Journey To Become A True God Chapter 285

285 Special Gift From Xia Qingyu
Xia Ningzi covered her ears, Xia Qingyu's angry voice was so big, it made Xia Ningzi's eardrums hurt.

"Big sister, it's me Ningzi, currently I'm fine," Xia Ningzi told Xia Qingyu that she was currently fine.

"Ningzi is that really you?" Xia Qingyu asked if this was really Xia Ningzi.

"Big sister, don't you know my voice? Xia Ningzi said to Xia Qingyu.

Hearing Xia Ningzi's voice for the second time, Xia Qingyu finally believed that it really was Xia Ningzi. "Thank God you're fine, now where are you ?, and who are you with." Xia Qingyu asked where Xia Ningzi was currently.

Xia Qingyu showered Xia Ningzi with countless questions.

"Big sister, right now I'm at Ye Chen's house, I'll be going home soon." Xia Ningzi told Xia Qingyu that she was currently at Ye Chen's house.

"At Ye Chen's house? , how did you get to Ye Chen's house, the older sister of your roommate told me that you were being kidnapped, how did you get to Ye Chen's house explain everything to me. "Xia Qingyu wanted Xia Ningzi to explain everything to herself.

She wanted to know how Xia Ningzi could be with Ye Chen, was Xia Ningzi not kidnapped by someone from the start.

if Xia Ningzi was not kidnapped and only left with Ye Chen, she would be very angry with Xia Ningzi and Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu had not slept at all all night because she was worried about Xia Ningzi's whereabouts.

Xia Ningzi tries to explain what happened to her, Xia Ningzi tells her that she was indeed kidnapped, fortunately Ye Chen came to save herself so that she is free from the clutches of bad people.

Xia Ningzi did not tell the ambiguous things she had with Ye Chen, if her older sister knew that there would be even more chaos.

At this moment Xia Ningzi already felt chaotic because Ye Chen had so many peerless beautiful women, if she told this to her elder sister, her older sister would be very angry.

"So you were saved by Ye Chen from the hands of a thief." After hearing Xia Ningzi's explanation, now Xia Qingyu knew how Xia Ningzi could be with Ye Chen.

"Yes, Ye Chen is the one who saved me." Xia Ningzi nodded on the phone.

"Then hand over this phone to Ye Chen, let me talk to him." Xia Qingyu wanted to speak directly to Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, older sister said that she wanted to talk to you, this is your cellphone." Xia Ningzi handed the cellphone back to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen, who was busy eating, received a cellphone from Xia Ningzi. "Hello, Qingyu, what's wrong? Ye Chen asked Xia Qingyu.

"Ye Chen why don't you call me right away when you saved Xia Ningzi, you kept me from sleeping all night" Xia Qingyu took out her frustration on Ye Chen for letting herself not sleep all night.

"Sorry I forgot to tell you last night" while scratching his head Ye Chen apologized to Xia Qingyu who was on the other side.

"Hemmmpp." Xia Qingyu snorted coldly.

"Okay, I'll forgive you, it's because you saved Ningzi, Ye Chen, thank you very much." Xia Qingyu thanked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not understand at all how Xia Qingyu's attitude had changed so quickly, before she was annoyed but now she is even grateful to himself, this is very strange.

Women are indeed strange creatures, they are very difficult to understand.

"Hurry here. Our plane will take off in 1 hour 30 minutes." Xia Qingyu asked Ye Chen to come to his house immediately, they had to go to the airport on time to fly to the capital.

"Alright, in half an hour I will go to your place" Ye Chen promised Xia Qingyu that he would come on time.

After that Xia Qingyu hung up on Ye Chen.

The other Ye Chen woman giggled when she heard the conversation between Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu.

After becoming a cultivator, the hearing of all women had improved considerably, even though the sound of a small call they could all hear.

Everyone returned to continue their breakfast, after finishing breakfast, Ye Chen, Liu Yue and Xia Ningzi had to go to the Xia family's house.

Ye Chen left all responsibility to Zhao Yanyan and Fu Lanling, when he is not in this city, Ye Chen hopes they can take good care of themselves.

After saying goodbye to his wife, Ye Chen took Liu Yue and Xia Ningzi to the car garage.

Ye Chen was going to use his car, yesterday Ye Chen left Xia Qingyu's car by the side of the road, he hoped that the car would not get lost in someone's steal.

"Yue, please tell people to take the car with the License Plate XXXX series, yesterday I left it by the side of the road" Ye Chen asked Liu Yue for help to tell her subordinates to take Xia Qingyu's car.

"Okay, I understand, I will tell my subordinates to take the car you mentioned earlier." Liu Yue accepted Ye Chen's request, she immediately called her subordinates to do the job Ye Chen wanted.

Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction at Liu Yue "then let's go" Ye Chen invited Liu Yue and Xia Ningzi to go.

The two women nodded, they both immediately got into Ye Chen's car.

Ye Chen also got into the car, he immediately drove this car to Xia's house.

On the way Liu Yue whispered and told Xia Ningzi to keep her relationship with Ye chen a secret from Xia Qingyu.

For now Liu Yue didn't want Xia Qingyu to know that she was Ye Chen's woman, so it would be easier for Liu Yue to make an opportunity for the two to get close.

Xia Ningzi nodded, she couldn't refuse Liu Yue's request at all, Liu Yue's request was like an absolute order for Xia Ningzi.

"Good." Liu Yue gave Xia Ningzi a smile.

It didn't take long for Ye Chen to arrive at the Xia residence, when Ye Chen arrived at the gate, at this time Xia Qingyu was already waiting for his arrival.

Ye Chen and Xia Ningzi got out of the car, while Liu Yue remained in the car.

"Big sister" Xia Ningzi came to Xia Qingyu, when Xia Ningzi approached Xia Qingyu suddenly hugged her.

"Ningzi, I am glad that you are fine." Xia Qingyu was glad to see that Xia Ningzi was fine.

" older sister ? "This is Xia Ningzi's first time seeing her older sister do this, Xia Ningzi has never seen Xia Qingyu hug her, even when she was a child.

The two of them continued to hug tightly, after a few minutes Xia Qingyu finally let go of Xia Ningzi.

"Ningzi come in, right now your roommate is inside, she must also really want to see you." Xia Qingyu told Xia Ningzi to see Su Yuyu in inside House.

From last night the person who had accompanied Xia Qingyu was Su Yuyu, this little loli was eagerly awaiting news of Xia Ningzi's whereabouts.

Xia Ningzi nodded at Xia Qingyu, she headed inside the house to meet Su Yuyu.

Xia Qingyu then looked at Ye Chen "Ye Chen, thank you very much for saving my little sister, I owe you even more" This time without any outsiders around here, Xia Qingyu thanked Ye Chen quite sincerely.

Xia Qingyu's attitude was no longer cold, she was now gentler when she spoke to Ye Chen.

"Just saying thanks? , there are no other gifts for me? "Ye Chen asked for a gift from Xia Qingyu.

"Then close your eyes, I will give you a gift" Xia Qingyu asked Ye Chen to close his eyes.

Ye Chen closed his eyes, he wanted to see what Xia Qingyu would give him.

Xia Qingyu tiptoed and brought her lips closer to Ye Chen, she immediately kissed Ye Chen's lips.

Ye Chen, who was closing his eyes, felt that someone had kissed his lips, he immediately opened his eyes, when he opened his eyes, he saw Xia Qingyu kissing himself.

Ye Chen who saw this immediately returned Xia Qingyu's kiss with passion, the two of them passionately kissed right at the door.

The two of them began to sink into a sea of romance, they thought that in this place only they were alone. .

Xia Qingyu started to like kissing Ye Chen, this feeling made her very addicted

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