Journey To Become A True God Chapter 261

261 Ye Chen Made A Mess At The Auction
"This is divine grass, the effect of this grass is very great, this can increase the strength and age of anyone who eats it, the initial price of this divine grass is 25,000,000 dollars." Cheng Mengyan told everyone what exactly this grass was, she also opened the price very high for this divine grass.

Everyone here was very excited after hearing what Cheng Mengyan had just explained.

Divine grass is a legendary grass that is very difficult to find in this world, even this grass is reported to have gone extinct several centuries ago.

An explanation of Divine Grass can only be found in ancient medical books, so there are only a few people who know about the shape and characteristics of Divine Grass.

"Divine grass, why is the aura different from what I have seen before" Ye Chen felt so strange, the divine grass Ye Chen had never seen had an aura like this.

The divine grass beside Cheng Mengyan only had very little and impure aura, this was far from what Gu Xuan had shown himself, the divine grass that Gu Xuan had seen had a strong and very pure aura.

In the past when I was practicing with Gu Xuan, Ye Chen had seen Gu Xuan take some divine grass to eat, Gu Xuan had indeed said that this grass could increase a person's life, for the first time eating it would increase many lives, but after eating it a few times, the age will increase a little.

Ye Chen began to think whether this grass was too young or had a defect that made its aura become very small and impure.

"Master, it is not divine grass, it is poisonous grass, it may have the same shape and characteristics as divine grass, what makes the difference between the two is the aura released by both of them" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that the grass was being at auction is poisonous grass.

"Toxic grass, hemm, I naturally feel strange about that grass, it turns out poisonous" After getting a little enlightenment from Chu Yuechan, now Ye Chen remembers a little that this Grass is not divine grass, but poisonous grass.

At first glance this poisonous grass is indeed very similar to divine grass, which makes the difference only in the aura that is released.

If ordinary people examine it, surely they will assume that this is divine grass.









The price of poison grass touched 55,000,000 dollars, this is a very, very high price.

The price of Toxic Grass continues to rise, everyone wants to get it, especially the cultivators who attended this auction.

They don't care about the price, what they want is that the divine grass belongs to them.

These people don't know that what they are fighting for is poisonous grass.

"Hey, what do you think ?, grass like this can reach a price of 100 million dollars, isn't this too crazy?" Xia Qingyu asked Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu had no idea that a small grass like this could reach the price of hundreds of millions of dollars, it was quite crazy how these people spent that much money to buy a grass.

"Hemm, I think the people who bid on the grass are stupid, they don't know what they are fighting for." Ye Chen said that the people who bid on the grass were very stupid.

How can they bid on poisonous grass at exorbitant prices, if you really want to commit suicide there is no need to spend this much money.

some people heard Ye Chen's words, Ye Chen said that the person who offered this grass was stupid.

Everyone who just bargained didn't like the words of Ye Chen, who said they were stupid.

"Hey you, aren't you a fool who bid Ligong for twice the price, hahaha, you call us stupid, even though you yourself are stupid" a middle-aged man who was quite wealthy stood up and reproached Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was not at all angry with the words of this middle-aged man "Indeed, why, I have a lot of money, so it doesn't matter if I want to spend it in any way." Very easily Ye Chen made a middle-aged man ashamed.

The money Ye Chen used was his own, so it didn't matter if Ye Chen wanted to use it for what he wanted, as long as the item he bought was genuine, Ye Chen didn't question the price.

Everyone here was a fool, they did not know that the fruit Ye Chen had just obtained was far more valuable than the real Divine Grass.

And now these people offered fake divine grass at a very high price, wasn't this a joke for Ye Chen.

"Huh? , you're quite arrogant too, you think you are the richest person in this place?, you are mistaken, there are many rich people here who are far richer than you are, and we rich people are fighting over a very valuable divine grass, you are even Don't bargain for calling us stupid, isn't that an insult to all of us here? "Middle-aged man angry at Ye Chen who called him stupid for bidding on Divine Grass.

"The reality is indeed like that, you bid on such items at exorbitant prices, even if you give this grass to animals, animals won't want to eat it" who also wants to eat poisonous grass.

"You stinky kid, how dare you insult us stupid".

"How dare you look for trouble with us, do you want a beating"

"Get him out of here, he doesn't deserve to be here with us".

Hearing Ye Chen's words just now, everyone who was here was angry at Ye Chen, they made inappropriate words at Ye Chen.

Even some people wanted Ye Chen to be kicked out of this place.

Ye Chen did not respond to the words of people like this at all, as long as what he believed was true he did not care about outsiders.

Xia Qingyu, who was beside Ye Chen, had no idea that something like this would happen, in an instant Ye Chen became an enemy of everyone here.

The auction program became very chaotic because of Ye Chen's words, the Auction party tried to win over angry people.

Everyone did not want to calm down they wanted Ye Chen to leave this place.

"Young man, you have messed up the auction this time, I have no choice but to tell you to get out" an old man came to Ye Chen.

From his posture this old man still looked very upright, this old man was a cultivator, the old man had an Earth Realm cultivation level.

"Yes, it's good to kick him out, don't let him be here" Everyone supported what the old man was doing, they really wanted to see Ye Chen leave this place.

" Exit ? why do I have to go out, here I am looking at these fools fighting over fake Divine grass, I want to see which fools get this fake divine grass "Ye Chen doesn't want to go, he wants to see who will get this fake divine grass.