Journey To Become A True God Chapter 262

262 Bet With Cheng Huzen
"Young man, all the items we auctioned here are authentic, how can you say that this divine grass is fake, do you have proof? "The old man asked Ye Chen if he had proof that the Divine Grass which was being auctioned was a fake.

"For what proof, maybe in your life even though you have never seen the real Divine Grass, so it's useless to explain it to you, you won't understand." Ye Chen told the old man who had never seen the original divine image, so it was useless to explain it to this old man. .

"How impudent are you, do you not know who I am? "The old man suddenly raised his voice.

The tone of this old man's voice was filled with a deep aura, so everyone trembled when he heard the tone of his voice.

"I don't know, so what? "Ye Chen doesn't know who this old man is, anyway Ye Chen has never met this man.

"You deserve to be very arrogant, my name is Cheng Huzen, now you know who I am," the old man introduced himself to Ye Chen.

"Huh" everyone was surprised after hearing the name of this old man, Everyone who is here certainly knows the name Cheng Huzen, he is a legend in the art of alchemy / medicine in this country, even said Cheng Huzen has lived for hundreds of years.

There are so many people who really respect Cheng Huzen, no one dares to offend this legend.

The people who were here felt sorry for Ye Chen, Ye Chen had offended Cheng Huzen, he certainly wouldn't end up with a good thing.

"Cheng Huzen, I've never heard that name, are you famous? "Ye Chen did not know the name Cheng Huzen, in his memory there was no great person named Cheng Huzen.

Everyone in the auction hall gawked, this young man did not know Cheng Huzen, whether he was joking or stupid.

Everyone here wanted to knock on Ye Chen's head because they didn't know about legends like Cheng Huzen.

Cheng Huzen "I didn't think there were still people who didn't know me".

"Let me tell you who I am, I am the owner of this place and the head of the traditional medicine association in this country, do you now understand who I am?" Cheng Huzen explained to Ye Chen who he was.

"Oh so you are the owner of this place, very good, I want to tell you that the divine grass that you are auctioning is fake, you better stop it, otherwise bad things will happen" so this old man is the owner of this place.

"You always say fake and fake, have you ever seen real divine grass before?" Cheng Huzen asked Ye Chen, had he ever seen divine grass before.

"Of course, I've seen my Master eat divine grass many times." Of course Ye Chen often saw the real Divine Grass.

Every few months Gu Xuan always ate divine grass, Ye Chen himself did not know why Gu Xuan ate divine grass so often, Gu Xuan himself never told Ye Chen why he consumed divine grass.

"Hahaha, are you joking with us, do you think the divine grass is a vegetable that can be consumed easily" Again the middle-aged man scoffed at Ye Chen.

Everyone also immediately laughed at Ye Chen, maybe this person Master ate a grass that was often eaten by animals.

On top of podium Cheng Mengyana little worried about Ye Chen condition, Ye Chen dared to be rude to her grandfather, this was very bad, if until her grandfather was angry, Ye Chen would not end well.

"Wait, why do you have to worry about him, he is not my nobody" Cheng Mengyan did not understand why she was so worried about Ye Chen, Ye Chen was nobody to her, so for what reason did Cheng Mengyan worry about Ye Chen, but in her heart Cheng Mengyan was still worried about Ye Chen.

It turns out that Cheng Huzen is the grandfather of Cheng Mengyan, Cheng Mengyan deserves to be an auctioneer in this place, it turns out this place is owned by her family.

"Then why don't you prove that the divine grass that we are auctioning is fake" Cheng Huzen wanted Ye Chen to prove that the divine grass that was being auctioned was fake.

"You are a person who has special abilities, right? You should be able to find out from the aura released by that fake divine grass. The original divine grass has an aura that is far purer and stronger, if indeed it was original, this whole room would have been enveloped in aura. divine grass. "Ye Chen told Cheng Huzen the characteristics of genuine divine grass.

Cheng Huzen began to think about what Ye Chen said. "Is that all? It's still not enough to prove that this divine grass is fake." Cheng Huzen still didn't believe in Ye Chen's words, he had never seen a divine grass like Ye. Chen, but he had studied Divine Grass in ancient medical books, so Cheng Huzen was very sure that this Divine Grass was authentic.

"If you want real proof, you can eat it, this is poisonous grass, after you eat it the effect of poison will be seen" Ye Chen told Cheng Huzen that if he wanted proof, he could eat the fake divine grass.

"You have no hard evidence, all of your speech is difficult to be accounted for" Cheng Huzen could not believe in Ye Chen's words, he was sure of himself that the Divine Grass being auctioned was authentic.

"How about this, let's bet who is right and who is wrong, do you dare" to prove who is right Ye Chen wants to bet with Cheng Huzen.

"Interesting, then what do you offer for betting? "Cheng Huzen is a bit interested in betting with this young man.

"If I lose, I will apologize to everyone here, and give you this" Ye Chen pulled out the pill bottle and handed it to Cheng Huzen.

" What is this ? "Cheng Huzen does not understand what pill bottles are being given by Ye Chen.

"You can open it, I'm sure you will know what it is" Ye Chen told Cheng Huzen to open the pill bottle cover he gave for betting.

Cheng Huzen then opened the pill bottle given by Ye Chen, when he opened the pill bottle and inhaled what was in it, Cheng Huzen was very surprised, the pill in this bottle was very pure and had very strong qi energy, it was clear if this is the Refine Qi Pill, with this pill Cheng Huzen can overcome the breakthrough bottlenecks in his cultivation.

Cheng Huzen saw the young man in front of him, this young man was clearly not a normal person, what this young man had brought was very valuable to the cultivators.

Cheng Huzen immediately closed the pill bottle again. "Ahem, interesting, then what do you want from me?" Cheng Huzen asked what bet Ye Chen wanted from him.

"It's simple, if I get it right, I want you to make all those who reproach me just now, kneel and apologize sincerely, are you able? "Ye Chen said what he wanted