Journey To Become A True God Chapter 274

274 Ye Chen Xiao Lulu 1
Ye Chen started to wonder what really got into Xiao Lulu's mind that she wanted to do this.

Behind Ye Chen, currently Xiao Lulu was rubbing Ye Chen's back very carefully, she tried not to hurt Ye Chen while rubbing his back.

"Rub. . . , rub. . . , rub. . . , rub. . . , rub. . . , rub. . . , "

Xiao Lulu saw that Ye Chen's back was enormous, it was much bigger than a girl's, it was also sturdy and muscular.

Xiao Lulu felt very comfortable when she touched Ye Chen's back.

"Rub. . . , rub. . . , rub. . . , rub. . . , rub. . . , rub. . . , "Xiao Lulu wholeheartedly rubbed Ye Chen's back.

The current Ye Chen was very difficult, Xiao Lulu's small and soft fingers tickled his body.

Moreover, the flames at the bottom of Ye Chen were still standing upright.

"Big brother Ye Chen, is this comfortable? "Xiao Lulu asked Ye Chen whether the service was comfortable or not.

"Yes, yes, yes, it's comfortable." Ye Chen answered yes three times.

"I'm so happy." With a really beautiful smile, Xiao Lulu looks so beautiful.

Ye Chen did not expect Xiao Lulu to be so innocent, she didn't know that what she had done made Ye Chen so uncomfortable.

Ye Chen felt like he wanted to blow off all the complaints inside his lower body.

"Oh yeah, Lulu where did you learn this?" Ye Chen asked where did Xiao Lulu learn this kind of thing.

There was no way the usually shy Xiao Lulu could do something like this, there must be someone teaching her, Ye Chen wanted to know who it was.

"That, I just learned this from the book I bought yesterday." Xiao Lulu learned this from the book she bought yesterday.

Book? , what book is it? "Ye Chen wants to know what kind of book Xiao Lulu studied.

"The book is entitled How to be a good maid, yesterday the shop owner suggested the book to me" yesterday Xiao Lulu went to buy a new book for cooking recipes, unexpectedly when she bought the book, the shop owner suggested that she buy a book on how to be a good maid.

The shop owner said that if Xiao Lulu learned what was in this book, master, who you are serving will be very happy.

Xiao Lulu was tempted by the shop owner's teasing, she wanted to thank Ye Chen for allowing herself to live in such a comfortable house.

Xiao Lulu wanted to repay Ye Chen by serving wholeheartedly, that's why she bought the book that the shop owner suggested.

Xiao Lulu wanted to make Ye Chen happy with her better service.

The books that Xiao Lulu learned were filled with how to become a good maid, from waking up the master in the morning, helping the master to change clothes, preparing breakfast, helping with the shower, massaging, and even warming the bed.

Xiao Lulu did not understand the meaning of warming the bed at all, she intended to turn to sister Fu Lanling, because Xiao Lulu and Fu Lanling were the closest of all of Ye Chen's women.

For now Xiao Lulu learned how to help master bath, and the result made her happy, Ye Chen enjoyed what she was doing.

It seems that Xiao Lulu didn't buy books wrongly, now she understands how to be a good maid.

Xiao Lulu continued to rub Ye Chen's back, Ye Chen's back was now completely clean.

"Okay done, big brother Ye Chen, now let me clean your front." Xiao Lulu got up and went in front of Ye Chen.

"Wait, Lulu, you don't have to go that far." Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to just stop, he didn't want Xiao Lulu to see his big thing.

Ye Chen's words were a little late, at this time Xiao Lulu was already in front of him.

Xiao Lulu knelt in front of Ye Chen, Xiao Lulu looked at Ye Chen's front body, in the middle of Ye Chen's crotch, Xiao Lulu saw a large object that looked like a mushroom.

"Big brother Ye Chen, why do you grow mushrooms at your bottom?" Xiao Lulu innocently asked Ye Chen.

Xiao Lulu felt strange with Ye Chen's large object, why didn't she have one like Ye Chen's.

Xiao Lulu did not really know about the differences between male and female bodies, she never attended school, therefore Xiao Lulu did not understand the difference between male and female bodies.

Since childhood, Xiao Lulu was only taught how to read, she never touched a lesson like this.

Ye Chen didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the innocence that Xiao Lulu had.

"This Lulu is an important life root for a man, if it is damaged then a man will not be a man anymore." Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu what big thing he had.

"Ah. . . This is twitching. "Xiao Lulu muttered in her heart, she was a little scared when she saw this big thing.

But Xiao Lulu had to wash Ye Chen's body, like it or not, she had to touch this big thing.

Ye Chen said that this thing was very important, so Xiao Lulu had to be careful when cleaning this big thing.

Xiao Lulu's small fingers touched Ye Chen's large object, she began to rub Ye Chen's large object very gently.

Xiao Lulu felt that this thing was hot, hard and very sturdy, her fingers began to tremble while holding Ye Chen's large object.

Ye Chen did not expect that Xiao Lulu would do something like this, the flames in Ye Chen's body started to rampage, he could barely stand the temptation Xiao Lulu was doing anymore.

Ye Chen's large body object became much bigger, Xiao Lulu's two little fingers were unable to hold onto this.

"Big brother Ye Chen, why is this thing getting so bloated, does it hurt? "Xiao Lulu innocently asked Ye Chen, Xiao Lulu was worried that Ye Chen was currently in pain.

"Damn, isn't this your fault for teasing me?" Ye Chen roared in his heart, Xiao Lulu's innocent teasing was fatal to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen tried to resist Xiao Lulu's temptation, he had to endure this.

"Giggle, master, this girl is so innocent, I don't know if she actually did this to you." Chu Yuechan laughed at Ye Chen who was in a bad state.

Chu Yuechan felt funny about what a cute girl like this doll was doing, she was so innocent that Ye Chen was in this state.

"Master, why are you holding her back, just do this cute girl, I'm sure she will really like dual cultivation with you." Chu Yuechan teased Ye Chen with a very coquettish voice.

What Chu Yuechan did did not help Ye Chen, she instead added fuel to Ye Chen's fire.

Xiao Lulu looked up, she saw Ye Chen who was moaning, "Big brother Ye Chen, are you okay, is what I'm doing uncomfortable for you? Xiao Lulu very worriedly asked Ye Chen.

Xiao Lulu was afraid that something would happen to Ye Chen, was this thing really in serious trouble, if that was true then Ye Chen would no longer be a man.

Ye Chen could no longer stand this humiliation, he had to find a place to vent.

Ye Chen had an evil thought on Xiao Lulu "Then I really feel uncomfortable, can you help me heal this thing with your mouth? "Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to help himself by using her mouth.