Journey To Become A True God Chapter 279

279 Beautiful Milf Woman
Dust covered Ye Chen and the dual dragon cauldrons.

"Cough. . . , cough. . . , cough. . . , Ye Chen coughed from inhaling the dust around him.

"Am I successful? "Ye Chen is curious whether the pill he made was successful or failed.

Ye Chen opened the lid of the dual dragon cauldron, when the lid of the dual dragon cauldron was opened, the aroma that came out from inside was very fragrant.

"So fragrant." Ye Chen smelled a very fragrant pill, Ye Chen had never smelled a pill that smelled like this.

Ye Chen peeked into the dual dragon cauldron, inside the dual dragon cauldron there were a total of 12 pills that glowed with a golden color.

"Wow, there are so many, it turns out that I can make so many pills from the Golden Lotus Flower." Ye Chen didn't expect that he could make so many pills.

At first Ye Chen thought he could make just 5 ~ 6 pills using the support of the dual dragon cauldron, unexpectedly with his current ability he could make this much.

Ye Chen took one of the Golden Lotus Pills into his palm.

Ye Chen started researching whether this pill had any abnormalities or flaws.

After researching for a while, Ye Chen found absolutely no abnormality in the pills he had made.

Everything looks very pure and good. "This is perfect, I will try one, maybe it still has an effect on me." Ye Chen wanted to try this pill on him.

Ye Chen knew that taking this pill would not have much effect on increasing his strength, Ye Chen wanted to try it on himself before giving this pill to the woman.

Ye Chen was afraid that this pill would have other effects that could harm Zhao Yanyan and the others.

"Nyuu, Nyuu, Nyuu, Nyuu" Suddenly, Ye Xiu appeared beside Ye Chen.

Ye Xiu's little fox, suddenly shook his little hand on Ye Chen's thigh.

Ye Chen immediately looked at Ye Xiu "Little Xiu what's wrong" Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu what she wanted ".

"Nyuu. . ., Nyuu. . ., Nyuu. . ., "Ye Xiu tried to point at the pill in Ye Chen's hand, it seemed that Ye Xiu wanted to ask Ye Chen one pill.

"Do you want this? While asking Ye Xiu, Ye Chen pointed to the pill in his hand.

Ye Xiu nodded at Ye Chen, she wanted the pill that Ye Chen had.

Ye Chen didn't understand why Ye Xiu wanted one of the Golden Lotus pills.

"Nyuu. . ., Nyuu. . ., Nyuu. . ., "Ye Xiu nagged at Ye Chen like a child wanting a candy.

"Fine, this is for you." Ye Chen gave one of the Golden Lotus pills to Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu immediately opened her mouth wide, she was waiting for the pill from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen threw the Golden Lotus Pill into Ye Xiu's mouth.

Ye Xiu immediately swallowed the pill Ye Chen gave her into her stomach.

After getting what she wanted, Ye Xiu jumped into Ye Chen's embrace, she licked Ye Chen with her little tongue.

"Hahaha, it's amused." This was the first time Ye Xiu acted spoiled like this to Ye Chen.

"Okay now go and play as you please." Ye Chen told Ye Xiu to go and do whatever she wanted.

Ye Xiu left Ye Chen's embrace, she went to a corner where there was a boulder, Ye Xiu was lying on top of this boulder.

Ye Chen is impotent, Ye Xiu sleeps after being full, this little fox only knows eating and sleeping.

Ye Chen didn't see the pill's effect on Ye Xiu, actually this pill has efficacy or not?.

Ye Chen refocused on the pill that was in the dual dragon cauldron, to prove it he also wanted to try one.

Ye Chen took one golden Lotus pill and then put it in his mouth.

When Ye Chen swallowed the Golden Lotus Pill, an extremely pure energy appeared within Ye Chen's body, this energy was not only pure but also immense.

Feeling this, Ye Chen immediately sat cross-legged, he started to close his eyes, Ye Chen had to manage the pure enegry that was overflowing in his body.

The pure energy began to be refined by Ye Chen.

After approximately 2 hours, the pure energy in Ye Chen's body was almost completely refined.

"Boooom. . . ., boooom. . . ., boooom. . . ., "Ye Chen's body exploded a formidable aura, it looks like Ye Chen is about to break through to the sphere to the seven Overlord Realm.

"Boooom. . . , "A burst of even more powerful aura occurred, finally Ye Chen broke through to the Seventh Overlord Realm.

After breaking through, Ye Chen opened his eyes. "I didn't expect that I would break through after consuming the Golden Lotus Pill." Ye Chen did not expect that he could break through after consuming the golden lotus pill he made.

For Ye Chen the effect of this pill was so great, now Ye Chen had no more doubts about giving this pill to all the women.

"Master, congrats on breaking through." A very soft and seductive voice came from behind Ye Chen.

"Yuechan, thank you for your words. . ., uh. . . . ? "When he turned around, Ye Chen was surprised to see that the woman who congratulated him was not Chu Yuechan. A very beautiful adult woman stood right in front of Ye Chen.

This woman was wearing a very sexy Kimono outfit, her long black hair flowing like water, this woman's body was really a Milf that was fully ripe.

The twin peaks owned by this woman were quite fantastic in size, the same size as Qing Cheng's.

What makes this woman's appearance seductive is the part of the kimono she is wearing.

The kimono that this woman wore was very loose, especially in the two twin peaks, Ye Chen saw the bottomless abyss in the middle of this Milf woman's double peak.

"Who are you ?, how were you here? "Ye Chen immediately asked who this beautiful woman was, this woman was not Ye Chen's acquaintance, obviously this was the first time Ye Chen had met this beautiful Milf woman.

"Chuckled, chuckled, chuckled, Master, don't you really know who I am? "This MILF chuckled at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at the beautiful Milf woman from top to bottom. "Who are you, I never knew you at all, and how did you get into here." Ye Chen did not know who this beautiful woman was.

The beautiful Milf suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of Ye Chen. "You have made this queen like this, do you really not know who I am?" The eyes of the current Milf questioned Ye Chen.

This mature Milf is too close, before his eyes Ye Chen can see a bottomless slit which is very amazing.

Subconsciously Ye Chen turned his face to the side.

Mature Milf was not at all happy with what Ye Chen was doing, she felt neglected.

Beautiful Milf's fingers touched Ye Chen's face. "Master, you better try to remember well, otherwise I will be very angry." Mature Milf got angry at Ye Chen who didn't know who she was.

Ye Chen was very confused about who and where this woman had come from, he had absolutely no idea about this woman.

"Is there any indication of who you are? "Ye Chen wants a hint of who this beautiful Milf is.

Beautiful Milf is helpless, Ye Chen really doesn't know who she is, even though she has struggled with all kinds of ways to get her form back, and Ye Chen doesn't know who she is at all.