Journey To Become A True God Chapter 283

283 Ambiguous Morning
" that . . . . , I just agree with you. "Xiao Lulu is currently very embarrassed, she did not think that Zhao Yanyan had considered herself as family too.

In her heart Xiao Lulu is very happy, she is finally fully accepted in this family, now she has several beautiful sisters who are kind.

"Well if everyone agrees, then we have to find a beautiful woman for the husband." Zhao Yanyan decided to help Ye Chen in finding a woman who was both good and beautiful.

All the women in the room nodded, they all agreed with what Zhao Yanyan said.

After the agreement is made together, all the women immediately take a shower, change clothes and dress up, after they are done, now they all look very beautiful.

Some women still had difficulty walking, the worst being Xiao Lulu, she needed help from Fu Lanling to keep her feet upright.

After All the women appeared beautiful, Zhao Yanyan led all the women to leave the fairy gate.

On the other hand.

Ye Chen is currently going to the room where Xia Ningzi is sleeping, he wants to see if Xia Ningzi is awake or not.

"Click" Ye Chen entered the room where Xia Ningzi was, currently Xia Ningzi was still fast asleep.

Ye Chen went inside, he wanted to wake Xia Ningzi up.

"Hey Xia Ningzi wake up, it's already morning." Ye Chen shook Xia Ningzi's body.

Xia Ningzi was currently having a sweet dream, she was quite annoyed at being bullied at a time like this.

"Big sister, go away, you disturb my sweet dreams." Xia Ningzi is still a little conscious, she is delirious, she thinks the person who is waking her up is Xia Qingyu, even though right now the person who is waking her up is Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was helpless, he shook Xia Ningzi's body even harder.

Xia Ningzi was getting more and more annoyed, she got out of bed, Xia Ningzi wanted to argue with the person who was bothering her. "Big sister, I'm still sleepy, why are you. . . " Xia Ningzi's words stuck in her throat.

Xia Ningzi was surprised to see the person in front of her, the person in front of her was not her older sister, but Ye Chen.

Now that Xia Ningzi's naked carcass was seen in front of Ye Chen, last night Ye Chen forgot to put the clothes Xia Ningzi was wearing again.

If Xia Ningzi was suspicious, it would be bad.

"Eh, senior brother Ye Chen, I'm sorry, I thought you were my sister." Xia Ningzi apologized to Ye Chen, she thought that Ye Chen was her older sister who was waking herself up.

Xia Ningzi just remembered that she was currently at Ye Chen's house.

Xia Ningzi did not call Ye Chen brother-in-law, because of the incident last night, she was very embarrassed to have to call Ye Chen as brother-in-law.

"Ahemmm, Xia Ningzi you better cover your body, from here I can see everything very clearly." Ye Chen told Xia Ningzi to cover her body.

Hearing Ye Chen's words just now, Xia Ningzi immediately looked down, at this time she really did not wear anything on her body.

Xia Ningzi's face turned red. "Ahh. . . . ." Xia Ningzi shouted, she immediately turned away from Ye Chen.

"Senior brother Ye Chen quickly turned around, why are you still looking here?" Xia Ningzi told Ye Chen to turn around.

Hearing this, Ye Chen immediately turned his back on Xia Ningzi. "Last night I saw it enough, why hide it from me." Ye Chen did not say it directly, he said this in his heart.

Xia Ningzi immediately grabbed whatever was nearby, she took a blanket to cover her body.

After the kajadian earlier, the atmosphere in the room became ambiguous, neither Ye Chen nor Xia Ningzi wanted to start a conversation.

"Ehemmm, are you feeling good, is there anything you are uncomfortable with?" To get rid of the awkwardness, Ye Chen asked how Xia Ningzi is currently.

"I'm fine, senior brother Ye Chen doesn't need to worry." Xia Ningzi is healthy as normal, in the morning she feels very fit and healthy.

Xia Ningzi said this with a flushed face, she still remembered what happened last night.

"You don't need to be too formal with me, you can call me Ye Chen or brother-in-law." Ye Chen wanted Xia Ningzi to be less formal with him.

"Okay, I understand, I'll just call you Ye Chen." Xia Ningzi finally called Ye Chen by his full name.

Xia Ningzi's face still looked red.

"Good, you're hungry right ?, I will make breakfast for you, you better go take a shower and wash up." Ye Chen wanted Xia Ningzi to go take a shower and wash up.

If Ye Chen continued to be in this place, it was likely that the situation would become even more awkward.

Hence, he wanted to keep Xia Ningzi alone for the time being.

Ye Chen left the room, now only Xia Ningzi is left in this room.

"Ouch, why can you be so careless, I let him see my body." Xia Ningzi felt like just dying, she returned to let Ye Chen see her beautiful carcass.

"What should I do, how will I face it in the future." Xia Ningzi's current mind was very chaotic.

Her older sister's fianc was currently looking at her body, in this situation what would Xia Ningzi do.

"Ouch, why can't I think clearly in this kind of situation" Xia Ningzi hit her head for not wanting to work in a situation like this.

"I should just take a shower, maybe cold water can calm my mind." Xia Ningzi decided to just take a shower, with a cold shower, maybe her mind would be refreshed.

While still wrapped in the blanket, Xia Ningzi went to the small bathroom in this room.

She started washing her body with cold water that came out of the shower.

After leaving the room occupied by Xia Ningzi, Ye Chen is currently going to the kitchen, this time he will make breakfast for everyone.

Right now it was most likely that Zhao Yanyan and the other women were sleeping, so it was best for her to make food for everyone, when they all got up breakfast was ready.

Ye Chen started cooking food, he used makeshift ingredients that he could find in this kitchen, Ye Chen used makeshift ingredients to make delicious food.

Within 30 minutes Ye Chen managed to make a huge amount of food, he put all the food he had made on the dining table.

It so happened that when Ye Chen finished making food, Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lullu came out of the fairy gate.

All women today are so beautifully dressed, Ye Chen is fascinated to see the beauty of all his wives.

"Husband, why are you stunned like that, have you never seen a beauty like us" Zhao Yanyan and other women giggled in front of Ye Chen.

"Wife, all of you are the most beautiful women like goddesses, I am very fortunate to be blessed by women like you." Ye Chen praised all the women who had dressed up so beautifully.

"Look, the husband has a very sweet tongue, it's no wonder he can gather us all." This time Liu Yue said that Ye Chen has a sweet tongue that can make women happy with the words that come out of him.

"Hehehe" Ye Chen just chuckled at all his wives.

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