Journey To Become A True God Chapter 272

272 Treat Xia Ningzi
"It's hot, someone help me." Xia Ningzi started delirious a little, at this time she was very uncomfortable, her body was very hot, it felt like it was going to burn.

Xia Ningzi's hand unconsciously touched Ye Chen's body, "whoever you help me, I'm very uncomfortable." Xia Ningzi asked Ye Chen for help.

Xia Ningzi had absolutely no idea that the person she was holding was Ye Chen, what Xia Ningzi wanted right now was to dissipate the extremely uncomfortable heat on her body.

"Ningzi, calm down I will definitely help you." Ye Chen will definitely help Xia Ningzi.

But first, Ye Chen had to take Xia Ningzi away from this place first.

This place wasn't safe for him and Xia Ningzi, with the mess that Ye Chen had made in this room, sooner or later the police / Six Dor Organization would come here.

Ye Chen didn't want to drag Xia Ningzi into this problem.

That's why Ye Chen had to take Xia Ningzi away from this place.

Ye Chen carried Xia Ningzi in his arms, Ye Chen took Xia Ningzi, who was not yet too conscious, to leave the star hotel room.

Some time after Ye Chen's departure, under the rubble there was a lump of flesh left over from Robet's body.

This lump of flesh began to squirm as if alive, little by little this lump of flesh began to grow and turn into a human.

Robet who should have died is currently alive, with only a small lump of flesh Robet can restore his body.

The power of regenerating the silver werewolf was indeed terrifying.

Luckily Robet was still able to survive Ye Chen, he was lucky that wolf god blood helped him regenerate this fast.

If there wasn't wolf god blood to help him, the robets couldn't possibly recover with just a tiny lump of flesh.

Now that the wolf god's blood has been burned by Robet, Robet's werewolf ability is now gone.

"Damn, that guy is so strong, I can't fight it." Robet was very sorry for failing to protect Prince Joe.

"I have to report this to the king." Robet decided to return to the western world and report this to the king.

If the king found out that the crown prince had died the king would be very angry.

the city and the people who have killed the crown prince will surely be raged by the king

Robet knows that when he comes back, he will be punished very heavily by the king.

Robet had no other choice, because of the oath he had made, he could not betray the royal family, otherwise the entire family would be destroyed by the king.

With a very weak physique, Robet left the hotel building.

Ye Chen had absolutely no idea that the silver werewolf he thought was dead was still alive.

Right now Ye Chen's priority was to save Xia Ningzi who was very aroused.

While on the way, Xia Ningzi's hands started dishonestly touching Ye Chen's body.

"Give me, quickly give me, I can't take it anymore" Xia Ningzi spat out indecent words, she wanted Ye Chen to help herself get rid of this uncomfortable feeling.

Ye Chen was a normal, healthy man, the stimulation from Xia Ningzi naturally excited him.

But Ye Chen was still trying to restrain himself, Ye Chen brought Xia Ningzi to his village, there was the safest place for Ye Chen to heal Xia Ningzi.

Ye Chen got off in front of his villa, Ye Chen brought Xia Ningzi into the house.

" Husband, are you home? "The beautiful woman who welcomed Ye Chen was Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan immediately looked at the beautiful woman in Ye Chen's embrace.

Zhao Yanyan was very familiar with this beautiful woman, this was the Xia Ningzi she met yesterday.

"As expected from husband, you very quickly brought the beautiful woman you met yesterday." Zhao Yanyan giggled at Ye Chen.

She did not expect that Ye Chen would bring Xia Ningzi back here, Ye Chen was too fast in finding the beautiful woman he just met yesterday.

"Dear Yanyan, this is not what you see, currently Xia Ningzi is being hit by a stimulant medicine, I have to heal her." Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan what was happening to Xia Ningzi.

"Stimulant drug ?, who did it?" "Zhao Yanyan wants to know what's going on with Xia Ningzi.

"I'll explain later, now I have to heal Xia Ningzi first." First, Ye Chen must heal Xia Ningzi first.

"Please help me very uncomfortable." Xia Ningzi kept on delirious.

Zhao Yanyan understood, she let Ye Chen carry Xia Ningzi upstairs.

Ye Chen quickly took Xia Ningzi upstairs, he opened an empty room in this villa.

There are so many empty rooms in this villa, so Ye Chen doesn't have to worry about finding an empty room for Xia Ningzi.

Ye Chen immediately laid Xia Ningzi down on the soft bed.

Xia Ningzi wriggled again like a snake that was overheating, she kept calling for help to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling.

It is time for Ye Chen to heal Xia Ningzi. The stimulant in Xia Ningzi's body is not as dangerous as an aphrodisiac.

But leaving it would also cause a little damage to Xia Ningzi's body.

All Ye Chen needed to do was make Xia Ningzi reach the top.

Ye Chen started to take off the clothes on Xia Ningzi's body.

Ye Chen's movements were very gentle, Ye Chen quickly took off all the clothes on Xia Ningzi's body.

Xia Ningzi's naked carcass was so perfect, it was even comparable to the body that an adult Milf had.

If Ye Chen didn't know that Xia Ningzi was around 15 ~ 16 years old, Ye Chen would have thought that Xia Ningzi was an adult woman who was over 25 years old.

Xia Ningzi's beautiful body was so seductive, Ye Chen's younger brother who was below began to rise.

"Calm down." Ye Chen tried to calm himself down, he now had to treat Xia Ningzi.

Ye Chen started to touch Xia Ningzi's beautiful body, Ye Chen immediately touched the two mountain peaks of Xia Ningzi which were already very well developed, Ye Chen did not expect that at this age Xia Ningzi would have this size.

At least this is an E cup, Ye Chen's one hand can't afford to cover the mountain peak belonging to Xia Ningzi.

When Ye Chen touched her chest, Xia Ningzi felt a very pleasant and comfortable feeling, her body felt very comfortable when Ye Chen touched her.

The uncomfortable feeling in Xia Ningzi's body began to disappear, this was replaced by a very comfortable feeling.

Ye Chen started playing with Xia Ningzi's two lovely pink buds.

"Ahh. . ." Xia Ningzi started to groan with pleasure, she had never tried something like this before.

Ye Chen didn't care, he continued to grope and touch Xia Ningzi's upper body.

Xia Ningzi really couldn't stand the stimulation that was given by Ye Chen.

Her body was twitching, she felt something was about to overflow from her lower body.

Seeing Xia Ningzi's body tremble, Ye Chen knew that Xia Ningzi was about to come out.

Ye Chen squeezed, pinched and kneaded even harder.

"Ahh. . . . . . . " Xia Ningzi shouted, she just came out.

In the face of Ye Chen's extremely formidable technique, a pure virgin like Xia Ningzi quickly reached the Peak.

Xia Ningzi's body was still shaking with pleasure from reaching the peak.

Seeing that Xia Ningzi had reached the Peak, this should be enough to eliminate the stimulant that was in Xia Ningzi's body.