Journey To Become A True God Chapter 253

253 Raise Your Hands
The shop owner was immediately scared to death, the thing he was afraid of happened, this young man knew that the ginseng he was selling was fake, so far this person had only acted foolishly in front of him.

The supervisor immediately saw the box that contained Ginseng, the supervisor began to look at the Ginseng in the box.

"Hemmm, it's true that Ginseng is still young, even less than 7 years old" Superintendent turned out to also be a drug expert, with a glimpse of this person can see that Ginseng sold by shop owners, is still young.

"You, how dare you sell things that don't suit people?" The supervisor pointed to the shop owner who sold Ginseng to Ye Chen.

"Sir, there seems to be a misunderstanding happening here, this person did buy young Ginseng, so I was not wrong when selling this item to him," the shop owner said that Ye Chen had indeed bought young Ginseng to him.

The shop owner was very clever, he easily distorted the fact that Ye Chen bought young Ginseng.

"Liar, obviously Ye Chen bought Tens years old ginseng from you, even you sold this ginseng for 2 million dollars to Ye Chen" Xia Qingyu immediately pointed to the shameless shop owner, this person was a big liar, this disgust Xia Qingyu .

"Young lady, if you don't have proof don't just accuse someone, can you prove that I sold this item for 2 million dollars? "The shop owner chuckled, just for the shop owner to never give payment receipts to his customers, this became a powerful weapon for shop owners against Ye Chen.

"You. . . . "Xia Qingyu's tone was very cold, he really hated this con artist.

Supervisors are confused by this, who exactly is the wrong person here.

Ye Chen only smiled at the shop owner who had tricked him, from the beginning Ye Chen had prepared everything, so he had the confidence to make this owner pay the price for daring to deceive him.

Ye Chen took his cellphone. He twisted the conversation he had before with the shop owner.

Shop owner: "How do you want to buy this decades-old ginseng? , if you buy everything I will give a 30% discount, so the price is 2 million "

Ye Chen: "Are all these Ginseng real above 50 years old? "

Shop owner "" Of course this is 100% over the age of 50 years, here we run the business honestly ".

Ye Chen "okay, I take it all, here you accept card payments? "

Shop owner "hehehe, of course we accept it".

This reminder contains Ye Chen's conversation with the shop owner.

Xia Qingyu and the supervisor heard the recording of the transaction between Ye Chen and the shop owner.

Superintendents now know who is wrong here "You have violated the rules made at this festival, according to the contract you have to return 10x the money you have gotten" all the sellers in this place have signed a contract with the organizer in advance.

Cooperation contracts are made to minimize the cheating of traders, so every trader is required to be honest in selling their products.

Anyone who violates will be subject to fines, for those who cannot afford to pay will go through legal channels, the punishment is not to play in jail for up to 25 years.

"Superintendent I'm not wrong, you have to believe me, I was framed by this person" The shop owner tried to convince the overseer of this festival that he was innocent.

"All the evidence is already there, you can no longer avoid it, and the transaction history is also on my bank card, you're finished." Ye Chen told the shop owner that he could no longer avoid it, the owner was looking for the wrong person's problem.

Intending to deceive Ye Chen, instead he himself was deceived by Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu who saw this smiled, she praised Ye Chen's cleverness and cunning, Ye Chen bought Ginseng because he knew that this was fake, he used a cunning way to blackmail this scammer.

Now this swindler must return 10 times the money he got from Ye Chen, that means this person has to spend around 20 million dollars if he wants to be free.

"You have to return this person's money, otherwise all your assets will be confiscated to pay off everything, and your business license will be revoked forever" the supervisor is a very strict person, he immediately threatens to confiscate all assets and revoke business licenses throughout the country forever .

The shop owner's face was very pale, how would he return that much money, that kind of money was all the savings he had.

"Quick, if not you will be in prison for a long time," the supervisor told the shop owner to immediately return Ye Chen's ten times the money.

"Okay, okay, I will return the man's money 10 x fold" the shop owner promised to return Ye Chen 10x fold.

"Good, hurry up and do it." The supervisor waited for the shop owner to return Ye Chen's money.

The shop owner slowly stepped back, the shop owner looked down, as if he was taking something underneath.

"Doorway. . . , quickly raise your hands "The shop owner apparently took a shotgun from under the table, from the beginning this con artist did not want to return the money Ye Chen, from the beginning the impostor's plan was to take weapons from under the table and then threaten everyone here, so that he could run away with Ye Chen's money.

Everyone who was cool shopping immediately ducked on the floor, they were all scared after hearing the sound of gunfire just now.

The superintendent who sees this immediately raises his hand, his duty is to supervise whether the goods are genuine or fake, the supervisor has no ability to fight against criminals.

The ones who should be fighting this group of frauds are the security guards at the Festival. Unfortunately, the supervisor did not bring the security guard along with him, this is a very fatal mistake made by the supervisor.

Xia Qingyu immediately hid behind Ye Chen, she was afraid to see the shop owner pointing a shotgun at her.

"You want to blackmail me?, Dream, hahaha" This con artist laughed loudly, as a prefessional deceiver this person always carries a firearm along with him, this is just in case if something bad happens like now.

"Li, Shou, hurry up and bring all our belongings back to the car, we have to get out of here" The scammer told his men to pack the items in this shop, they already got a lot of money from Ye Chen, they didn't need to linger longer in this place.

"Good boss" his two subordinates swiftly immediately packed all the pills, medicines and medicinal plants in this shop.

Nobody dared to stop these people, they were all afraid of the firearms held by the bosses of these con artists.

Ye Chen couldn't possibly let these people escape, they had to return the money they had stolen from him.

With lightning-fast movements Ye Chen headed towards the shop owner who had deceived him.

The shop owner was totally unprepared for Ye Chen's arrival, he hurriedly tried to pull the Shotgun trigger he was carrying.