Journey To Become A True God Chapter 284

284 Liu Yue Wanted To Go Too
All the women headed towards the dining table, all the women sat very neatly.

The dining table in this villa is quite large, it can accommodate up to tens of people at once.

"Ye Chen, did you make all of this." Lin Rouxi asked if all the food on the table was made by Ye Chen alone.

"Of course, let's try it" Ye Chen told everyone to try his cooking.

In this house the only women who had tried dishes from him were Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue, for Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu had never tried Ye Chen's food.

Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu were quite curious about Ye Chen's cooking skills.

They started trying to taste the dishes that Ye Chen had made.

"Delicious." Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Xiao Lulu felt that the food that Ye Chen made was delicious.

Ye Chen was happy to see all the women like the dishes he had made.

"Tap. . ., tap. . ., tap. . ., "The sound of footsteps was heard.

Everyone immediately looked at the sound of footsteps, they all saw Xia Ningzi coming to the dining room.

Xia Ningzi who just came downstairs immediately went to the dining room, she was quite difficult to find where the dining room was.

hearing the voices of several people making noise, Xia Ningzi decided to go and take a look.

It turned out that the origin of the noise came from the dining room, when Xia Ningzi arrived at the dining room, Xia Ningzi was surprised to see that there were so many very beautiful women sitting beside Ye Chen.

All the women who sat in the dining room were of utter beauty, each one of them with a different temperament.

Xia Ningzi had never seen so many beautiful women gathered in one and the same place.

Seeing this, Xia Ningzi began to suspect that all the beautiful women here were Ye Chen's women.

Xia Ningzi did not expect that Ye Chen could have so many beautiful women at the same time.

"Xia Ningzi, come here and eat with us." Seeing Xia Ningzi's arrival, Ye Chen told her to join the meal together.

All the women who were here gave Xia Ningzi gentle smiles.

Xia Ningzi didn't dare to look back at this beautiful woman, she only lowered her head and walked towards the nearest chair.

"Xia Ningzi, let's try the dishes that Ye Chen made, you will definitely like them." Zhao Yanyan, who was familiar with Xia Ningzi, immediately offered Xia Ningzi the food that Ye Chen had made.

Xia Ningzi didn't dare to refuse Zhao Yanyan, she immediately tried the dishes that Ye Chen had made.

All the women who were here kept looking at Xia Ningzi, they started to think that maybe Xia Ningzi could be dragged into their group.

From the attitude shown and Xia Ningzi's beauty, all women were quite satisfied, Xia Ningzi might be the right candidate

They would all find the perfect time to talk to Xia Ningzi.

Everyone continued eating the food that was on the table.

All the women were chatting with each other, today they all look very telling, most likely because of the increased power they have done last night.

"Husband, I heard that you are going together with Xia Qingyu to the capital to do business. Is that right?" Liu Yue asked Ye Chen if he and Xia Qingyu were going to the capital to do business.

"Yes, I'm going to the capital together with Qingyu to do some business, by the way, how do you know this? "Ye Chen wanted to know how Liu Yue knew that he was going to the capital together with Xia Qingyu.

"Of course I know, whatever Xia Qingyu does it will not be able to escape from my supervision." Liu Yue told Ye Chen that she knew the work Xia Qingyu was going to do.

it turned out that Liu Yue often monitored Xia Qingyu's work, Xia Qingyu herself also often asked for advice from Liu Yue who was very experienced in business.

"I've decided very well, I'll go with you two to the capital." Liu Yue wanted to go along with Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu to the capital.

Liu Yue will help Ye Chen get a cold woman like Xia Qingyu, she will make a scenario for Ye Chen to get a cold woman like Xia Qingyu as soon as possible.

Liu Yue winked at all the sisters, she had already found one girl she could join the group with.

All the women in the beautiful wife group, understood what Liu Yue was trying to do, they all supported what Liu Yue was going to do.

"OK, if you want to come then just go with it." Ye Chen didn't mind at all if Liu Yue joined him and Xia Qingyu.

With Liu Yue joining in, Ye Chen would not be bored on the trip.

"Ah, I forgot, I haven't told big sister that I'm okay, she will be very worried." Xia Ningzi just remembered that she had not told Xia Qingyu that she was currently safe.

"Are you Xia Qingyu's younger sister?" Liu Yue asked if Xia Ningzi was Xia Qingyu's younger sister.

"Yes, my older sister is Xia Qingyu, er, does the beautiful fairy sister know my older sister? "Xia Ningzi turned to ask Liu Yue, Xia Ningzi still didn't know who the woman's name was who was asking her.

She decided to call this woman a beautiful fairy sister.

"Yes, I am a close acquaintance of your older sister, my name is Liu Yue, you can call me sister Yue." While answering Xia Ningzi's question, Liu Yue introduced herself to Xia Ningzi.

"OK, sister Yue, I understand." Xia Ningzi nodded at Liu Yue.

Seeing that Xia Ningzi didn't know them all, the women started to introduce themselves to Xia Ningzi.

Xia Ningzi began to remember the women of Ye Chen one by one.

"Ye Chen, I want to borrow your cellphone, I want to tell big sister that I'm fine at this time." Xia Ningzi wanted to borrow Ye Chen's cellphone to contact her older sister.

Yesterday when she was kidnapped, the bag she was carrying fell, all the pickpockets and Xia Ningzi's cellphone was in the bag that fell, now her wallet and cellphone must be very difficult to find.

"Here it is." Ye Chen gave his cell phone to Xia Ningzi.

Xia Ningzi received a cellphone from Ye Chen, she unlocked the cellphone screen, when Xia Ningzi opened Ye Chen's cellphone screen, dozens of missed call notifications and also direct messages appeared in front of Xia Ningzi.

The person who called Ye Chen repeatedly was her older sister, it seems that when she was kidnapped, Xia Qingyu called Ye Chen to ask for help finding Xia Ningzi's whereabouts.

Xia Ningzi was quite touched to see that her older sister was so worried about her.

Even though Xia Qingyu was often cold towards other people, Xia Qingyu was actually very kind to Xia Ningzi and the people she loved.

Xia Ningzi immediately called her sister's number.

"Bippp. . . . " Call connected.

"Ye Chen, where have you been, from last night I have called you dozens of times, I really need your help, currently Xia Ningzi is missing and the police can't find her." Xia Qingyu immediately vented her frustration because Ye Chen did not pick up the calls that had been made she did dozens of times.

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