Journey To Become A True God Chapter 282

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in outside room

At this time Ye Xiu looked at the Dual Cultivation Room, even though she couldn't see inside the Dual Cultivation Room, but she guessed what was going on in there.

"Why are you just staying here, don't you want to join them?" Chu Yuechan suddenly appeared beside Ye Xiu.

"No, this queen doesn't want to do that." Ye Xiu immediately rejected Chu Yuechan.

"Hahaha, you are so cute, you have a very beautiful body, but unfortunately you are still a little virgin." Chu Yuechan laughed at Ye Xiu who was still a virgin.

"What is the problem with being a virgin at my current age, I can still live for several thousand more years, with my current appearance, finding a partner is not difficult for me." Ye Xiu didn't want to lose, she fought Chu Yuechan's words.

Ye Xiu didn't dare to use harsh means against Chu Yuechan, the aura that Chu Yuechan emitted was extremely dangerous. This woman made herself a little afraid.

"It's such a pity, if you give it to Master, he will definitely like it very much." Chu Yuechan continued to tease the beautiful Milf Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu's face turned red. "Why don't you just give it to this person, you're still a pure virgin who is older than me." Finally Ye Xiu was able to reply to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Xiu just remembered that this beautiful fairy was still a virgin, especially since she was much older than her.

A threatening aura leaked out from Chu Yuechan's body. "What did you say I was, old lady? "Chu Yuechan felt dissatisfied at being called old, every woman would not like being called old, that includes Chu Yuechan.

Ye Xiu immediately shuddered when she saw the aura that Chu Yuechan gave off, the aura that Chu Yuechan emitted was very threatening to Ye Xiu.

"No, I didn't say it like that, I said you were still a virgin just like me." With quite a panic Ye Xiu tried to explain to Chu Yuechan, Ye Xiu who usually acted like a queen immediately turned obedient in front of Chu Yuechan.

"Very good." Chu Yuechan was satisfied with Ye Xiu's change of attitude.

"You don't have to worry about this, after all, sooner or later I will give mine to master." Chu Yuechan knew that sooner or later she would become Ye Chen's woman.

It's just that right now the time is not right, Chu Yuechan must wait until Ye Chen becomes stronger, Chu Yuechan likes men who have stronger power than herself.

Ye Xiu didn't expect that Chu Yuechan would speak such courage.

Chu Yuechan looked back at Ye Xiu, "then what about you, do you like Ye Chen?" Chu Yuechan again asked Ye Xiu whether she liked Ye Chen or not.

"I don't know, I'm looking for someone perfect for myself." Ye Xiu didn't know, what she was looking for was the perfect man for herself.

"Hmmm, you're looking for the perfect Men ?, Doesn't that point to Ye Chen? ," Ye Xiu's words backfired on herself.

Milf Ye Xiu's face became even redder, why every time she spoke this woman would always favor Ye Chen, this made her not know what to do.

Ye Xiu couldn't take it anymore, she left this place.

"Giggled." Chu Yuechan giggled, she looked towards Ye Xiu's departure.

Chu Yuechan guessed that Ye Xiu might like Ye Chen, it was only a matter of time until this beautiful Milf realized her feelings for Ye Chen.

That's why Chu Yuechan previously bombarded Ye Xiu with questions about Ye Chen, she wanted to see what reaction Ye Xiu would show, it was unexpected that Ye Xiu would show such an embarrassed reaction.

"It seems like everyone will have fun tonight." Chu Yuechan looked at the dual cultivation room where Ye Chen and all the women were.

Chu Yuechan who was connected with Ye Chen, naturally knew what Ye Chen was doing right now.

Chu Yuechan did not interfere with what everyone was doing, she only smiled softly and disappeared from where she was standing.

The next day

The next day Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu were lying weakly on the bed.

Last night was very chaotic, the six of them joined hands against Ye Chen who was alone.

Even though they had worked together, the six women were still unable to fight against Ye Chen, as a result they were all defeated and exhausted by Ye Chen.

After obtaining the inheritance from the Azure Dragon, Ye Chen's strength on the bed increased even more, he was even able to do 5 women at once without getting tired at all.

The benefits of dual cultivation are also getting bigger, Zhao Yanyan and others feel the benefits are far greater than before.

Ye Chen was very satisfied, he looked at the six women who were sleeping very comfortably.

Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu who were naked looked like fairies who came down from the sky, after getting moisturization from Ye Chen they were all very beautiful now, their beauty was comparable to the goddess of heaven.

The most noticeable changes were Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu, now Lin Rouxi's teacher has become much prettier and more seductive, she emitted a mature aura that made Ye Chen like her even more.

As for Xiao Lulu, she is getting prettier and looks a little more mature.

Seeing the six women still asleep, Ye Chen decided to leave this room, he better see Xia Ningzi's condition.

Ye Chen left the dual cultivation room.

A while after Ye Chen left, Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu opened their eyes, all the women got up at the same time.

"Geez, husband, became much stronger, even after everyone cooperated, still unable to beat him." Zhao Yanyan did not expect that Ye Chen became even stronger than before.

After doing it in the dorm that time, Zhao Yanyan felt that something had changed from Ye Chen, now that Ye Chen's abilities were much stronger and more powerful.

Zhao Yanyan and all the women were made to reach heaven by Ye Chen's amazing power.

Liu Yue: "You're absolutely right, he's getting stronger, moreover his things are getting bigger and bigger, my body is barely able to fit it." Liu Yue also felt what Zhao Yanyan felt.

Ye Chen's ability was too strong, she could be easily overpowered and immersed in peerless pleasure.

"We should look for a sister again, otherwise we might be killed by a large object belonging to the husband." Zhao Yanyan advised everyone to find another woman for Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan's lower half was still a little sore because Ye Chen's big thing was too strong while doing it himself.

Zhao Yanyan really liked the feeling he got from younger brother Ye Chen, but his body couldn't keep on handling such a large object.

Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin and Lin Rouxi agreed with what Zhao Yanyan had suggested.

"This time I agree with younger sister Yanyan." Even Lin Rouxi who usually didn't like Ye Chen had many women, agreeing with Zhao Yanyan's suggestion, she felt the five of them weren't enough to do Ye Chen.

Yesterday all the women didn't know how many times they were all pierced by Ye Chen's big thing.

If they had to do this every day, they definitely wouldn't be strong.

Even if doing it was fun but if it had to be like this every day, then they wouldn't be able to endure it, moreover Ye Chen needed Yinqi intake from all women, otherwise Ye Chen would be in danger.

"Lulu, how about you?" Zhao Yanyan asked Xiao Lulu.

Now that Xiao Lulu had joined Ye Chen's wife group, she also had to make a choic

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