Journey To Become A True God Chapter 260

260 Bone Growth Pills
Cheng Mengyan continued the auction, after the Phoenix Fire Fruit, there were no more items that could make Ye Chen interested.

The items auctioned were only items that were not very useful for Ye Chen, Ye Chen already had a lot in his storage room.

"Ladies and gentlemen, now we will enter the top event, what we sell this time will be very rare for you to build up in this world, don't be surprised if the price of this item is very expensive," Cheng Mengyan explained that the item she was going to auction this time was very rarely encountered in this world.

Everyone who heard Cheng Mengyan's words began to wonder what items were very rare in this world.

They all want to see this very rare item.

"Now here's the item" Cheng Mengyan opened the cover that covered the mysterious item.

After opening the lid, a pill bottle is presented in front of everyone

Cheng Mengyan opened the bottle and showed everyone the contents inside, immediately the aroma of a very typical pill was smelled by everyone in this place.

This is a bone growing pill, this pill can restore broken or crushed bones, this pill is very rarely found in the mortal world like the earth, in the mortal world the ingredients for making this pill are very rare indeed.

"This is a bone growing pill, this pill can heal broken bones very badly, the initial price for this pill is 5,000,000 dollars" Cheng Mengyan tells everyone the functions and the initial price for this pill.

Everyone immediately got excited after knowing what was in the bottle held by Cheng Mengyan.

This is a pill that can cure permanent disabilities, of course many people are very interested in bone growing pills.







Everyone starts to bargain at a very high price, some people here want to buy and resell at twice the price, a pill that can cure permanent disabilities will be very easy to sell on the market.

The price of bone-growing pills went up to 10,000,000, this is really crazy.

Ye Chen had no idea that bone-growing pills could be as valuable as this, Ye Chen had tons of bone-growing pills in his storage room, these pills were only Tier 3 pills so it wasn't difficult to make.

The bone-growing pill in the hands of Cheng Mengyan was still far behind when compared to the bone-growing pill made by Ye Chen, it seemed like the person who made this pill was still an amateur.

Xia Tian's grandfather also started bidding for this pill, he competed for the pill in the hands of Cheng Mengyan.

"Xia Tian's grandfather, why are you bidding on a bone-growing pill, do you really need it?" Ye Chen asked Xia Tian's grandfather, who was a few chairs away from where Ye Chen was sitting.

"Of course this is for business, I try to buy it cheaply and sell it again, besides getting a little profit, I can also make my drug shop's name famous again" apparently the reason Grandpa Xia Tian offered a bone-growing pill was to make his drugstore famous again like past.

Because Xia Wuxan was too greedy, the medicine business managed by Xia Tian's grandfather became deserted, he needed a way to make his drugstore go back to its old name.

"Oh, I see, since Grandpa didn't say that, I have a lot of pills like this, whether Xia Tian's grandfather wants to sell them, the results can be divided into two." Ye Chen has a lot of bone growth pills. Rather than not being used, Ye Chen would sell it to people who needed it more.

Ye Chen reached into his sleeve, he took out several bottles of bone-growing pills from the fairy gate, Ye Chen was doing this in order that no one would suspect where the bone-growing pills came from.

Xia Qingyu, Xia Tian and Pan Du's jaws opened wide when they found out that Ye Chen had a bone-growing pill.

Xia Tian's grandfather and Pan Du immediately went to Ye Chen's side, they took the bottle in Ye Chen's hand, they both opened the bottle cap, they all wanted to see if the bottle in Ye Chen's hand indeed contained a bone-growing pill.

When the bottle was opened the distinctive medicinal aroma was smelled by everyone in this place, the aroma was far more refreshing than the bone-growing pill in the hands of Cheng Mengyan.

Immediately the aroma of the pill in Cheng Mengyan's hand was suppressed by the Bone Growing Pill made by Ye Chen.

Some people who are experts in the field of medicine immediately find out the origin of the aroma of this refreshing drug, this is clearly a pill that is very perfect and pure, who really is the person who is able to make this pure pill.

Some cultivators in this place also immediately find out the source of this very pure aroma of medicine, they did not expect that in this place there was someone who could make pills at this level, it seems like this place had an alchemy master.

Seeing everyone's behavior, Ye Chen immediately told Xia Tian's grandfather to close the bone-growing pill bottle, it would be very troublesome if it was known by the people who were here.

Suddenly the refreshing aroma of medicine disappeared, this made some people who were looking for provenance very disappointed.

Cheng Mengyan, who was on the stage at the moment, was a little awkward, just now someone had deliberately put out a bone-growing pill with extraordinary purity.

The pills in her hand were nothing compared to the pills released by the mysterious person just now.

Because this is Cheng Mengyan a little awkward, this is the same as telling that the pill in the hands of Cheng Mengyan is nothing compared to the pills of the mysterious person just now.

After the incident just now, no one else wanted to bid on the pill in the hands of Cheng Mengyan.

this made the pill owner auctioning so furious, why did the mysterious alchemy master have to show his pill at an auction like this.

Too bad the pill owner can't do anything, he can only grit his teeth.

Xia Tian was very happy, the pill Ye Chen had was genuine, it was even purer than the one in Cheng Mengyan's hands, if it was sold it would be very expensive.

Because no one wanted to bid anymore, Cheng Mengyan had to announce the winner of this bone-growing pill.

"Congratulations to the people in Room 3, you have got this bone-growing pill" Cheng Mengyan congratulated the winner in the room Vip.

Because Ruan Vip cannot be seen by anyone outside, everyone doesn't know who won the bone-growing pill.

"Okay, now we will go to the last item, this item is a very rare item in this world, the price of this item can reach tens of millions of dollars, here it is," Cheng Mengyan opened the cover that covered the precious item.

The last item is fresh grass, all the lay people here don't understand what grass is? Why does Cheng Mengyan say that the price of this grass can reach tens of millions of dollars, what is so special about this grass.

everyone who was here was waiting for an explanation from Cheng Mengyan.