Journey To Become A True God Chapter 27

27 Treat Teacher Lin Ruoxi

Teacher Lin Rouxi made cold drinks for Ye Chen and put them on the table.

"Please drink first" Lin Rouxi then sat facing Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not hesitate and immediately drank the cold drink.

"So Ye Chen, how are you going to cure my illness?" Asked Lin Rouxi.

Ye Chen "oh, the method is quite easy. I just need to massage the teacher, the muscle tissue of Master Lin has been frozen and if it continues to let it spread throughout the body until Teacher lin can be totally paralyzed".

"Is it as serious as that?" Lin Rouxi was afraid.

"Yes, if it is left alone, it will be a problem, but the teacher is very lucky to be able to meet me". Ye Chen said proudly.

"What are you waiting for Ye Chen, let's begin" Lin Rouxi was a little impatient

"Alright, let's be noble, first take off your lower skirt so I can massage your thighs" a sinister aura came out from Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen is shameless, you want to seek profit from me right, I do not want to do treatment then" Lin Rouxi was so angry that his chest went up and down, even though Lin Rouxi already believed in Ye Chen, but Ye Chen was the same as other men, always thinking fucks about a woman's body.

Ye Chen "well if the teacher does not want it does not matter to me either because after all the need is not me at first".

Although this disease was not very dangerous at first, but if you continue to leave it like this it can make the sufferer really paralyzed.

"Then what are you waiting for quickly leave here immediately" Lin Rouxi immediately took care of Ye Chen.

Because Lin Rouxi did not accept Ye Chen's Kindness, Ye Chen could only rise from the couch and leave this place.

Lin Rouxi who saw Ye Chen had gone sighed and was ready to return to his room, when Lin Rouxi got up and took a few steps from the sofa Lin Rouxi felt extreme pain on both of her thighs, which made Lin Rouxi's legs feel soft and Lin Rouxi fell into floor.

Lin Rouxi felt that from the thigh to the leg really hurt, every day the pain was getting worse and worse which made Lin Rouxi want to cry.

"What I will become paralyzed, No no I do not want to be paralyzed" Lin Rouxi began to fear that what was said Ye Chen was right.

"Ye Chen come back please, Ye Chen please help me quickly" Lin Rouxi began asking for help.

Ye Chen who had just come out of the room heard Teacher Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen wanted to come in and immediately see what was happening, but Ye Chen remembered that Teacher Lin Rouxi had just kicked him out of the Room so why did Ye Chen have to bother to enter again.

The Voice Asked Ye Chen to return from Lin Rouxi more and more loudly, Until Teacher Lin Rouxi cried Inside, Ye Chen who heard this could no longer bear the heart, how Ye Chen was a nice kind man, how could a woman cry.

Ye Chen then immediately reentered Teacher Lin Rouxi's dormitory, when Ye Chen entered Ye Chen saw Teacher Lin Rouxi on the floor and cried.

Hearing the sound of the door opening Lin Rouxi Immediately stopped crying and saw that Ye Chen was back "Finally you are back, I apologize for just now, Please immediately heal my illness" Teacher Lin's tone of voice was like a person being bothered.

Seeing Teacher Lin sincerely apologize Ye Chen forgot the incident that earlier "so Teacher Lin changed his mind, it's good let's start the treatment".

Ye Chen then lifted Teacher Lin Rouxi off the floor and placed it on the couch. "My teacher will start." Ye Chen then removed the skirt from Teacher Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi already knew what Ye Chen would do so Lin Rouxi did not reject him and only closed his eyes.

Teacher Lin's skirt had been removed and leaving only red lace underpants, Ye Chen swallowed his saliva, Ye Chen was ready with all of this but seeing this scene all men would definitely be aroused.

Ye Chen immediately threw away his bad thoughts anyhow. Now he was a doctor and Lin Rouxi was his patient.

Ye Chen then placed his palm on Lin Rouxi's thigh, Lin Rouxi trembled slightly as Ye Chen placed his hand on the thigh.

Ye Chen focused the disrupting energy on his palms, and began massaging Master Lin Rouxi's thighs.

Lin Rouxi felt that Ye Chen's hand suddenly became a little hot. And Lin Rouxi felt his body relax.

Ye Chen didn't give a chance and began using the king's heart technique to absorb (Yin) from Lin Rouxi's Body.

"Ahhhhh. . . . "Somehow Lin Rouxi felt that his whole body became hot and the touch of Ye Chen felt very delicious which made Lin Rouxi moan.

Ye Chen in the middle was ready to concentrate but suddenly heard Teacher Lin Yang's voice moaning sweetly. Ye Chen felt the fire in his lower part rise. "Teacher, please don't make such a Sound," Ye Chen said.

"Ye Chen, I don't know ahhhh. . . How come I can make that sound ahhhh. "Lin Rouxi tried to cover her mouth with her hand but the sound could still leak.

Ye Chen had no choice but to continue this massage, for 5 minutes the massage session Ye Chen felt it felt like hours for Ye Chen to hear the moans from Teacher Lin made Ye Chen's desire rise, but unfortunately Ye Chen couldn't release it which made him upset .

After 5 minutes of massage, Lin Rouxi felt he was going crazy. in this life Lin Rouxi had never felt pleasure like this only from Ye Chen's massage, it felt like flying to the sky.

Lin Rouxi felt her bottom was wet And Immediately pushed Ye Chen away, Lin Rouxi took her skirt then rose from the sofa, while walking Lin Rouxi felt her feet soft, Lin Rouxi Staggered toward her room.

Ye Chen immediately helped him by supporting him.

"Ye Chen please don't beg for me" Lin Rouxi felt that if Ye Chen touched him again he would go crazy.

Lin Rouxi released herself and walked towards her room and closed the door.

Ye Chen was truly left alone in the living room

Lin Rouxi who was in the room immediately released the wet underwear, the face of Lin Rouxi was completely red, Lin Rouxi Naturally knew what the sticky object was in her underwear.

What made Lin Rouxi embarrassed was that he had just come out of his own student's Touch, and Lin Rouxi did not know how he would see Ye Chen in the future.

Lin Rouxi immediately cleaned up the remaining sticky juice that was in her private parts and took new underwear from the wardrobe
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