Journey To Become A True God Chapter 254

254 You Are Very Cunning
"Dorrr. . " Shotgun shot again "Ah. . . Xia Qingyu immediately shouted, he was afraid of Ye Chen's condition trying to fight the enemy who was using a Shotgun weapon.

Ye Chen was one step faster than the shot made by the shop owner, he immediately hit right in the stomach of the shop owner.

"Bammm. . " The five internal organs belonging to the shop owner immediately spun because Ye Chen's punch was too strong, the shop owner immediately curled up on the floor, he curled up while holding his aching stomach, he groaned because of extreme pain.

From the mouth the shop owner starts bleeding in large quantities.

"Boss", two subordinates who are packing goods in the shop, immediately go to their boss, they both want to see how the shop owner is doing.

"Bamm. . . . , bamm. . . . , "Ye Chen also immediately hit the two people who came towards him.

The two shopkeepers' men were flown by Ye Chen, both of them fainted immediately after receiving Ye Chen's heavy blow.

Ye Chen defeated the fraudster group very easily, seeing that the villain had been overcome, everyone began to rise from the floor, they were relieved the situation was safe again.

Everyone was fascinated by the heroic actions carried out by Ye Chen, Ye Chen could easily uproot the bad guys easily.

"Everyone please give way" a few moments later the security guard came to the location, after hearing a shot the guards immediately rushed towards the shot, they thought something was happening at the place.

Ye Chen looked towards the security guard who had just arrived, the security guard turned out to be a cultivator who was at the peak stage of the Spirit Profound Realm.

This was indeed not unusual considering that this place was filled with many cultivators, if the security guards were only ordinary people, then they would not be able to fight the cultivators who were making a mess at this Festival.

"Please bring this person to be tried, this person dares to deceive customers who attend the traditional medicine festival." The supervisor told the two security guards about the mistakes made by these people, from his tone, it seemed that the supervisor respected the two security guards enough.

"Well, we understand, we will bring this person to be tried" the two security guards immediately took the fraud group away.

"Young man, you don't need to worry, we will definitely return your money 10x fold, there is only need to wait for him" the supervisor told Ye Chen that the money would be returned to him as soon as possible.

"Alright" Ye Chen nodded to the supervisor, after that Ye Chen told his account number to the supervisor, later Ye Chen's money would be directly transferred to his account.

Because the problem is over the supervisor intends to go "Mr. wait a minute" Ye Chen stopped the Supervisor, he wanted to ask the supervisor something.

"What's wrong, do you still need something? "The supervisor asked what else Ye Chen wanted.

"Yes, I want to know where I can buy a lot of tens of years old ginseng in large quantities" Ye Chen asked this person, where he could buy dozens of years old ginseng in large quantities.

"You can go to that big building, there you only need to tell the servants who are there, they will find the ginseng that you want, and again in that building there will be an auction to fight for rare medicinal plants," the supervisor pointed to the multistory building in the middle of the festival, there Ye Chen can find what he is looking for.

"Thank you very much for the information" Ye Chen thanked for the information provided by this person.

"You're welcome, then I'll go first" supervisor went missing with the crowd.

Xia Qingyu came close to Ye Chen "You are quite cunning as well, you are just playing dumb with the con artists so you can fool them, right? "Xia Qingyu began to realize that from the start these con artists only danced in Ye Chen's palms, from the start they were deceived by Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, I'm not sneaky, they sold me fake items first, of course I had to make them pay because they dare to sell fake goods to me" Ye Chen chuckled at Xia Qingyu.

"Looks like from now on I have to be more careful with you, otherwise I might be tricked by you too" After seeing this incident Xia Qingyu decided to be more careful of Ye Chen.

"Maybe you have a point, you should be careful of this hungry wolf." Ye Chen reached out to Xia Qingyu's buttocks.

"Yeah. . " Xia Qingyu slightly groaned as Ye Chen touched her buttocks.

Xia Qingyu didn't dare to speak out loud, she was afraid of being heard by the people who were here.

Xia Qingyu was a little annoyed at Ye Chen who always played with her body, Xia Qingyu was not too resistant to Ye Chen's touch which could make her body feel strange.

"Ye Chen will, quickly release your hand" To vent her frustration Xia Qingyu used her own hand to pinch Ye Chen's waist.

Ye Chen began to wonder if Xia QIngyu's hands were made of claws, why did this woman always pinch himself.

Ye Chen did not want to release Xia Qingyu, his hand went up and hugged Xia Qingyu's slim waist.

"Don't always get angry, sometimes you should be able to be joked" Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu not to be too serious about everything.

Xia Qingyu did not answer Ye Chen, she only lowered her head.

Ye Chen was completely helpless, it was very difficult to deal with Xia Qingyu, even though Xia Qingyu was almost his woman, but Xia Qingyu's attitude was still like this.

"Let's go to that building" while hugging Xia QIngyu's waist, Ye Chen invited Xia Qingyu to go to the building that was said by the man earlier.

Xia Qingyu did not say anything, she only lowered her head, at this time Xia Qingyu's face had already become very red, Xia Qingyu was still not used to being a partner with Ye Chen

Xia Qingyu did indeed like Ye Chen, but she did not know how to express her feelings for Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu was indeed the type of woman who could not express her feelings.

Because of this Xia Qingyu was still being cold towards Ye Chen, she was indeed unable to express her feelings.

Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu walked like lovers, both of whom went to the building in the middle of the traditional medicine festival.

After entering inside, Ye Chen saw a lot of people who were in this building, these people were doing important business.

"Ye Chen, let go of me, here are many people" Xia Qingyu tried to break away from Ye Chen, she was embarrassed to be seen by many people.

Ye Chen was forced to release Xia Qingyu from his arms.

Xia Qingyu who had escaped Ye Chen's arms, immediately recovered her cold appearance.

"Mr. and Miss, can we help you? "A servant came to Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu, this servant was empowered what Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu wanted.

"I want to buy decades-old Ginseng, I want 200 pieces, can you find them?" Ye Chen immediately said what he needed.

"Okay sir, please come with me to finish administration first, after administration is finished we will immediately find you the ginseng you want" The waiter told Ye Chen to finish administration first.