck even harder "Pahh. . ., Pahh. . ., Pahh. . ., Pahh. . ., Pahh. . ., Pahh. . "Ye Chen hit repeatedly, he really enjoyed the feeling of hitting Luo Bing's buttocks that were very elastic.

Luo Bing had to endure this humiliation, she was really seen like this by others, this made Luo Bing embarrassed to death.

Xia Ningzi covered herface, she wanted a little peek at the scene that was being done by brother-in-law Ye Chen and Luo Bing.

Xia Ningzi didn't expect the two of them would do something like this, scenes like this might only be in soap operas or something, Xia Ningzi didn't think she could see this in the real world.

After several more beatings, Ye Chen finally released Luo Bing, Luo Bing put on an angry face at Ye Chen.

"Ah, it's time for me to leave, brother-in-law, see you again" In order not to get involved in the dispute between these two people, Xia Ningzi chose to run away, from the beginning Xia Ningzi had an appointment to meet with Su Yuyu, both of whom wanted to go enjoy this holiday.

Xia Ningzi was like a scared rabbit leaving her house.

"Ye Chen, you are very brave to slap my butt again, this time I will make a calculation with you" Luo Bing pounced towards Ye Chen, she was very angry at Ye Chen, Luo Bing had lost her mind, now she just wanted to pounce on Ye Chen and beat him up.