Journey To Become A True God Chapter 270

270 Ye Chen Vs Silver Werewolf 2
"What a coincidence that all of you come and gather, this way I will be much easier to kill all the silver wolf races in this city." Ye Chen pointed at the three people who had just barged into this hotel room.

"How presumptuous you are, don't you know that we are a royal family from the western world, if you dare to find trouble with us, then this city with all the people in it can disappear from the face of this earth" Robet told Ye Chen that the race The entire city's angry silver wolf could vanish from the surface of this earth.

"You think I will be scared by such a threat? , You are wrong, the more you threaten me the more I want to destroy you all. "Ye Chen hates people who threaten him and his family the most, he will eliminate people like this.

No matter how strong they were, if they dared to harm those he held dear, then Ye Chen would eliminate people like this.

"How arrogant you are, you two hurry to kill this man and save the crown prince." Elder Robet ordered the two people behind him to kill Ye Chen and save Prince Joe.

The two people behind the robet elder began to turn into silver werewolves, the aura that these two emitted was quite strong, the room they were living in started to tremble as the two werewolves emitted their auras.

After that the two silver werewolves with extremely fast speed headed towards Ye Chen's side.

"Silver Claw Slahs." The two silver wolves wanted to shred Ye Chen into pieces.

Ye Chen couldn't possibly just stay quiet, if he didn't fight the people around here would be victims of the battle with the silver werewolf.

Ye Chen immediately took out his own flames, Ye Chen's flames made the two silver werewolves scared and retreated backwards.

The silver wolf's instincts seemed to help them get out of Ye Chen's fire hazard, even though Ye Chen had hidden his power level by using a Reideran pendant necklace, but the two werewolves could tell that Ye Chen's fire was dangerous.

"So you are a cultivator, no wonder you are very arrogant in front of me." Now that Robet knows who Ye Chen really is, he is a cultivator in this region.

Robet "You're a cultivator from Kunlun right? , do you know that when you attacked us, you broke the agreement made by the two major factions, if it was found out by the two factions you would be hunted down and killed. "Robet told Ye Chen about the agreement between the Kunlun Faction and the Dark Legacy.

With Ye Chen's strength, which was this strong, Robet had already concluded that Ye Chen came from the Kunlun holy land, only cultivators who came from the Kunlun Holy Land had this kind of strength.

The agreement was made for world peace, the Kunlun Faction and the Dark Legacy have made a peace agreement for both parties, because of this the members of the Dark Legacy have dared to come to this country.

As long as the members of the Dark Legacy faction did not cause any problems, then the Kunlun Faction was not allowed to attack them, otherwise a war might break out between the two sides.

"Hahaha, it's funny, it's a shame I'm not from the Kunlun Faction, that's why I'm not bound by the promise that was made." Ye Chen laughed, he's not tied to any faction, such an agreement is useless for Ye Chen.

"You. . . " Robet pointed at Ye Chen, he did not expect that this person was not from kunlun, then how could he have such terrifying strength.

"You silver wolf race are brave enough to find a problem with me, I will eliminate all of you from this world." Ye Chen didn't want to talk to these people too much. The sooner he eliminates them the better.

Using the Divine Yin Yang Sword Ye Chen advanced towards Robet.

The two werewolves who had previously retreated back, now returned to attack Ye Chen.

The "Silver Claw Slahs" both used the same technique as before.

"Move aside, Slash." Ye Chen cut down the two werewolves blocking his path.

The silver werewolf's silver claw technique collided with the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

"Booom", the two great powers collided and made a loud boom.

The force of the collision between the two great powers almost caused this hotel building to collapse.

it seemed that Ye Chen was holding back his strength too much, he was still not very used to using the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

If Ye Chen was too strong to use it, he might just cut this building in half.

That's why Ye Chen held back his strength as much as possible when using the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

Robet and the two werewolves were hit by the explosion and pulled back.

They were almost kicked out by the impact of the explosion earlier.

The room that previously looked good, was now very chaotic, this room seemed to have been ruffled by a hurricane.

"This person is strong enough, let's join hands to defeat him." Robet saw that Ye Chen was quite strong.

If they didn't join hands, then it would be difficult for them to beat Ye Chen.

Robet's body began to grow, the muscles that were previously small turned enormous.

Silver colored fur started to grow all over the robet's body, the robet's face also turned into a wolf.

The ripped body was taller and bigger than the two werewolves beside him.

It could be seen that the difference in strength between the robet and the two werewolves was quite far.

A silver colored aura began to envelop the Robet's body and the two werewolves, Robet and the two silver werewolves emitted a very strong aura, the entire hotel building they were staying in began to be shaken by the aura emitted by these three people.

If this continued then the people around here would be threatened by the destructive power possessed by Robet and the two werewolves.

In order not to affect the people around, Ye Chen created a layered barrier to prevent further damage.

Ye Chen also created a barrier around Xia Ningzi so that she wouldn't get hurt during the battle.

Now Ye Chen locked everyone within the barrier he created.

This layered barrier should be strong enough to withstand all the attacks of the three silver werewolves.

"Awu. . . " Robet and the two werewolves howled violently.

"Our first priority is to save the crown prince, you two go ahead and save the crown prince, I will hold back this person's movement." Robet wants his two men to save Prince Joe first.

After Prince Joe was rescued, he didn't have to worry about killing this man anymore.

"Endsense Roar." Robet roared at Ye Chen very loudly, this roar was not only very loud, it had enough destructive power to destroy a mountain.

Luckily Ye Chen had already created a barrier otherwise this building would be swept away by the Endsense Roar technique.

Seeing that Ye Chen had stopped moving, the two werewolves behind Robet stepped forward to save Prince Joe.

"Too naive." The roar of the Endsense Roar technique had absolutely no effect on Ye Chen.

It's still not strong enough to seal Ye Chen's movements.

"Die you two, Shlas" wrapped in Ye Chen's fire, the Divine Yin Yang Sword slashed the two werewolves heading towards him.