Journey To Become A True God Chapter 257

257 Yin Yinger Awakens
When Ye Chen was about to go after Xia Qingyu and the others, a light appeared right in front of Ye Chen, after the low light there was a little girl standing right in front of Ye Chen, this girl was wearing gothic clothing.

This little girl is of course Yin Ying'er, Yin Ying'er is starting to rub her eyes, looks like she just woke up.

"Master, I'm hungry, I want food" Yin Ying'er went to Ye Chen.

Without waiting for Ye Chen's consent, Yin Ying'er directly bit Ye Chen's neck, she began to suck up some of Ye Chen's fresh blood.

"Slurp. . . ., Slurp. . . ., Slurp. . . , "Yin Ying'er began to suck Ye Chen's blood.

Ye Chen was helpless, he was made to eat by Yin Ying'er sword spirit.

After being satisfied sucking Ye Chen's blood, Yin Ying'er released her teeth from Ye Chen, finally Yin Ying'er was full "hemm, master's blood is very delicious, I like this" Yin Ying'er hugged Ye Chen's body, she really liked the blood in Ye Chen's body, this is her favorite meal.

"If you are full, now return to your place" Ye Chen told Yin Ying'er to return to his body, he wanted to attend the auction held at this place.

"Eh, why, I want to stay here longer, this place is extraordinary." Yin Ying'er looked around, she saw a number of items that she had never encountered before.

Ye Chen was very helpless, he tried to put Yin Ying'er back into his body, unfortunately Ye Chen's efforts were in vain, Yin Ying'er didn't want to be forced to return, this sword spirit girl refused Ye Chen's orders.

"Master, stop it, you can't force it, the contract you made with this girl is not absolute, so you cannot order this sword spirit girl as you wish" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that he and the sword spirit girl entered into an contract that was not absolute So Ye Chen could not order Yin Ying'er to obey his orders.

" then what should I do ? "Ye Chen asked how he bothered with Yin Ying'er.

"Let alone try to persuade him like you are persuading a little girl, giggling" Chu Yuechan giggling at Ye Chen.

"Ying'er, let's go back to sleep, if you obey me later, I will give you good food." Ye Chen tried to persuade Yin Ying'er.

"No, I want to stay here" Yin Ying'er hung her head, she refused to persuade Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was helpless, persuading this spirit girl was very difficult, Yin Ying'er was very disobedient to him.

"Wow, what is this. master what is this shiny object "Yin Ying'er went to see the light bulb above, she had never seen anything like this.

"It is a light bulb, if it is electrified it will emit a glowing light." Ye Chen explained how the light bulb worked on Yin Ying'er.

"May I take it? "Yin Ying'er wants to take this shiny light bulb.

"No, if you take it it will not shine again" Ye Chen told Yin Ying'er not to take the light bulb.

Yin Ying'er nodded at Ye Chen, "Wow, what is this again" This time Yin Ying'er found a new item, she asked Ye Chen again.

"It is a light bulb, if it is electrified it will emit a glowing light." Ye Chen explained how the light bulb worked on Yin Ying.

"May I take it? "Yin Ying wants to take this shiny light bulb.

"No, if you take it it will not shine again" Ye Chen told Yin Ying not to take the light bulb.

Yin Ying nodded at Ye Chen, "Wow, what is this again" This time Yin Ying found a new item, he asked Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen continued to explain all the items pointed out by Yin Ying'er.

Yin Ying'er really liked the thing she just met and saw it for the first time.

"Come back quickly, I have to go somewhere" Ye Chen again sent Yin Ying'er back into his body.

"Eh, where is it? , I want to join "Yin Ying'er wants to come along with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was helpless Seeing Yin Ying'er did not want to go back into his body "OK, but don't make a mess or anything, do you understand? "Ye Chen told Yin Ying'er not to make a mess while joining him.

"Okay" Yin Ying'er promised Ye Chen that he would not make a mess.

"Good, let's go" Ye Chen took Yin Ying'er's hand, he invited Yin Ying'er to go together to the main hall.

When on the way some people looked at him and Yin Ying'er, the Gothic clothes worn by Yin Ying'er were very striking and attracted the attention of several people whom Ye Chen met.

They thought that Yin Ying'er was cosplaying, even though it wasn't true, this was indeed Yin Ying'er's favorite outfit.

Every now and then Yin Ying'er asked Ye Chen about the items that made him interested.

Ye Chen patiently tried to answer the little girl Yin Ying'er's question.

After walking for a while Ye Chen finally arrived at the main hall where the auction was held.

This hall is very vast, here are thousands of chairs that have been arranged neatly, there are about hundreds more people who have occupied the chairs that are here, some of these people are cultivators who are.

On the floor there are several room cubicles, it looks like it's a VIP room, in the VIP room cubicles are already filled by people, the people who fill the VIP rooms are also not normal people.

Those who fill the VIP booth are scholars who are in the Spirit Profound Realm ~ Earth Realm stage.

As if this time there were rare items, if not, it would not be possible for powerful cultivators to come to this place.

Ye Chen went to look for the whereabouts of Xia Tian's grandfather and Xia Qingyu, currently Xia Qingyu sat in the middle row seat, she sat together with grandfather Xia Tian and Pan Du.

Ye Chen, who had discovered the whereabouts of Xia Qingyu and Xia Tian's grandfather, he brought Yin Ying'er to Xia Qingyu's side.

"Ye Chen, are you done with your business? "Xia Qingyu asked if Ye Chen had finished transferring the ginseng he had bought earlier.

"Of course I have" Ye CHen brought Yin Ying'er to the side of Xia Qingyu.

Seeing that there was a mysterious little girl in gothic clothing by Ye Chen's side, Xia Qingyu became curious, who exactly was this little girl.

"Ye Chen who is this little girl? "Xia Qingyu immediately asked who this little girl was.

"This is Yin Ying'er, I just happened to meet on the street and he suddenly wanted to come with me" Ye Chen made a random excuse, Ye Chen could not possibly tell that Yin Ying'er was his sword spirit.

" Oh, I see ? Xia Qingyu nodded at Ye Chen.

"Hey beautiful sister, are you another master woman? "Yin Ying'er suddenly raised an astonishing question.

Ye Chen who heard this immediately covered Little Ying Yin'er's mouth.

Xia Qingyu who heard this immediately raised her eyebrows, "Another Ye Chen woman, what does this mean?".

"What did you mean by that little girl, who did you call master? "Xia Qingyu asked Yin Ying'er.

"Qingyu don't listen to this little girl's bullshit, she is indeed a bit strange" In him heart, Ye Chen cursed Yin Ying'er dozens of times, he shouldn't have taken Yin Ying'er along with him.