Journey To Become A True God Chapter 249

249 Kiss Luo Bing
Luo Bing immediately placed Ye Chen's body on the sofa, she tried to hit Ye Chen's chest repeatedly, Ye Chen who saw this tried to stop Luo Bing's action, he immediately locked Luo Bing's two hands.

Seeing her hands tied by Ye Chen, Luo Bing used another method, she used her teeth to bite Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had no idea that Luo Bing could act this crazy, the old adage was true, an angry woman could do something so crazy beyond reason.

"Luo Bing, calm down, I was just playing" Ye Chen tried to calm Luo Bing's anger.

"What's playing around, you make me embarrassed in front of other people" Luo Bing was angry at Ye Chen.

"Giggling, master seems like you had gone a little too far for this woman, you'd better find a way to calm this woman's anger" Chu Yuechan who saw this giggled.

She felt funny seeing Ye Chen being assaulted by a woman.

Ye Chen found it quite difficult to calm down Luo Bing's female police officer, he had to find a way for Luo Bing to calm down.

Ye Chen finally had a way, he used his charm to confuse Luo Bing.

Luo Bing who saw Ye Chen's face suddenly became confused, her heart was beating very fast, her mind was currently only filled by Ye Chen, this was the same as the first time Luo Bing met Ye Chen, this feeling made Luo Bing confused, Luo Bing began to feel embarrassed as she looked at Ye Chen's face.

"Police Luo, are you alright? "Ye Chen asked Luo Bing.

Luo Bing couldn't answer, she was too shy to answer a question from Ye Chen.

Seeing this, Ye Chen knew that his charm worked on Luo Bing, Ye Chen was glad his charm worked on Luo Bing, Ye Chen began to let go of Luo Bing's hand.

Luo Bing who had escaped, didn't fight Ye Chen,she just buried his face in Ye Chen's chest.

Luo Bing felt that her heart and mind were strange, no matter how hard Luo Bing tried he was very difficult to hate Ye Chen, actually what was happening to her.

It's very rare to see Luo Bing acting shyly like this, if Luo Bing acts like this she looks like a gentle and beautiful woman.

Luo Bing who shyly looked beautiful was Ye Chen's type, involuntarily Ye Chen brought his lips closer to Luo Bing's.

Ye Chen immediately kissed Luo Bing's lips, "umm" Luo Bing was very surprised when Ye Chen kissed her, this was the first time Luo Bing had kissed a man.

Luo Bing felt a very pleasant feeling when kissing with Ye Chen, this could not be said with a single word.

Luo Bing didn't fight at all, she enjoyed kissing with Ye Chen.

Luo Bing's lips were quite soft and pleasant Ye Chen was quite addicted to kissing Luo Bing.

At first Luo Bing was unfamiliar and just passive, eventually Luo Bing started responding to Ye Chen's kiss, Both of them started kissing very greedily.

"Tap. . . , tap. . . , tap. . . , "The sound of footsteps came from the stairs above.

Ye Chen who heard this immediately released Luo Bing, he immediately stopped his charm technique.

After the charm technique disappeared Luo Bing began to regain consciousness, she could not believe what she had just done together with Ye Chen.

She just kissed with Ye Chen passionately, what actually happened to her just now, why hse did not refuse when kissed by this bad boy.

Luo Bing felt very confused, Luo Bing's mind began to be very chaotic, each time remembering the kiss just now Luo ,Bing's face turned red like an apple.

"Ye Chen, where is Ningzi? "Xia Qingyu who just sent a documentary immediately asked where Xia Ningzi went.

"Xia Ningzi just left, she said there was an urgent matter" Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu where Xia Ningzi had gone.

"Oh so Ningzi is gone" Xia Qingyu's tone sounded cold to Ye Chen.

Luo Bing currently bowed her head, Luo Bing's face turned red like an apple, she didn't want anyone else to see her shy face like this.

"I have to go first, you can go home by taxi" Luo Bing could not take it anymore, she immediately excused herself to go home.

Luo Bing immediately ran away from this house, Luo Bing immediately went towards her car that was outside.

"Strange woman" Xia Qingyu felt strange to Luo Bing, why did Luo Bing's attitude change like that, what happened to that woman.

"Qingyu long time no see, I miss you enough" Ye Chen hugged Xia Qingyu from behind.

as Ye Chen embraced Xia Qingyu's body, Xia Qingyu's body trembled slightly.

"Ye Chen let me go, what are you doing" Xia Qingyu acted coldly on Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen to let her go.

"Hehehe, what is wrong if I hug my fiancee" Ye Chen did not want to release his hug from Xia Qingyu.

"Bah, you still remember I am your fiancee, I think you have forgotten me" Xia Qingyu finally let out a temper that she buried.

Xia Qingyu was angry that Ye Chen had been unable to contact for several days, even Ye Chen had left his work as a bodyguard.

"How could I forget my beautiful fiance, in a few days I went out of town so it was very difficult to contact me" Ye Chen explained to Xia Qingyu that for several days he had been in a remote place.

"Hupp" Xia Qingyu sniffed coldly she did not want to hear an explanation from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was helpless, quite difficult to explain to Xia Qingyu who was already sulking.

"Forget it, you don't need to explain, tomorrow morning you must come with me" Xia Qingyu began to calm down, tomorrow morning Xia Qingyu wanted Ye Chen to go along with her.

" Where ? "Asked Ye Chen.

"Tomorrow we will go to the capital to do business, you must accompany me there, if you ever reject this, I will ignore you forever" Xia Qingyu threatened to ignore Ye Chen if Ye Chen refused this.

"Okay, okay, please don't ignore me" Ye Chen promised Cold Ceo Xia Qingyu.

"Good" Xia Qingyu was satisfied because Ye Chen did not refuse this task.

Xia Qingyu invited Ye Chen to sit on the sofa, the two of them hadn't seen each other in a few days, Xia Qingyu had missed Ye Chen for quite a few days, she didn't think that one day he would think of someone like this.

Luo Bing who had just come out of the Xia family's house immediately rushed to her car, she immediately entered her luxury car.

"Geez, what I did just now, how could I kiss Ye Chen" Luo Bing still couldn't believe she was kissing Ye Chen.

"Bam. . ., Bam. . ., Bam. . ., "Luo Bing vented her ignorance on the steering wheel of her car, steering the car that did not know anything was beaten by Luo Bing: V.

Luo Bing tried to calm herself, she was still shadowed by the kiss scene just now.

A few minutes later Luo Bing was finally able to calm down again, After calming Luo Bing began to think about the reason she was acting like that.