Journey To Become A True God Chapter 275

275 Ye Chen Xiao Lulu 2
"Mouth ?, how to do it." Xiao Lulu didn't know what Ye Chen meant.

"I mean, put this big thing in your mouth, let you suck what is in it, if what's inside this thing that is mine comes out, then I will recover." Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to use her mouth to help his belongings.

Ye Chen didn't know where these evil thoughts came from, but he wanted to try the taste of an innocent girl like Xiao Lulu.

Xiao Lulu now understood Ye Chen's meaning, but she didn't know if this huge thing would fit inside her mouth.

The size of this thing is too big for Xiao Lulu, Xiao Lulu looked at Ye Chen, saw Ye Chen in pain, Xiao Lulu wanted to help Ye Chen.

Xia Lulu easily believed what Ye Chen said, she strengthened her determination.

Xiao Lulu saw the large object in front of her eyes, she opened her small mouth towards Ye Chen's large object.

Ye Chen's large object began to enter Xiao Lulu's small mouth.

Xiao Lulu's small mouth was so moist and comfortable, little brother Ye Chen was enjoying this sensation very much.

Xiao Lulu felt that her mouth was so full of Ye Chen's large object, she felt that she almost vomited because this thing was too big.

Xiao Lulu spat out Ye Chen's big thing. "Coughed. . . . . , cough. . . . . , cough. . . . . "Xiao Lulu is coughing painfully like Xiao Lulu is incapable of doing this.

"Are you okay then? "Ye Chen asked Xiao Lulu's situation, it seems like he was overdoing Xiao Lulu.

"No, I'm fine it's just that I'm not used to big brother Ye Chen's size." Xiao Lulu wasn't used to eating this big thing.

"If you can't, then forget it." Seeing Xiao Lulu in pain, the fire in Ye Chen's heart started to go out, he felt guilty towards Xiao Lulu.

"No, no, no, let me help you, it must still hurt right?" Xiao Lulu didn't want to give up, she had to help Ye Chen heal this big swollen object.

Without waiting for Ye Chen's answer, Xiao Lulu put Ye Chen's large object into her mouth, Xiao Lulu began to suck Ye Chen's large object.

"Slurp. . . "Xiao Lulu's suction sound can be heard all over the bathroom.

"Arghh" Ye Chen groaned, the suction from Xiao Lulu almost sucked his soul, this is so delicious.

When Ye Chen was enjoying this sensation, suddenly Xiao Lulu spat out his belongings again. "Big brother Ye Chen, why does nothing come out of the inside, you said if I could suck it what was in it would come out" Xiao Lulu said to Ye Chen.

Previously, Ye Chen had said that if he sucked this thing something would come out, if the thing in here came out then he would recover.

Ye Chen smiled wryly, it seemed that Xiao Lulu did not know anything about the function of his large object.

"Lulu is not as easy as you imagine, in this case you have to work extra hard, besides sucking, try to stick it with your tongue, and move forward." Ye Chen taught Xiao Lulu how to make his things come out.

Xiao Lulu understood, she nodded at Ye Chen, Xiao Lulu again tried to eat Ye Chen's big thing.

This time Xiao Lulu did everything Ye Chen had taught.

Xiao Lulu started to suck, lick and move back and forth, this made Ye Chen very enjoyable.

"Lulu, don't use your teeth, it can make me sick." Ye Chen reminded Xiao Lulu not to use his teeth.

Xiao Lulu knew, she didn't let her teeth scratch Ye Chen's big thing as much as possible.

Even though Xiao Lulu's movements were still clumsy, Xiao Lulu quickly learned what Ye Chen had taught.

"Then you're great, I'm very comfortable." Ye Chen praised Xiao Lulu's mouth skills.

Xiao Lulu was very happy, she went back and forth doing what Ye Chen had taught.

After 20 minutes Ye Chen still didn't come out, Xiao Lulu was already very tired, her jaw and tongue had started to feel numb.

Xiao Lulu regurgitated Ye Chen's big thing. "Big brother Ye Chen, why haven't you come out yet, are you lying to me?" Xiao Lulu complained to Ye Chen, until now what Ye Chen said still hasn't come out either.

The current Ye Chen was very dissatisfied, even though he had almost reached the top.

Ye Chen didn't care, he fed Xiao Lulu with his big thing.

Xiao Lulu was shocked when Ye Chen's huge thing went even deeper.

Xiao Lulu felt suffocated by Ye Chen's large object, Ye Chen held Xiao Lulu's head and began to sway back and forth quickly.

Ye Chen was very fierce, Xiao Lulu almost vomited by Ye Chen's large object.

"Ahh Lulu I'm out, Byurr. . . , Byurr. . . , Byurr. . . , "Finally Ye Chen released his essence in Xiao Lulu's small mouth.

"Umm. . ., umm. . ., umm. . ., "Xiao Lulu's mouth was instantly filled with Ye Chen's millions of essences.

Xiao Lulu's head was currently being held by Ye Chen, so she couldn't go backwards.

"Lulu drink it, it's very nutritious for you." Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to drink the essence.

Xiao Lulu was helpless, she obeyed Ye Chen's command "Glup, Glup, Glup, Glup," Xiao Lulu started to swallow Ye Chen's essence in large quantities.

At first Xiao Lulu couldn't stand the thickness of this liquid, but after tasting it a little, she felt that this thing was very delicious, Ye Chen's essence was very sweet and radiating, this was much better than the honey that Xiao Lulu had ever drank.

After taking care of Xiao Lulu, Ye Chen was satisfied, he intended to remove his belongings from Xiao Lulu's mouth.

"Slurp." Too bad Xiao Lulu didn't let Ye Chen's younger brother escape, she again sucked in forcefully to take the last drop of Ye Chen's essence.

Ye Chen's previously soft thing was currently starting to swell again.

Xiao Lulu was shocked when she saw Ye Chen's object swell back up.

"Big brother Ye Chen, yours is getting swollen again, do I need to help you." Still holding Ye Chen's big brother, Xiao Lulu said provocative words to Ye Chen.

Xiao Lulu happily wanted to help Ye Chen, she was quite addicted to the taste of the liquid that Ye Chen's thing had emitted.

Xiao Lulu must have teased herself on purpose. "Bad girl you must have done it, this time I will punish you." Ye Chen pulled the towel Xiao Lulu used, he hugged Xiao Lulu's doll-like tiny body.

Ye Chen doesn't care anymore, tonight he will eat Xiao Lulu.

Xiao Lulu's face had turned bright red, she didn't expect that Ye Chen would see her naked body, Xiao Lulu was very embarrassed when she showed her naked body.

"Big brother Ye Chen, why are you suddenly angry, did Lulu make a mistake." Xiao Lulu was a little afraid of Ye Chen at this time.

"Yes, you did something wrong, you have awakened a hungry wolf, so you have to take responsibility" Ye Chen carried Xiao Lulu to his room.

Ye Chen threw Xiao Lulu on the bed.

Xiao Lulu didn't understand what Ye Chen wanted to do, right now Ye Chen looked like a hungry wolf.