Journey To Become A True God Chapter 263

263 Its Time To Slap The Faces Of Arrogant People
"How dare you, we will skin you"

"You'll see, I'll definitely break the legs of this arrogant person".

"Move aside, let me beat him"

One by one people began to criticize Ye Chen.

"Shut up! ! ! "With a thunderous voice, Cheng Huzen told everyone to be quiet.

Everyone immediately obedient and silent, Cheng Huzen's voice made everyone who was here scared.

"Okay, I agree, we agree with the bet" Regardless of the opinions of others, Cheng Huzen agreed to bet with Ye Chen.

What Ye Chen risked was very valuable for Cheng Huzen, there was no way he would miss this golden opportunity.

After all Cheng Huzen was very sure that the divine grass that was auctioned was genuine, so it was clear that he would win this bet.

The auction resumed, everyone began to bid on fake Divine Grass.

Ye Chen was waiting for the winner to get fake divine grass, he wanted to see the person who ate fake divine grass, poisoning.

Xia Qingyu, who was by Ye Chen's side, was very worried that Ye Chen would lose the bet.

Looking at the old man's expression, what was at stake in the pill bottle must be very valuable.

Ye Chen was not too worried about losing, he was very sure that he would definitely win the bet with Cheng Huzen.

Finally the fake divine grass was sold for 110 million dollars, the person who won the divine grass was in the Vip Room 6.

"Congratulations to the winners in the Vip Room 6, you have already received divine grass." Cheng Mengyan announced this great victory to everyone.

Finally the long-awaited time has come, it's time to prove whether this divine grass is real or fake.

The person occupying the Vip room came out and went down to the podium where Cheng Mengyan stood.

Everyone looks at the person who wins the divine grass, the person who wins the divine grass becomes a middle-aged man whose age is around 40 ~ 45 years.

Even though this middle-aged man's appearance was like this, this middle-aged man was still a cultivator who was in the early stages of Spirit Profound Realm.

This man looked at Cheng Mengyan with a lustful look, this person was attracted by the beautiful Cheng Mengyan.

what made this middle-aged man interested was that the two peaks of Cheng Mengyan mountain were quite large, at a fairly young age, Cheng Mengyan had a sizeable F Cup size.

Cheng Mengyan who felt the sordid gaze of this man felt disgusted, but for formality she had to keep smiling at middle-aged men.

"Congratulations on winning the main item, this is now officially yours" Cheng Mengyan handed fake divine grass to middle-aged men.

Middle-aged man received divine grass from the hands of Cheng Mengyan, "hehehe, beautiful girl would you accompany me to drink tonight" with a look of lust filled the middle-aged man invited Cheng Mengyan to go drinking together with him.

"Cough. . . cough. . . cough. . . , "Behind the middle-aged man, there was Cheng Huzen who interrupted.

Cheng Huzen glared at middle-aged men.

Middle-aged man immediately scared, he no longer dared to tease Cheng Mengyan.

Cheng Mengyan was very happy when she saw her grandfather help herself get rid of this disgusting man.

"You have promised to cooperate with me, now you can eat this divine grass." Before between the two there had been a discussion, the winner of the divine grass finally wanted to try the efficacy of this grass in public.

Well even though this was not done for free, Cheng Huzen had to pay a discount of 15%, so the winner would pay less than the original amount he had to pay.

Cheng Huzen was willing to give this person a discount, the item he would get from the bet with Ye Chen, far more expensive than the discount he had given to the winner of the divine grass.

"Alright, I'll start eating it" Middle-aged man preparing to eat the divine grass in his hands.

Everyone present here is waiting whether this divine grass is real or fake.

If this is really fake, then they must kneel and apologize to Ye Chen.

Middle-aged man put poison grass into his mouth, he began to chew the poisonous grass in his mouth.

Middle-aged men believe that this grass is truly divine grass, so there is not the slightest doubt when putting this grass in his mouth.

"Glup" finally Toxic grass swallowed by middle-aged men.

Everyone who is here is waiting for the effects of the Divine Grass to work.

Cheng Mengyan is now confused about whose side to take? , on one side of her own grandfather, on the other side was Ye Chen.

she just hoped that nothing bad happened.

" How do you feel ? "Cheng Huzen asked the state of middle-aged men, if something unpleasant happened after consuming fake divine grass.

"I feel very fresh, it feels quite comfortable" Middle-aged man tells his feelings after eating fake divine grass.

Cheng Huzen smiled, it looks like he won this bet "young man, it looks like you are mistaken, I am the one who cupped this bet, according to the bet we agreed upon, you must apologize to everyone, and give this pill bottle to me" Cheng Huzen declare his victory in betting.

"Hahaha, the smelly kid quickly apologizes to us all" Everyone in this place laughed at Ye Chen.

The thing that Xia Qingyu was afraid of happened, Ye Chen lost the bet, now what Ye Chen would do.

whether Ye Chen would apologize to everyone or not.

In this hall, only Xia Qingyu, Yin Ying'er, Xia Tian and Pan Du were not laughing, they were all by Ye Chen's side, so there was no way they would laugh at Ye Chen.

Cheng Mengyan looked at Ye Chen, after being laughed at by everyone in this hall, Ye Chen still looked very relaxed, like nothing was happening around him.

Ye Chen didn't care too much about the clown in this hall, soon the poison effect would work, he wanted to see how Cheng Huzen would handle it.

"Cough. . " suddenly the middle-aged man who had previously eaten the divine grass coughed up blood, the middle-aged man fell to the floor with a painful expression, he gripped his left chest very strongly.

Everyone who had previously laughed at Ye Chen immediately stopped laughing, they saw a middle-aged man who had previously eaten divine grass lying on the floor with an expression of pain.

Seeing this oddity, Cheng Huzen immediately checked the state of middle-aged men.

Cheng Huzen checked this person's pulse, after checking him, Hueng found something unexpected.

The entire body of a middle-aged man is currently filled with a very terrible poison, this poison is so terrible that even a cultivator who is at the peak stage of the Earth Realm can die if this poison enters their bodies.

Cheng Huzen took a silver needle on his body, he tried to save this person.

"The winner and the loser have been determined, now start prostrating and apologizing to me" This was the right time for Ye Chen to slap the faces of arrogant people who had previously laughed at him.

Ye Chen would not let go of these people so easily.