Journey To Become A True God Chapter 276

276 Ye Chen Xiao Lulu 3
Ye Chen got on the bed, he got closer to Xiao Lulu, Ye Chen started to touch Xiao Lulu's beautiful carcass.

When Ye Chen's hand touched her, Xiao Lulu felt electrocuted, this feeling made Xiao Lulu's body weak and helpless.

"Big brother Ye Chen, there is something strange about my body when you touch me." Currently, Xiao Lulu is very strange with her own body.

Her body suddenly felt a tingling feeling and a very pleasant feeling.

"Lulu, that means your body is enjoying my love, you just leave this to me, I will make you the happiest woman in this world." Ye Chen whispered in Xiao Lulu's ear, Ye Chen's words were full of very strong love.

Xiao Lulu's face was currently flushed red, she was embarrassed after hearing Ye Chen's romantic words.

Xiao Lulu actually liked Ye Chen from the first time she met, but she was embarrassed to reveal that she liked Ye Chen.

Especially knowing that Ye Chen already has a woman who is far more beautiful than herself, Xiao Lulu's hope is no longer there for Ye Chen's love.

Xiao Lulu didn't expect Ye Chen to say romantic words like this today.

"Lulu, I also like you, will you be my woman" Ye Chen also confessed his feelings to the innocent Xiao Lulu.

"Big brother Ye Chen, I am very happy, from the first time I met you I really like you" very boldly Xiao Lulu confessed her feelings to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite satisfied with the answer given by Xiao Lulu.

"Then tonight you have to warm my bed." Ye Chen stroked Xiao Lulu's body again, he began to touch Xiao Lulu's forbidden zone.

Xiao Lulu still didn't understand about warming the bed, because Xiao Lulu's curiosity asked Ye Chen.

"Ah. . . Big brother Ye Chen, what does warming up the bed mean, in the book I bought yesterday I also came across that term, but I don't really understand what it means. "Xiao Lulu asked what the meaning of warming the bed meant in the book. which is entitled to be a good play.

Ye Chen did not expect Xiao Lulu to ask something so simple like this, even teenagers today know what warming a bed means.

It seems that Xiao Lulu's knowledge is still very shallow, it seems that Ye Chen should make teacher Lin Rouxi teach Xiao Lulu a little so that it is not easy to be tricked.

"Lulu, warming the bed means sleeping with the person you want, you have to serve to make the person you want feel comfortable, do you understand what I mean? Ye Chen explained as simply as he could.

"I still don't really understand." Xiao Lulu still doesn't understand Ye Chen's explanation.

"Then let me teach you how to do it" Ye Chen will teach Xiao Lulu how to warm a bed.

Ye Chen started by sucking the flower bud in one of Xiao Lulu's twin peaks, Ye Chen began to greedily suck like a hungry baby.

"Umm. . . "Xiao Lulu groaned" Big brother Ye Chen, I feel something strange with my body, I feel like I'm going to go crazy. "Xiao Lulu first felt a feeling that made her very comfortable.

"Lulu calm down, this is normal for you, all you need to do is enjoy it and leave the rest to me." Ye Chen told to enjoy this, let him guide Xiao Lulu to get peak happiness.

Xiao Lulu listened to Ye Chen, she enjoyed the feeling when Ye Chen sucked the two flower buds.

Ye Chen continued to enjoy Xiao Lulu's flower bud, Ye Chen's one hand began to descend down towards Xiao Lulu's forbidden zone.

Ye Chen's hand gently caressed Xiao Lulu's forbidden zone.

"Ahh. . . "Xiao Lulu suddenly groaned, the touch of Ye Chen's hand made her body feel electrocuted.

This made Xiao Lulu weak, the pleasure continued and continued to be felt by Xiao Lulu.

An innocent girl like Xiao Lulu very quickly fell on Ye Chen's palm.

Ye Chen's fingers began to explore Xiao Lulu's honey cave, Xiao Lulu's honey cave was still very tight, Xiao Lulu's honey cave wall pinched Ye Chen's fingers who were roaming in it.

When Ye Chen's fingers entered her honey cave, Xiao Lulu's body curved into an arc.

She felt very strange about his lower body, the electricity seemed to be flowing from her lower body to her brain.

"Ahhh. . . , "It feels really too good for Xiao Lulu, Xiao Lulu can't think of anything anymore, all she can think of is this endless enjoyment.

"Big brother Ye Chen, please let me go, I feel like urinating." Xiao Lulu felt that something would come out of her lower body.

"Lulu is not peeing, it means you will reach the top." Ye Chen explained Klimaxs to Xiao Lulu.

"No, no, no, ahh. . , I came out. "Xiao Lulu has finally reached Klimaxs.

Ye Chen saw that Xiao Lulu had fallen into the abyss of endless enjoyment, now is the time for Ye Chen to open Xiao Lulu's virgin body.

"Lulu, are you ready?" Ye Chen asked Xiao Lulu if she was ready to become Ye Chen's woman.

" ready for what ? "With a body that is still very sensitive, Xiao Lulu asked Ye Chen.

"Of course ready to be my woman, I will make you feel the most pleasant thing in this world" Ye Chen carried Xiao Lulu's body, he put Xiao Lulu on his lap.

The weak Xiao Lulu could only surrender to what Ye Chen was going to do.

Ye Chen's younger brother immediately aimed for Xiao Lulu's honey cave entrance.

"Lulu, be prepared, it will be fun." Ye Chen whispered in Xiao Lulu's ear.

Xiao Lulu only nodded at Ye Chen, she wanted to enjoy this session with Ye Chen more.

Ye Chen's younger brother immediately drilled into Xiao Lulu's honey cave.

"Ah. . . . . " Xiao Lulu screamed in pain, Xiao Lulu felt her body almost split in two.

Blood started coming out of Xiao Lulu's honey cave, this proves that Xiao Lulu is still a virgin.

Tears began to fall on Xiao Lulu's cheeks. "Big brother Ye Chen, please pull it out. It really hurts, this is really uncomfortable, you lied to me." Xiao Lulu complained to Ye Chen, she wanted Ye Chen to pull out the big thing in her body.

"Lulu calm down, soon it will feel comfortable." Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu to be more patient, soon it will feel comfortable for Xiao Lulu.

Currently Ye Chen's large object is pinched by the very narrow wall of Xiao Lulu's honey cave, Xiao Lulu's honey cave has a high enough suction power, Ye Chen's younger brother feels sucked inside.

After a few minutes, finally the pain started to disappear, Xiao Lulu's pain was replaced with an itchy and full feeling.

"Lulu, how? Is it still sick? "Ye Chen asked whether Xiao Lulu still felt pain or not.

"It doesn't hurt anymore, but I feel itchy, this is very uncomfortable." Xiao Lulu told Ye Chen that she felt a little itchy and uncomfortable.

"You don't need to worry, then I will start moving, you will definitely feel comfortable." Seeing that Xiao Lulu's condition was getting better, it was time for Ye Chen to move.

Ye Chen started pumping slowly, he wanted Xiao Lulu's honey hole to get used to his big thing.