Journey To Become A True God Chapter 280

280 Ye Xius Original Appearance
"If I do this you will probably remember who I am." The beautiful Milf woman brought her face close to Ye Chen's neck, pulling out her tongue.

The beautiful Milf woman suddenly licked Ye Chen's neck, Ye Chen was amused by what this Milif woman was doing, how this woman had this kind of courage.

"Wait for this feeling, don't tell me that this Milf woman is Ye Xiu" Ye Chen looked at this Milf woman with a shocked look.

"Are you Ye Xiu?" Ye Chen asked the beautiful Milf woman.

"Chuckled, chuckled, chuckled, finally you remember this queen too." Ye Xiu laughed teasingly at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was shocked when he found out that this beautiful Milf woman was little Ye Xiu.

This is very far from Ye Chen's expectations. "But, but. . ., how can you have a form like this, the attitude you show is also very different. "Ye Chen thought that Ye Xiu was a cute little girl.

Hearing this, Ye Xiu was angry, nine white tails started to come out from behind her body, these tails immediately wrapped around Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen was chosen by Ye Xiu's tail, seeing this tail Ye Chen was increasingly convinced that this was little Ye Xiu, he did not expect that Ye Xiu would become a woman this beautiful.

Ye Xiu pulled Ye Chen closer to his side "it is indeed the fault of this queen to have to act like that, if only you were not stingy then I have always recovered my true appearance." Ye Xiu said beside Ye Chen's ear.

Ye Xiu was quite dissatisfied because Ye Chen was stingy with herself, fortunately the other Ye Chen women were very kind, as long as Ye Xiu was cute, they would give himself medicinal plants.

Ye Xiu was forced to do that, she had no other choice, it was for the sake of restoring her original appearance.

"Oh, I'm sorry, can you let me go now?" Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu to let go.

Because Ye Chen had sincerely apologized, Ye Xiu let go of her tail from Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen is now free from Ye Xiu's tail, "so this is your true appearance, but why haven't you shown it to me all this time? Ye Chen asked why Ye Xiu had never shown this form before.

"I can't do that, before when I fought the five old tao, I used a forbidden technique to increase my strength in a short time, the reward of doing that is to be trapped in fox form for some time, that's why I needed a lot of medicinal herbs for my form. recover quickly, unfortunately I have a master who is stingy and doesn't want to give me valuable medicinal herbs. "Ye Xiu explained to Ye Chen why she didn't show her true appearance before.

Ye Chen didn't know whether Ye Xiu was explaining to himself or was making fun of himself for being stingy.

Ye Chen: "Didn't I apologize just now, why do you keep mentioning it".

"Humpf." Ye Xiu snorted coldly.

"Hey Xiu, you always said that you were the queen, are you really a queen? "Ye Chen heard Ye Xiu several times calling herself the queen, is it true that Ye Xiu is a queen.

"This queen used to be the leader of the nine-tailed fox clan, I was often called the queen by my followers." Ye Xiu told Ye Chen that he used to be the leader of the nine-tailed fox clan.

Because that was the attitude and temperament that Ye Xiu was currently showing was like a noble.

Coupled with Milf's seductive appearance, every man who saw her would be attracted.

"Then where is your clan today? "Ye Chen wants to know the existence of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

When Ye Chen asked about this, Ye Xiu's face turned a little sad. "I don't need to tell you." Ye Xiu didn't want to tell Ye Chen what happened to her Clan.

Seeing Ye Xiu's strange reaction, Ye Chen knew that something bad must have happened, so Ye Chen didn't ask Ye Xiu any further.

"You and I are now masters and servants, I'll still call you little Xiu." Ye Chen smiled at Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu's tail again wrapped around Ye Chen's body very strongly "Who do you call little Xiu? This queen has lived for thousands of years, how dare a boy like you dare to call me small, you must call me the queen" Ye Xiu doesn't really like being called small by Ye Chen, she wanted to be called the queen by Ye Chen.

In terms of age Ye Xiu had lived for thousands of years, how could she be called Little Xiu by Ye Chen who was not even 20 years old.

Ye Chen "it will never happen, I am your master, you should obey me".

Ye Xiu started to get angry, she tightened her tail, suddenly the contract mark in Ye Chen's hand glowed.

mmediately Ye Xiu's head felt dizzy and very sore, Ye Xiu immediately let go of her tail which was wrapped around Ye Chen's body.

Ye Xiu held her head in pain. "Oh, it hurts, master, please stop it quickly." Ye Xiu begged Ye Chen to stop this.

Because of the soul contract with Ye Chen, Ye Xiu couldn't do anything detrimental to Ye Chen, if Ye Xiu had the slightest thought of harassing Ye Chen then she would feel pain like this.

"I'll stop it, but you have to promise to make more sense." Ye Chen told Ye Xiu to be absurd.

"OK, OK, I promise you please stop this right now, it hurts." Ye Xiu begged, she was in great pain.

Ye Chen stopped the soul contract so as not to hurt Ye Xiu, after the pain in her head disappeared Ye Xiu felt better.

"Smart girl, you have to be more obedient from now on." Ye Chen stroked Ye Xiu's beautiful Milf head.

Ye Xiu felt so embarrassed, how could he who had lived for thousands of years be needed like this by Ye Chen.

But Ye Chen's touch was quite pleasing to her, she felt back to the touch that his mother used to do.

Ye Chen looked at the ears that were above Ye Xiu's head, Ye Xiu's ears began to move up, it seemed like Ye Xiu was enjoying this.

Ye Chen wanted those who saw this to touch Ye Xiu's fox ears, he wanted to confirm whether this was real or fake.

"iyahh. . . . " When Ye Chen grabbed Ye Xiu's ear, Ye Xiu let out a soft groan.

"Master, don't touch it, it's very sensitive." Ye Xiu told Ye Chen that her ears were a very sensitive part of her body.

" Is it true ? , the feeling of touching this is quite pleasant. "Ye Chen continued to touch Ye Xiu's ear which was very tender.

Ye Xiu started to groan, her body felt hot from the touch of Ye Chen's hand, Ye Xiu's body started to wriggle, she felt a very pleasant feeling.

" not . . . "Ye Xiu tried to get away from Ye Chen, if Ye Chen kept touching her ears, Ye Xiu couldn't stand this.

Ye Xiu ran away from this place, she was trying to get as far away from Ye Chen as possible.

Ye Chen looked at Ye Xiu's departure, Ye Xiu ran away like a rabbit that was frightened by its prey.


"I never thought that Ye Xiu would become a very beautiful adult woman." Ye Chen still couldn't believe that Ye Xiu's true form was so beautiful.

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