Journey To Become A True God Chapter 269

269 Ye Chen Vs Silver Werewolf 1
There is a high probability that Yin Ying'er's special ability is to negate regeneration ability." Chu Yuechan guessed that Yin Ying'er's Special ability was to negate regeneration ability.

In the God Realm, the demon race has the most terrifying regeneration ability, it is likely that Yin Ying'er was created to kill the demon race.

"You may have a point." Ye Chen nodded at Chu Yuechan, if Yin Ying'er's ability was like that, then Ye Chen wouldn't have to worry anymore when fighting enemies with regeneration abilities.

With the Yin Ying'er, the enemy who is usually difficult to fight because of his regeneration ability will be much easier to beat by Ye Chen.

this made Ye Chen happy and excited

"Master, have you forgotten the woman named Xia Ningzi, she is still in the hands of that criminal." Chu Yuechan reminded Ye Chen that Xia Ningzi is currently still in Prince Joe's hands.

Ye Chen was too excited that he forgot Xia Ningzi, he just remembered that Xia Ningzi was still in Prince Joe's hands.

Previously, Ye Chen wanted to kill Xia Ningzi's kidnapper with a single blow, not to think that the person who had kidnapped Xia Ningzi would turn out to be a silver werewolf who has the ability to regenerate quickly.

Since this was Ye Chen's time being wasted, he had to hurry back upstairs to save Xia Ningzi from Prince Joe's evil hands.

Ye Chen flew towards the room where Xia Ningzi was.

In the room

Prince Joe is currently looking at Xia Ningzi's body lustfully, Xia Ningzi's body is already very well developed, with a body that has developed like this, people who are looking at Xia Ningzi must think that Xia Ningzi is a mature woman who has aged over 25 years.

This is Xia Ningzi's special attraction which makes her a school flower list.

Prince Joe Extending his hand out, he prepared to touch the well-developed body of the Xia Ningzi.

Just as he was about to touch Xia Ningzi's body, someone suddenly stopped his arm.

Prince Joe looked aside, who would dare disturb the good thing he wanted to do.

The person who stopped Joe's prince was of course Ye Chen, he would not let this person touch Xia Ningzi's pure body.

"Crack. . . . "Ye Chen crushed the bone in Prince Joe's arm.

Prince Joe immediately shouted when his arm was crushed by Ye Chen.

"You. . ., how dare you hurt me. "Prince Joe looked at Ye Chen with a murderous look.

This guy was so brave as to sneak up on him, he didn't know who he just attacked.

"Do you still remember me? "Ye Chen asked Prince Joe.

"You, you, weren't the ones in the amusement park back then, how come you were here? "Prince Joe asked why Ye Chen was in his place.

"I came here to take your life." Ye Chen came here to kill Prince Joe.

Prince Joe laughed when he heard Ye Chen's words, killing himself is an impossible thing to do. "Hahaha, who do you think you are? , just because you have little ability you dare to fight this prince, too naive. "Joe laughed at Ye Chen.

Prince Joe's arm that Ye Chen had just crushed, healed as quickly as before.

Previously Prince Joe was completely unprepared by Ye Chen's sudden attack, because of this Joe was injured in Ye Chen's hand.

this time he wouldn't let his guard down.

No wonder the subordinates that he sent died in the hands of this person, it turns out that this person has the same strength as himself, if I am not mistaken for people who have power outside of humans are called cultivators.

"What a coincidence you are here, I want to ask where the beautiful woman who was with you at that time, if you tell me, I might be merciful when you kill you, so you will not feel pain" before Joe killed Ye Chen, he wanted to find out. the existence of Su Mengxin.

"Why should I tell you the whereabouts of my wife Mengxin, she doesn't deserve to meet a bad guy like you." Ye Chen wasn't that stupid, he couldn't possibly tell Su Mengxin's whereabouts to a man like Prince Joe.

"Bastard, how dare you speak harshly to me, even though I gave you a chance but you actually wasted it, now I will slowly torture you until you beg me to. . . , Slash. . . "Before Prince Joe could finish his words, his arm suddenly cut off.

Ye Chen didn't have time to listen to this werewolf chatter, he wanted to end the man who dared to have bad thoughts for his wife.

"Ah. . ., my arm, it hurts. Wait why can't I regenerate. "Prince Joe was confused about this, why his arm couldn't grow back.

Why couldn't he regenerate, with the silver wolf race's regeneration ability, his arm should be able to quickly regain his body.

Now that Prince Joe's arm couldn't grow back, the pain was excruciating for Prince Joe.

Looks like the ability of the Divine Yin Yang sword can indeed negate the ability to regenerate, now this silver werewolf can no longer do anything against him.

"Time to say goodbye" time for Ye Chen to eliminate Prince Joe.

Ye Chen pointed the Divine Yin Yang sword right at Prince Joe's neck.

Prince Joe, who was previously very arrogant, immediately turned into fear when he saw Ye Chen's Divine Yin Yang Sword on his neck

"Wait, wait, I was wrong before, please forgive me" Prince Joe begged for mercy on Ye Chen, while holding his arm that had been cut off, the prince tried to Joe back away.

Ye Chen did not let Prince Joe escape that easily, he gradually advanced towards Prince Joe.

Prince Joe's behind is a dead end, he can no longer run away from Ye Chen "awuuu" suddenly Prince Joe howled with a very loud voice.

This howl can be heard tens of Km away.

Prince Joe is calling for help, he is calling elder Robet to help himself from Ye Chen.

Prince Joe knows that he is not Ye Chen's opponent, he previously took Ye Chen too lightly.

"Enjoy, that will be your last howl." Ye Chen prepared to slash Prince Joe's head.

"Bang. . . ! "Suddenly the window glass of this room broke, there were 3 people who broke into this room.

One of these three was a middle-aged man who possessed an extremely powerful aura, this guy's strength was almost on par with a cultivator at the Second Stage of the Overlord Realm.

The middle aged man looked around Prince Joe's room, he saw that Prince Joe was currently on the floor with one hand that had been cut off.

Lots of fresh blood flooded the fine clothes Prince Joe was wearing.

Seeing this, the middle aged man looked at Ye Chen with a murderous gaze.

how dare this person want to kill the crown prince.

"Elder robet help me, this person wants to kill me" seeing the arrival of elder Robet, prince Joe immediately asked elder robet for help to save himself from Ye Chen who wanted to kill himself.

"Quickly let go of our crown prince, otherwise I will kill you very badly." Robet threatened to kill Ye Chen.