Journey To Become A True God Chapter 258

258 Beautiful Auctioneer
"I'm not helpless to you, I'm asking this little girl" Xia Qingyu was not asking Ye Chen, she wanted to hear the purpose of what Yin Ying'er said just now.

This is bad Xia Xiayu starts to be suspicious of Ye Chen "Ying'er in front of this beautiful woman don't ever call me a master, do you understand, if not, I will not let you suck my blood" by using telepathy Ye Chen's voice told Yin Ying'er to not expose the relationship between the two.

Ye Chen was a little worried about what Yin Ying'er would say, Yin Ying'er was a bad sword spirit, he was afraid that Yin Ying'er would expose everything to Xia Qingyu.

Yin Ying'er just nodded, she didn't understand what Ye Chen just said.

"The master is the master, he is a good person, he gives me good food every day." Yin Ying'er only mentions the master, not mentioning Ye Chen's name.

Hearing the words of Yin Ying'er, Ye Chen was a little relieved, fortunately this girl did not mention his name.

Xia Qingyu was getting more confused by what Yin Ying'er said, what Ye Chen said might be true, it seems like this little girl is a little strange.

Having received an answer from Yin Yinger, Xia Qingyu did not continue the question.

She refocused onto the podium, soon the auction would start soon.

"Ying'er from now on don't call me master, you should call me Ye Chen, you understand? "Ye Chen told Yin Ying to just call him Ye Chen.

"Okay, I understand" Yin Ying'er nodded at Ye Chen.

"Good" Ye Chen is happy that Yin Ying'er wants to be obedient.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the annual auction of the Traditional Medicine Festival, I as the representative of the organizers are very grateful to all of you for wanting to attend this auction" the person who gave a speech was Zhong Han.

Zhong Han was the representative of the festival organizer.

"This time we will auction a lot of medicinal plants, pills, and pill-making recipes that you rarely encounter in life, okay without the need to linger anymore, let's just start the auction this time, let's just welcome it together with the auctioneer this time" Zhong Han welcomed the auctioneer to go up to the podium.

" Applause . . . ,Applause . . . , Applause . . . "Everyone began to applaud.

A beautiful woman with a purple dress rose to the stage, this woman has beautiful long hair, this woman has a beautiful face features and graceful with a slender body, these two mountain peaks are F Cup sizes that look very large, beautiful appearance of this woman can make all men who see it amazed, even some young men who see the beautiful appearance of this woman immediately drooled.

Ye Chen was very familiar with the woman who was the auctioneer this time, this was Cheng Mengyan Zhao Yanyan's childhood friend, how could this woman be an auctioneer in this place.

"Hello everyone, my name is Cheng Mengyan, I will guide you in the annual auction this time." Cheng Mengyan smiled at all those present at this place.

"Wow! ! ! Goddess . . . "Some people immediately shouted very loudly, they were like possessed demons.

Ye Chen did not regret that Cheng Mengyan would immediately use the charm he possessed to everyone who was here, some of the young men who were here could of course be easily influenced by Cheng Mengyan's charm technique.

Actually, not everyone who is affected by Cheng's charm technique, some people are still a little conscious and not screaming like others.

"Goddess Cheng Mengyan may tonight we have dinner together at a luxury hotel"

"Goddess Cheng Mengyan be my girlfriend, I guarantee you will be happy forever"

"Goddess Cheng Mengyan marries me, I will give you everything I have"

One by one the young men began to express their feelings to Cheng Mengyan.

thank you, I will think of your offer "with a gentle smile Cheng Mengyan answered the proposals of all the young men here.

"Wow, your goddess is great" All the young men shouted with excitement, they all really liked Cheng Mengyan who was the auction host this time, this woman was very beautiful and could make everyone happy when all looked at She.

Ye Chen laughed to see people who were easily influenced by Cheng Mengyan's charm, now they could be easily squeezed by Cheng Mengyan.

No wonder the auctioneer became Cheng Mengyan, it turns out there was another purpose in this matter, with Cheng Mengyan's charm technique, everyone here must be careful not to be robbed by this fox woman.

Xia Qingyu did not expect that when Cheng Mengyan came out the atmosphere would be very crowded, almost all the young men who were here longing for Cheng Mengyan who was on the podium.

Xia Qingyu looked to the side, she wanted to see if Ye Chen was also affected by Cheng Mengyan's beauty.

Beside her Ye Chen sat casually while looking at the absurdity of these people "Ye Chen, why are you the only one who is not excited after seeing beauty like that woman", Xia Qingyu asked Ye Chen, in this place only Ye Chen was the only man- young man who was not excited after seeing a graceful beautiful woman like Cheng Mengyan.

"For what, beside me there is already a beautiful woman like a goddess, for what I see other women that I cannot get," Ye Chen's arm hugged Xia Qingyu's waist.

Hearing Ye Chen's praise just now, making Xia Qingyu happy, she was happy to see Ye Chen not being influenced by a fox woman like Cheng Mengyan.

Xia Qingyu became increasingly fond of Ye Chen.

On the other hand Yin Ying'er didn't understand what was happening, she was confused by what Ye Chen and Xia QIngyu were doing.

It would be ridiculous if Ye Chen was affected by Cheng Mengyan's charm technique.

It must be admitted that Cheng Mengyan was a beautiful woman, but Ye Chen didn't really like the way Cheng Mengyan used charm techniques to play around with every young man she met.

Cheng Mengyan seems to use her charm technique to play around with every man, Cheng Mengyan's reputation in school is already very famous, Cheng Mengyan really likes to tease many men, after he is tempted, Cheng Mengya will leave the man, what does Cheng Mengyan do breaking their hearts to pieces.

Cheng Mengyan was satisfied to see that all the young men who were here could be affected by her charm, people like this were easily manipulated and played by herself, Cheng Mengyan really liked to play with men like this.

Cheng Mengyan looked around this hall, right in the middle row seat there was a man she was very familiar with, Cheng Mengyan looked straight at Ye Chen, this man was the only one who could make her own heart become confused.

After that incident, for some reason Cheng Mengyan's heart and mind were often filled with Ye Chen's shadow, It seemed that Ye Chen's soul was imprinted in her heart and mind.

Seeing Cheng Mengyan staring at himself, Ye Chen stared back at Cheng Mengyan.

Seeing Ye Chen staring at her, Cheng Mengyan's face immediately turned red like an apple, she hurriedly turned her face to the side.

Cheng Mengyan felt very embarrassed when he looked at Ye Chen's handsome face.