Journey To Become A True God Chapter 277

277 Ye Chen Xiao Lulu 4
The itching that Xiao Lulu experienced began to disappear, the itching sensation was replaced by an extremely comfortable feeling, Xiao Lulu had never felt such a pleasant sensation like this.

Every time Ye Chen's got smashed into her flower core, the overwhelming feeling made Xiao Lulu groan

"Lulu, I'm also very comfortable, your little hole pinched mine very tightly." Ye Chen also felt the pleasure she got from Xiao Lulu's little bastard.

"Lulu, I'm also very comfortable, your little hole pinched mine very tightly." Ye Chen also felt the pleasure he felt from Xiao Lulu's little honey cave.

Ye Chen pumped even more, his weapon causing Xiao Lulu's small cave to swell.

Xiao Lulu was enjoying the pleasure of being a real woman, it really felt too great.

Xiao Lulu wrapped her arms around Ye Chen's neck, she hugged Ye Chen tightly.

"Big brother Ye Chen, I feel like something else will come out." Xiao Lulu felt that something would come out of her, this time the feeling was much stronger than before.

"Big brother Ye Chen, I'm going to fly, yeah. . . . "Xiao Lulu reached the Peak of pleasure.

After reaching the peak of pleasure, his body trembled violently, all the nerves in Xiao Lulu's body were extremely sensitive.

Xiao Lulu rested her head on Ye Chen's shoulder, Xiao Lulu was already very tired.

"How does it feel, then? "Ye Chen asked how Xiao Lulu is currently feeling.

"Amazing, I've never felt anything so extraordinary like this" Xiao Lulu had never felt anything so great.

Xiao Lulu did not expect that Ye Chen's large object could make her feel this kind of pleasure.

"Good, then let's continue, I'm still not out." Ye Chen is still very hard, he hasn't fired the ammunition that accumulated in his weapon.

Xiao Lulu did not understand what Ye Chen meant, this time Ye Chen pumped again. "iyah . . . . ,iyah . . . . , iyah . . . . ,"Xiao Lulu groaned again, Xiao Lulu's voice was so cute, it was like a cat meowing.

"Lulu, I like you" While continuing to pump in the depths of Xiao Lulu's cave, Ye Chen started to suck on Xiao Lulu's twin peaks.

The two stimuli that Ye Chen did made her reach the peak of extinction, Xiao Lulu could not think clearly, what was in her mind was only Ye Chen's large object.

The two of them continued to do sports in bed for 1 whole hour, Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu several times changed their fighting positions.

Ye Chen felt that his will come out, he drilled into the deepest part of Xiao Lulu. "Then I'll come out, Byur. . . , Byur. . . , Byur. . . , "Ye Chen sprayed a lot of essence into Xiao Lulu's flower core.

Xiao Lulu immediately felt a warm feeling in her body, Xiao Lulu's stomach began to swell because it was filled with Ye Chen's essence.

Ye Chen did not expect that he could come out this much, after fusing with Azure Dragon Marrow, Ye Chen's Essence accumulated was much more than before, Yangqi Ye Chen's essence was also much more than before.

Xiao Lulu is currently asleep, she is very tired after doing the most fun things with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the sleeping Xiao Lulu, he stroked Xiao Lulu's beautiful hair, seeing Xiao Lulu's cute beauty, Ye Chen felt like he wanted to continue doing Xiao Lulu.

But seeing Xiao Lulu's current state, he knew that he could no longer do it with Xiao Lulu.

Ye Chen pulled out his huge weapon from inside Xiao Lulu's honey cave.

Ye Chen used a little of the king's heart technique skill so that his Yangqi wouldn't leak from Xiao Lulu's body.

Yangqi Ye Chen's essence will definitely start working on refining Xiao Lulu's body.

"I almost forgot, I still have to practice my alchemy, I have to quickly make pills from the Golden Lotus Flower so that all women can increase their strength." Ye Chen almost forgot that he had to raise his alchemy level immediately.

Ye Chen immediately searched for clothes from his storage room, he immediately put on the new clothes that he just took from the storage room.

Ye Chen carried Xiao Lulu who was sleeping like a prince, he brought Xiao Lulu into the fairy gate.

After entering the fairy gate, Ye Chen took Xiao Lulu to the dual cultivation room.

Ye Chen opened the dual cultivation room, in the room it turned out that there was a Ye Chen woman, the Ye Chen women who were in the dual cultivation room were Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi.

"Yanyan, I am very tired, the training that sisters Lanling and Yuechan gave me was cruel." Lin Rouxi complained to Zhao Yanyan for the cruelty committed by the two beauties.

Both Fu Lanling and Chu Yuechan trained Lin Rouxi very hard, Lin Rouxi who rarely sports, she was made exhausted by the training given by Chu Yuechan and Fu Lanling.

"Hehehe, they are doing this for the good of elder sister Rouxi, after all if you are not diligent in training you may be left behind with the others." Zhao Yanyan told Lin Rouxi to be more enthusiastic in practicing, otherwise Lin Rouxi could fall behind the others.

"Huft" Lin Rouxi sighed, she did not expect that this would happen, Lin Rouxi did not believe that all the women that Ye Chen had were so beautiful, when compared to her current Lin Rouxi felt a little defeated.

What's more, after seeing beauties from other worlds like Fu Lanling and Chu Yuechan, Lin Rouxi really felt like nothing.

These two women were like the reincarnation of a beautiful goddess, Lin Rouxi was even amazed by the beauty that was possessed by Fu Lanling and Chu Yuechan.

"Click" suddenly the door to the Dual Cultivation Room opened, immediately Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi saw who had entered this room.

The person who entered the room was Ye Chen, Ye Chen was currently carrying Xiao Lulu in his hand.

If Xiao Lulu can enter here, then it means that she has become Ye Chen's woman, how can Ye Chen do it with Xiao Lulu, wasn't Ye Chen with Xia Ningzi earlier?

"Husband, why is Xiao Lulu in your hands, weren't you with Xia Ningzi just now? Zhao Yanyan asked why Xiao Lulu was in Ye Chen's hands.

"It's a long story, I'll explain later." First Ye Chen had to put Xiao Lulu on a large dual cultivation bed, Ye Chen laid Xiao Lulu down gently.

After doing that, Ye Chen looked at Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi.

"Dear teacher, are you used to living with my other women? Ye Chen asked if Lin Rouxi was used to living with another Ye Chen woman.

"Yes, I'm getting used to it." Lin Rouxi started getting used to the other Ye Chen women, luckily all the women here were able to quickly get along with her.

Everyone looks very kind and receptive to each other.

Now that Lin Rouxi didn't really mind Ye Chen having many women, she had already heard from Zhao Yanyan why Ye Chen needed so many women.

It turned out that the reason Ye Chen needed Yinqi from many women to stabilize the Yangqi in his body.

Ye Chen's special body forced him to do this.

Otherwise he will die from Yangqi Excess.