Journey To Become A True God Chapter 278

278 Make A Golden Lotus Pill
"I'm glad you got used to this, I hope that my dear teacher can continue to get along with my other women." Ye Chen was happy to see Lin Rouxi accepting another woman.

Lin Rouxi's face suddenly turned red "Ye Chen why do you still call me dear teacher, you should call me Rouxi or wife, teacher calls make me feel embarrassed" Lin Rouxi feels embarrassed every time Ye Chen calls her dear teacher.

She found such calls very lewd and shameless.

"Hehehe, what's wrong with calling it looks good to you, right Yanyan? Ye Chen chuckled at Lin Rouxi.

Perhaps because it had become a habit, Ye Chen preferred to call Lin Rouxi, dear teacher.

"I told you to call me Rouxi, why don't you understand, you naughty student." Lin Rouxi tugged at Ye Chen's ears, she took her anger out on Ye Chen's ears.

"Yanyan help me, save me from the teacher who wants to kill me" Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan for help.

Zhao Yanyan just smiled at Ye Chen's teasing Lin Rouxi. Both of them were really cute.

After being satisfied playing flirting with Lin Rouxi, finally Ye Chen apologized and called Lin Rouxi just by calling Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi who heard this was delighted and she finally wanted to let go of Ye Chen's ears.

"Rouxi, I have a request for you, can you do it? "Ye Chen wants to ask Lin Rouxi something.

" What is that ? Lin Rouxi asked questioningly.

"I want you to teach Xiao Lulu about the lessons that exist in this world, it seems that Xiao Lulu still doesn't understand some of the sciences in this world." Seeing Xiao Lulu who was too innocent, Ye Chen wanted Lin Rouxi to teach Xiao Lulu a little about the science exist in this world.

if Ye Chen wasn't around, he was afraid that Xiao Lulu would be easily tricked and manipulated by someone.

"OK, leave this girl to me, I will make her good at everything." Lin Rouxi is very passionate, she likes teaching someone to be smart.

"Good, as expected from Rouxi, come here let me give you a kiss." Ye Chen nudged Lin Rouxi's body and tried to kiss her.

"Ye Chen don't." Lin Rouxi tried to avoid Ye Chen, unfortunately she was too late.

Ye Chen kissed his cherry lips, Ye Chen started kissing her very passionately.

Lin Rouxi who initially refused was immediately rendered helpless, she began to be drowned by Ye Chen's passionate kiss.

The two of them started kissing passionately, they considered this world their own.

"Ehemm." Zhao Yanyan who was beside suddenly coughed.

Zhao Yanyan's cough made Lin Rouxi push Ye Chen away, she just remembered that Zhao Yanyan was still watching.

How could she do such a shameless thing right in front of her disciple, Lin Rouxi felt extremely embarrassed.

"Ye Chen you are so perverted, how can I have such a naughty student like you" Lin Rouxi scolded Ye Chen who was like this.

She had to teach Ye Chen a little bit so as not to be too perverted like this.

"Hehehe." Ye Chen just chuckled at Lin Rouxi.

"Yanyan, are you envious of Rouxi, then let the husband kiss you" Ye Chen pounced Zhao Yanyan onto the bed.

"Ah. , Husband stop it, elder sister Rouxi help me. "Zhao Yanyan asked Lin Rouxi for help.

Ye Chen ignored Zhao Yanyan's screams, he kissed Zhao Yanyan's cherry lips right away.

Lin Rouxi who was by the side tried to separate Ye Chen from Zhao Yanyan.

Unfortunately, he was dragged by Zhao Yanyan into the water, the three of them took turns kissing.

After being satisfied playing flirting with Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi, Ye Chen left the dual culitvation room.

Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi to look after Xiao Lulu when she wakes up.

Now that Ye Chen had to raise the level of alchemy he had, Ye Chen went to a very lonely place,

he took the dual dragon cauldron from the storage room, he put in the ingredients to make pills, after the ingredients were entered Ye Chen started making pills.

During these 12 hours, Ye Chen spent his time continuously and continued to make pills, all the ginseng that Ye Chen had bought in the traditional medicine festival had been used up into pills, now Ye Chen's proficiency had increased a lot.

it was time for Ye Chen to make a Pill from the Golden Lotus Flower medicinal plant.

Ye Chen took the 100,000 year old Golden Lotus Flower and Ginseng, for the mixture Ye Chen used the best Ginseng he had.

With 100,000 year old Ginseng the effects of the Pill that he was going to make would have been even more extraordinary.

Ye Chen put the two rare ingredients into the dual dragon cauldron, after the two ingredients entered Ye Chen closed the cauldron.

Ye Chen started to calm his mind and heart, if this failed it would be a loss for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to circulate his flames into the dual dragon cauldron, Ye Chen's flames began to purify the dirt in the Golden Lotus Flower and also the 100,000 year old ginseng.

Ye Chen had to be extra careful in removing the dirt inside the Golden Lotus Flower and the 100,000 year old ginseng.

This stage will determine the level of pill purity he will make, if Ye Chen is wrong a little The pills he makes will not be pure, and the effect will also decrease.

The Refining Process took longer than Ye Chen's estimate, at this time Ye Chen's body was already covered with sweat pouring down his entire body.

Ye Chen shouldn't let his guard down, if he was to be careless, all the efforts he had put in so far would be in vain.

Finally, Ye Chen finished refining the 100,000 year old Golden Lotus Flower and also the Ginseng, now it was only left to combine the refined extract of the two into a pill.

this is the final phase, Ye Chen hopes that it will work, Ye Chen started to condense the extract from the 100,000 year old Golden Lotus Flower and Gingseng into a Pill.

Ye Chen had to be extra careful, even the slightest bit of material could evaporate or fail, if it evaporated Ye Chen didn't know where to look for rare plants like the Golden Lotus Flower.

The Golden Lotus Flower is too difficult to find, let alone looking for it in an energetic place that is not as pure as the earth.

This was tantamount to looking for a needle in the hay mountain pile, Ye Chen was already very lucky to get 1 Golden Lotus Flower.

Maybe in Ye Chen's life, Ye Chen would have a hard time finding a rare medicinal plant like the Golden Lotus Flower.

A very fragrant aroma began to appear from the dual dragon cauldron.

"Bamm! ! ! . . , bamm! ! ! . . , bamm! ! ! . . , bamm! ! ! . . , "During the compaction process, suddenly the cauldron shook violently.

The weather inside the Fairy Gate started to get weird, profuse lightning started to grab the dual dragon cauldron.

Seeing this weirdness Ye Chen didn't leave, he created a barrier to protect himself from getting hurt.

If Ye Chen leaves in a situation like this, it is certain that the pill in the dual dragon cauldron will evaporate.

This was common in making high-ranking pills, when making high-ranking pills, the process of combining pills could affect the circumstances around the maker.

Ye Chen had to go through all of this for the sake of making a perfect pill.

"Bammm. . . ., bammm. . . ., bammm. . . ., bammm. . . ., "Hundreds of thunderbolts continued to strike the dual dragon cauldron.

"Booom" suddenly exploded with a very strong cauldron, this explosion made a pretty strong blow.