Journey To Become A True God Chapter 273

273 Big Brother Ye Chen Let Me Rub Your Back
Ye Chen reached out and saw Xia Ningzi's condition.

Xia Ningzi's condition has started to improve a little, maybe Ye Chen needs to do a few more times so that the stimulant in Xia Ningzi's body can disappear completely.

Ye Chen returned to caress Xia Ningzi's body, Xia Ningzi, who was still very sensitive, suddenly felt immense pleasure, suddenly Xia Ningzi groaned again.

"Ahh. . . ., Well that's great, even stronger. "Xia Ningzi began to speak sassy and full of passion.

In Ye Chen's ear, Xia Ningzi's coquettish voice was like a devil's whisper telling Ye Chen to do Xia Ningzi.

Ye Chen tried to restrain himself, he couldn't possibly do with a woman who was still 15 ~ 16 years old, that big thing of hers might be able to damage Xia Ningzi's body.

Ye Chen's eyes suddenly looked down, at the bottom of Xia Ningzi's body there was still a little grass growing, for Ye Chen this was very cute.

Xia Ningzi's honey cave lips were still very narrow and tightly closed, it was like a fairy calling Ye Chen to open it.

The flames inside Ye Chen's body started to rise, he felt very uncomfortable.

It was not only Xia Ningzi who had to endure the discomfort, Ye Chen also now felt very uncomfortable, he wanted to confide in a woman's body.

Ye Chen continued to touch and caress Xia Ningzi's body, within 10 minutes Xia Ningzi had vented several times.

After going out several times, Xia Ningzi's body became weak, she was no longer able to make a sound.

Xia Ningzi started to close her eyes and slept very peacefully.

Seeing that Xia Ningzi was getting better.

Ye Chen covered Xia Ningzi's body with a blanket, for now let Xia Ningzi rest in peace.

Finally it was all over, Ye Chen felt relieved, the stimulation just now almost made Ye Chen lose control.

Ye Chen left the room occupied by Xia Ningzi, he went to find one of his wives, Ye Chen felt uncomfortable he needed a place to vent.

After Ye Chen's departure, Xia Ningzi slightly opened her eyes, she actually had a little awareness.

She saw and felt what Ye Chen had done to her body, Xia Ningzi did not expect that she would do something like that with her older sister's fianc.

But what made Xia Ningzi confused was the comfortable feeling from Ye Chen's hand caress, she had never felt such a comfortable feeling in her life.

Xia Ningzi started to like the feeling earlier, she began to remember what Ye Chen had done to her body.

"Ouchhh, what am I thinking, why am I a perverted woman?" Xia Ningzi curled up on the soft bed.

Xia Ningzi's mind had always imagined the pleasure she had just gotten from Ye Chen.

Xia Ningzi's body was currently very exhausted from Ye Chen's stimulation just now, without her realizing it she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Ye Chen went down to the bottom floor, he is currently looking for his wife, too bad Ye Chen did not find the whereabouts of Zhao Yanyan and others.

"Big brother Ye Chen, what are you doing?" Xiao Lulu suddenly came to Ye Chen and asked him.

"Oh Lulu, that. . . I'm looking for Zhao Yanyan and the others, have you seen them? ", Ye Chen asked where Zhao Yanyan and other women are.

"I don't know either, sometimes they all disappear like ghosts." Xiao Lulu himself sometimes confused about where Zhao Yanyan and the other women had gone.

Zhao Yanyan and the other women usually disappeared and appeared suddenly, which made Xiao Lulu confused about where Zhao Yanyan and the other women had gone.

Ye Chen understood Xiao Lulu's confusion, it seemed that Zhao Yanyan and other women were entering the fairy gate.

Xiao Lulu didn't know about the fairy gate, therefore she didn't know that currently Zhao Yanyan and the other women were inside the fairy gate.

"Big brother Ye Chen, do you want to take a shower? "Xiao Lulu suddenly offered Ye Chen a bath.

It's not usually Xiao Lulu to have Ye Chen take a bath.

What was going on here, it was unusual for Xiao Lulu to offer Ye Chen a hot shower, Xiao Lulu's face suddenly turned bright red, there was a hint of steam above Xiao Lulu's head.

Xiao Lulu is still the same, she is a shy girl.

Ye Chen probably needed a bath to calm his discomfort.

After all, Ye Chen couldn't bear to reject Xiao Lulu's good intentions. "Okay, I'll take a shower, please prepare everything." Ye Chen agreed to take a shower.

"OK, I'll heat the water, wait a minute." Xiao Lulu was very excited, she quickly went to the bathroom to prepare hot water.

Ye Chen was also happy when he saw Xiao Lulu happy, this cute woman like a doll made Ye Chen want to always take care of her.

It didn't take long for Xiao Lulu to heat the water, she checked the water temperature for Ye Chen, after feeling the temperature was just right for Xiao Lulu to call Ye Chen.

"Big brother Ye Chen, the water is ready, please take a shower." Xiao Lulu told Ye Chen to take a shower immediately.

"Alright, I'll take a shower soon." Ye Chen went to the main bathroom, the main bathroom in this house was enormous, it could accommodate dozens of people in it.

Ye Chen took off all the clothes on his body, first he went to the shower to wash his body.

After becoming a cultivator, Ye Chen quite rarely enjoyed bathing like this, usually he would bathe in a hurry without caring about cleanliness.

A cultivator could protect himself from dust or dirt, which was why even if Ye Chen didn't shower his body could still be clean.

The water that came out of the shower was quite warm and soothing, the fire in Ye Chen's body began to recede.

"Click" Suddenly the bathroom door opened, Ye Chen immediately looked back to see who broke into this bathroom.

In front of the entrance door, currently standing Xiao Lulu with a bath towel wrapped around her body.

Xiao Lulu's hair had been rolled up so that it didn't get wet with water, Xiao Lulu's seductive appearance made the fire in Ye Chen's body come back to life.

"Lulu, what are you doing? "Ye Chen asked what Xiao Lulu was doing, why did she suddenly break in.

"Big brother Ye Chen, that. . . , let me rub your back. "With a shy face, Xiao Lulu wanted to rub Ye Chen's back.

"Eh why suddenly" Ye Chen covered the younger brother who was at the bottom.

"Because this is a maid's job." Xiao Lulu walked behind Ye Chen.

She knelt right behind Ye Chen's back, from behind here Xiao Lulu could see Ye Chen's large back.

"Maid duty? "Ye Chen doesn't understand why Xiao Lulu turned out like this.

"Yes, this is a maid's duty, big brother Ye Chen should be quiet and leave this to me." Xiao Lulu took a cloth, she rubbed the liquid bath soap on this cloth.

The cloth that had been exposed to the soap liquid immediately foamed, Xiao Lulu used a cloth to rub Ye Chen's back.

Ye Chen was so helpless by what Xiao Lulu was doing, how could Xiao Lulu change from being a shy girl to being so brave like this.