Journey To Become A True God Chapter 271

271 Ye Chen Vs Silver Werewolf 3
After the Divine Yin Yang Sword was strengthened by Ye Chen's flames, the two silver werewolves easily burned to ashes.

Robet who saw this was quite surprised, his two subordinates were not that weak, how could this person kill both of them with one strike.

Even the two subordinates didn't have time to recover, they were both immediately burned to ashes by Ye Chen's flames.

Ye Chen didn't expect that his flames could become that strong after being combined with the Divine Yin Yang Sword, not even the silver werewolves were given the opportunity to put up a fight.

"Now it's just you alone, now what can you do" Ye Chen put on a evil face on the robet.

With the Divine Yin Yang Sword, the silver werewolves became extremely fragile, they couldn't boast of their regeneration ability.

"Human bastard, how dare you kill our nation, I won't let you go." Robet looked even more angry at Ye Chen.

The silver hairs on Robet's body began to turn a blood red color.

The aura released by Robet was also getting stronger, little by little the power of the robber approached the cultivators at the 6th level of the Overlord Realm, it seemed like he was using the aces he had.

Robet burned the blood of the wolf-god blood he had to temporarily increase his strength.

After burning the wolf-god blood on his body, the price Robet had to pay was that he would no longer be able to turn into a werewolf for some time.

This was comparable to the increase in strength he could gain from burning the wolf god's blood.

In the silver wolf race, only certain people are gifted with wolf god blood, people like this usually have high positions in the royal family.

Prince Joe is also one of the people who has the blood of a wolf god, unfortunately Prince Joe still can't control it, if forced, people who can't control the wolf god's blood will lose control and go on a rampage.

They will become machines that kill anyone around them, be it their family or close members. They will not escape the blood of the wolf god who goes out of control.

It was for this reason that Joe's prince didn't dare to use the wolf god's blood ability, he was afraid he would lose control.

Robet's body was getting bigger and bigger, the muscles in his body were also getting stiffer and harder, the claws he had now became long, these claws turned into knives ready to pounce on Ye Chen.

the fangs of the ribs become large and elongated, it would be very dangerous if used to tear apart the human body.

Her eyes were red like blood, she looked at Ye Chen with an extremely powerful murderous gaze.

"Awuuu" Robet howled again, after he howled he moved forward towards Ye Chen.

"God Silver Claw." Robet's long claw gave off a very dazzling silver light, because it was strengthened by the blood of the wolf god, this time's attack was much stronger than before, Robet swung this claw at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen lifted the Divine Yin Yang Sword, he slashed at the direction of the Robet claw.

"Clang. . ., clang. . .clang. . .clang. . . "The Divine Yin Yang Sword collided with the God Silver Claw.

It was unbelievable that the robet's God Silver Claw technique could match the slash of the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

Even though the God Silver Claw technique was capable of dealing with the Divine Yin Yang Sword, it could be seen that the Divine Yin Yang Sword was superior to Robet's technique.

The ripped long claws were no longer able to withstand the Divine Yin Yang Sword's attack.

Prince Joe, who was behind Ye Chen, was blown away by the power generated from the battle between Ye Chen and Robet.

He was currently in such a bad condition, there wasn't a single barrier protecting Prince Joe from the effects of the battle between Ye Chen and elder Robet.

"Elder Robet, hurry help me, I can not take it anymore" Prince Joe begged elder robet to save himself immediately.

Seeing Joe's pangean was in a bad condition, Robet had to step back, Robet did not think that the artifact weapon used by Ye Chen was this strong.

In fact, he was very confident that he could kill Ye Chen with just one strike.

Robet looked at his claws, his claws were almost half cut off by the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

If he hadn't fallen asleep before, he might have been slashed by the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

What makes Robet strange is that his claws cannot regenerate.

"Now I understand, so the artifact power you have is negating my regeneration power, it's no wonder you can kill my two subordinates easily, it turns out you have a terrifying weapon artifact." Robet is more experienced in battle, he can quickly analyze the power of Divine. Yin Yang Sword.

Ye Chen "turns out you are smarter than those people, it's a shame you are on the wrong side"

Not only is his strength strong, this person also has a clever mind, Robet can very easily analyze the abilities of the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

"I am not on the wrong side, you are on the wrong side, you have dared to cause trouble with our royal family, I swear I will definitely kill you." Robet didn't have much time left to maintain the strength of the wolf god blood.

He had to immediately end Ye Chen, Robet was eager to kill Ye Chen with the ultimate technique he had, unfortunately behind Ye Chen was Joe's master.

If he used this ultimate technique on Ye Chen, then Prince Joe who was behind Ye Chen would also be hit by an attack from Robet.

Robet had to save the crown prince first, that way he could use the ultimate technique he had on Ye Chen.

Robet moved back towards Ye Chen, he was currently not eyeing Ye Chen, what he was aiming for was Prince Joe who was behind Ye Chen.

Ye Chen prepared to attack the Robet that was approaching him, unfortunately the robber turned Ye Chen a little, what he wanted was to take Prince Joe who was behind Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw that Robet wanted to take Prince Joe who was behind him, Ye Chen did not remain silent, he immediately stabbed Prince Joe's heart behind him.

"Uhhh. . . "Prince Joe's heart was pierced by the Divine Yin Yiang Sword.

Divine Yin Yang Sword channeled fire into Prince Joe's body. The flames started to burn Prince Joe's body, immediately Prince Joe turned to ashes.

" not . . . ! ! ! Robet screamed hysterically, in front of his own eyes, he let Ye Chen kill the crown prince.

"How dare you, I will kill you and all your family members" Robet was furious, from within his body exploded with a very tremendous force.

Robet sucked an enormous amount of air into his mouth.

The torn chest started to bulge. "Sonic Wave, Roar" from his mouth. Robet let out a high power ultra sonic wave.

The strength of this wave is enough for Robet to destroy all the objects in front of him.

The power of the explosion was equivalent to tens of tons of TNT explosives.

Ye Chen went to Xia Ningzi's side, he created a fire barrier in front of himself and Xia Ningzi.

"Bommm. . . .! "An extremely violent explosion occurred within the barrier Ye Chen had created.

The explosive power of the ultra sonic wave made the layered barrier that Ye Chen created vibrate.

If the layered barrier that Ye Chen had created was destroyed, it was certain that a few kilometers from here would be smashed into the ground.

luckily Ye Chen's barrier was still strong enough to withstand the attacks of the Sonic Wave technique.

As a result of the explosion just now Dust was flying everywhere.

After the dust began to dissipate, a fire barrier was still visible standing upright.

Inside the fire barrier were Ye Chen and Xia Ningzi. "People who are quite crazy, he uses that much power in a small barrier like this." Ye Chen did not expect the robbery to be this crazy. that person used such a strong force within a small barrier like this.

Ye Chen wanted to see if that person was still alive or not, it should be that with such a powerful explosion, that werewolf should also be killed by the super sonic attack he used himself.

After the dust had completely disappeared, around here Ye Chen did not find the existence of Robet.

Looks like Ye Chen's guess was right, Robet was killed by the attack he had done himself.

Well that's better, Ye Chen didn't have to bother getting his hands dirty to kill that person.

Ye Chen turned his attention to Xia Ningzi who was currently sleeping on the bed.

Xia Ningzi's current state was not very good, she squirmed like a caterpillar that was overheating.

Seeing this, Ye Chen went over to Xia Ningzi's body, he wanted to see what happened to Xia Ningzi.

Ye Chen started to check the state of Xia Ningzi's body, Xia Ningzi's body is currently very hot.

Looks like Xia Ningzi was given a stimulant by Prince Joe.

"Damn, that bastard, dare to give Xia Ningzi medicine like this." Ye Chen cursed Prince Joe who had given Xia Ningzi a lust stimulant.

Unfortunately that person in question is no longer in this world, so Ye Chen can't take his anger out on Prince Joe.