Journey To Become A True God Chapter 252

252 The Shop Owner Wants To Fool Ye Chen
"Hehehe, this is cheap, it costs 1 piece for only 150 thousand dollars" the shop owner offered Ginseng which he sold to Ye Chen at a very high price.

The price offered by this seller is much more expensive than that sold by Grandfather Xia Tian.

"Can't it be lacking? "Ye Chen started to bid on Ginseng sold by this shop.

"Hemmm. . . "The shop owner starts thinking" what if I give you a 5,000 dollar discount, so the price becomes 145 thousand dollars "The shop owner only gives Ye Chen a discount of 5,000 dollars.

"It's too expensive, our drugstore doesn't even sell this expensive." Xia Qingyu immediately chided this seller for selling medicinal plants at very high prices, even her grandfather's shop didn't sell medicinal plants as expensive as this person.

150 thousand dollars is very expensive, the profit taken by this person is very much.

"Young lady, if you don't want to buy, please just leave, I'm here running an honest business" The shop owner was not happy with Xia Qingyu's words just now, the seller immediately underestimated Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen was not too fond of this seller's attitude, but he still wanted to discuss business with this seller.

"Then how many ginsengs above 50 years old do you have?" Ye Chen would like to know the stock of ginseng that this person has.

"Hehehe, young man, I have 20 pieces, are you interested in buying all of them?" The owner offered all the ginseng he had.

"I really need it, Bring it all out I want to see it" Ye Chen told the owner to take out the GInseng that he had.

"Wait a minute I'll be right back" The shop owner went back to get the ginseng wanted by Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen why do you want to buy from this person, it is clear this person is selling at a very high price" Xia Qingyu did not understand why Ye Chen still wanted to buy Ginseng from this person.

"We will wait and see what this seller will do" Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu to see what would happen next.

Ye Chen had already felt something strange about the way this person sold Ginseng to him, this shop owner seemed to be deliberately raising prices because he thought Ye Chen was still young and didn't know anything about medicinal herbs.

from the way the shopkeeper Ye Chen said was sure that the person was good at lying

Xia Qingyu didn't really understand what Ye Chen would do.

A few minutes later the shop owner returned, he brought a total of 20 Ginseng in a large box.

"Well, here it is All the Ginseng I have" The owner of this place tells me that in this box there is Ginseng that he has.

Ye Chen looked at the ginseng in the box, the contents made Ye Chen not very happy, some of these ginseng turned out to be very young.

At first glance the shape and size of Ginseng is indeed similar to decades-old Ginseng, but the aura and purity that is released by Ginseng is still very little, it's clear that this is still young.

Ye Chen's guess was true this person wanted to want to deceive him, he thought Ye Chen didn't know anything about medicinal plants, that's why the shop owner dared to sell fake Ginseng to Ye Chen

"How do you want to buy this decades-old ginseng? "If you buy everything, I'll give you a 30% discount, so the price is 2 million," asked the shop owner to Ye Chen.

The shop owner was very cunning, he wanted to sell young Ginseng to Ye Chen at a very crazy price.

"Are all the original ginseng over 50 years old? "Ye Chen asked the shop owner, Ye Chen acted like he didn't know anything, even though he already knew that this Ginseng was fake and the age of this Ginseng was still young.

"Of course this is 100% authentic, we are here doing business honestly" again, the owner said that if he sold honestly, the shop owner also told Ye Chen that this ginseng was over 50 years old.

The face of the shop owner is very convincing, if ordinary people or do not know anything to buy from this person, surely they will be deceived by the shop owner, it seems the shop owner has very often deceived a lot of people.

"Okay, I'll take it all, here you accept card payments? "Ye Chen intends to pay for all this ginseng.

"Hehehe, of course we accept it" The shop owner is very happy, today he got a pretty big catch of fish from this stupid young man.

The total price of all of this Ginseng was 2 million dollars, Ye Chen carried out the payment procedure as usual, after finishing paying Ye Chen took his cellphone and dialed a random number.

"Bipp. . . ., bipp. . . ., bipp. . . ., "The call is being connected.

A few moments later the call connected "Sir, can we help you? "The person on the other hand asked what Ye Chen needed.

"Of course, I want your people to come here and see if the items I have bought are genuine or fake." Ye Chen would like to report this fraudulent seller to the Festival manager.

Before Ye Chen entered the festival, he saw a banner that said if there were sellers here who dared to cheat, they would be fined 10 times the items they had sold.

in an event of this magnitude, of course, the organizers must be prepared to guarantee that the goods in this place are authentic, if there is anyone who dares to sell paslu goods then they will be fined or the worst in the police.

"Sir, please tell us your location, our people will be there soon to check it." The person on the other side said that they would send the supervisor to Ye Chen's place.

Xia Qingyu still did not understand what Ye Chen was doing, why did Ye Chen want someone to check this Ginseng, isn't Ye Chen's ability in medicine quite great, he shouldn't need such a person to see whether this Ginseng was real or fake.

The shop owner is currently sweating very coldly, it seems he is wrong in deceiving people, this person seems to know that the ginseng he sells is still very young.

"Young friend, we don't need to do such a thing, if you really don't believe in the items I sell, I can return your money," the shop owner tried to make peace with Ye Chen and took the initiative to return Ye Chen's money.

"I just want to know, is this Ginseng fake or real, if it's real why are you afraid like that" Ye Chen smiled wickedly at the shop owner.

Without waiting for a long time the festival supervisor came to Ye Chen's place.

"Young man, were you the one who reported earlier? "The middle-aged supervisor came and asked Ye Chen.

"Yes, of course, I want to report that the items sold to me are fake, I bought decades of ginseng, but what I got was still young" Ye Chen told the supervisor that he had been deceived in the transaction.